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all these aesthetics have peter's suit folded in pics as if that boy knows how to fold a mf t shirt

peter parker’s way of folding clothes is to ball them up, throw them into his drawer, and then pray that pointing a hair dryer at them will smooth out any wrinkles there are when he wears them

Please check your hypercriticism when it comes to the movie with a predominately black cast.

Natasha Romanoff was born in Stalingrad… SJ wasn’t.

Everett K Ross is American… MF isn’t.

Peter Parker is from Queens… TH isn’t.

Stephen Strange is from PA… BC isn’t.

Despite Black Panther actually having African actors in the cast, why are the African American actors an issue?

Stop nitpicking about this fucking movie.

i just needed to say this

Personally i ship Maranda(Martin\Amanda) but i have few Farah\Tina AU\ideas

- Farah is the best thing ever happened with Tina in her life & at her work
- Tina FORCES Farah to listen to Mexican Funeral
- Farah asking Todd or Amanda about MF t-shirt to gift it to Tina just to see her freak the fuck out
- Tina flirts a lot and starting kinda dying inside when Farah starts flirt back
- Tina brings popcorn to watch Dirk&Todd arguing.
- Hobbs confused about their relationship and suddenly gives Tina’s his blessing
- Farah trying to distract Tina from alcohol.
- When they confessing about feeling Tina says smth like THANKS GOD U NOT REJECTING ME. And Farah laughs but looks kinda annoyed & kisses her.
- Farah can be jealous.
- Farah teaches Tina how to shoot.*gone sexual* *maybe* *sorry*
- Tina FREAKS when she sees Rowdy 3 and Farah gets a bit jealous.
- Tina loves kids & puppies. *i just bet she is*
- Tina shows a Farah her old rock pics and Farah shows Tina her old pics from police academy