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Domestic au hc- When Angelica meets john he's too poor to afford proper binders, not to mention testosterone. Meanwhile, Angie is rich as fuck, and helps pay for his treatments and gets him the best binders on the market, and is so sweet and helps John through every painful day (cause t hurts like a mf), and she drags her sisters along to help him go shopping for nice clothes, and it's a lot of cute domestic fluff. Please don't hurt the pureness of it all.

YES BOI but irl john was actually well off do imagine,,,,,

angelica only first marrying john for status and shit but slowly he starts opening up to her and one day angie saw john using fucked up binders (bandages) and she fucking decked him while screaming “NO U DONT” and i agree w everything else!!

listen……i’m a smart girl, i’m capable of grasping most concepts, i’ve watched about 500 makeup tutorials in the last week, and YeT i StiLL Can’T DO My mF MAKeuP

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Ntamw tells your best friend that you "loved him too much" and tries to shift the blame on you why he dumped you, because his reasoning was "I thought we could have a relationship based solely on respect" or "I always told her I don't love her", this mf told me 2x he loved me and even if I knew he was in love with his best friend, he still acted as he was falling in love with me. Then after dumping me he got another girlfriend like 1-2 weeks after and aboanded me and best friend from his life


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tbh i wouldn't mind tou//ken if it wasn't so ill-timed in the manga or had more build-up. ( random sex scene + baby , like um hello ??? ) i even shipped it a bit in the original manga until everything happened too fast and now seems like a predictable attempt at "romance". i'm surprised other tou//ken shippers aren't upset that the development of the two is far from what it deserved to be. :(

Same?? It could’ve been way better if  if they interacted more. I feel like the post-aogiri arc didn’t make their relationship strong enough to be romantic. The lack of buildup made the sex chapter feel meaningless and don’t give the ‘in the moment’ shit. Maybe if they had more time before the recent chapters and a stronger foundation was built. Also, Tou//ka hitting kan//eki earlier in Re was really bad. I still can’t believe this mf pushed Kan//eki’s past abuse for this to be ‘comedic relief’. 

They had a good friendship, but it didn’t have that development like other relationships Kan//eki had. Their relationship is so eh to me. I’m also not surprised tou//ken shippers r so caught up in the recent chapters. They been praising the fuck outta ishi//da. They’re so blinded by their ship being canon, a lot of them ignore the way too fast-paced development. There was potential but it was thrown out the window since he decided to establish it real quick. 

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There was such a cute moment showcasing caring Scott during a practice at gpf (I don't remember which one though, maybe fd?) where they came to the boards and Tessa needed a tissue and Scott immediately went off to get a box of tissues😍

Yeahhh I know it’s one of my favourite moment at gpf !!!! 😍😍😍 definitely during FD practice… maybe Saturday morning (I’m so happy that you watch my videos by the way 😀)

He always pays attention to the needs of Tessa, he’s very attentive !!! (Perfect man)

But the funny thing is that there is a box of tissues next to MF and Scott went to Igor to get a box if tissues (and Igor was closed to the exit / MF wasn’t) … 😂😂 always the best for his girl !!