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hey chicken !!! whats ur fav monster factory video an ur fav overwatch short ? sry if this is weirdly specific but :^)c!!

g od thats

so difficult

mAn its. hm

it’s. its g o tta b fallout 4, 1st ep if i hav to choose

its just. so. i c o n i c

+ m fav short is probably Dragons? i had Feelings i Wasnt Expecting

that feeling of disappointment when you click on his profile after some nice messages and he’s married with 100k salary. Not that its not a good salary but mf can’t support my prissy ass AND a wife/family with that money.

then opens his pic and he’s a bald white man wwhhhhhhyyyy

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"Oh, and from the gifs I saw doing the rounds today, Martin is looking HOT HOT HOT" I didn't want to, honestly, tried to resist - but I must admit I cracked and managed to watch it.. Hot indeed (taking a shower will never feel the same again) but also def. got me interestef in the series. As I don't know much about American accents (or am not too fussed) I couldn't say if MF's was good or bad. Mind you, I remember having to have the subtitles on the first time I watched Brokeback Mountain :o)

I just saw the shower gifs less than half an hour ago FatNosed Nonny…

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Hey babe, I wanted to know what to do when you feel like shit about yourself and you almost feel like you need a man's affirmation to remind yourself that you're beautiful or anything of the sorts. I'm feeling very down about myself and almost as if I need to be in a relationship to feel great about myself again. Crazy, I know.

im sorry u feel this way
treat yourself the very best…like if you were your own mans
go out and splurge on something nice, take a fancy ass bath, cook yourself some gourmet food, treat yourself to a massage, give yourself a pedi, do some yoga, write a list of your fav things about yourself. 
practice self-love in all of the ways you know how to, and keep doing that ESPECIALLY when it’s hard to. the more you keep doing this consistently, the more you’ll get why you’re doing them (bc you ya own queen and u don’t need no mf man to be the queen u r !!!!) 
but yeh i hope w each act you feel more and more love. allow urself to FEEL your own LOVE. I LOVE YOU. 

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Yooo where do u shop?! I love ur style wow

Literally everywhere. Don’t limit yourself to certain stores. Walk into new weird places and find your style. I normally lean towards shit mfs don’t bother to look @.

Val needs Ben as his unproblematic primary friend cause this other mf ain't gonna work 😒

JT liking this girl’s ignorant love for this damn bbq, talking about the videos are funny and Mexican JT is cute smdh.
I know JT sees what we’re saying to him.
But that’s okay, ignore it cause we already know you’re a dumbass.

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I don't think that MF will go to the Emmys, he is at Adelaide, Australia right now filming cargo, I think AA will go with SM, SV yMG

Ah yes, I remember seeing fan photos of Martin down there

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i wonder why riarkle is more popular than markle? i feel like its because riley is nicer to him, so people think she has feelings for him. but behind mayas tough exterior she probably cares about him more than riley. 'its the most important thing in the world, i'll find him myself and i hate to see him when i do' 'i want my farkle back' 'woah' + (imo) her feeling some type of way after the hand kiss while riley just looked grossed out lol. i don't want either ships but mf isn't nonexistent imo

Imo, the reason RF is more popular than MF, is due to the change in focus in ships throughout the seasons. 

In season 1, Maya x Farkle was a pretty big focus on the show, but in season 2, that focus shifted to his relationship with Riley and because of that, an influx of RF shippers came into being. 

Both ships have a basis for a romantic relationship, imo, but the focus shifted towards Riley x Farkle and I believe that’s why they are more popular. If the focus had remained on Maya x Farkle, I feel fairly confident that there would be a lot more Maya x Farkle shippers out there. 

But I definitely wouldn’t call either ship a non existent crackship. I think every ship on the show has the foundation set to become something more, if the writers ever deemed it fit. However, that doesn’t mean I believe all of the ships will be further explored lol Farkle’s with Smackle and they seem to be doing really well, so it seems that’s his end game. 


you s)(ore seem stressed, angelfis)(~

dont worry t)(o i was just comin online to tell u t)(at im givin u a week or so off so i can make the final preps for me and sugarbabes employee switc)(!

t)(is is suuuuper late @sugary-empress but i just )(ad to deal wit)( some reely uncooperative mfs on t)(is sentient rock planet

(pike t)(eyre all so weird and i mig)(t )(ave to wipe em out?? its a toug)( c)(oice)

ill )(it u up v soon too, ok boo~?