a nigga can act hard all he want but soon as he fall in love yo girl will make you look soft as a mf , ain’t nun like a woman’s love and that’s a fact

can’t force mfs to appreciate what you do for them, but you can open ur eyes & realize whose worth it & whose not, & who truly values you

1 year ago vs. today. According to my MyFitnessPal records there is a 2 POUND difference between these pictures. I’m almost 6 foot. 2 pounds is not going to make a visible difference. The loss of fat and gain of muscle clearly does. 1 week vegan and loving how much better my stomach feels and excited to see some more changes 💪 stay consistent and DON’T rely on the scale. That mf doesn’t know what he’s talking about 🙄

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The Niylarke scene just make curious abt how C/ark behaved when she got off the bed after being with Lexa! Did she tease her? "See something you like"? Did she gave her a kiss before leaving? Maybe a little smirk knowing Lexa will be watching her getting dressed. I wanted to see that!!

I mean effing Klork was practically spooning Lexa, caressing her softly post-sex. Watching her sleepy bae and then after round two, I can’t believe this smooth mf dressed as quickly, hell no, she took her time teasing Lexa as they got dressed back. Stealing kisses here and there because she didn’t want to leave.

Show no love or concern to these mfs

I mean that with every bone in my body cause you better believe they always gone be looking out for themselves and 9/10 really don’t care about you like they say they do. I tested these 2 mfs who always talk that I love you shit. I told them both the same concern I had and the same price. 1 mf ain’t respond to the request and the other tried to get me to come see him for it. Even though In the past both of them have given me double the amount for no reason. That right there is confirmation that once you have them take them for all you can get. I used to feel bad about spending their money because I always treated them both like I ain’t give a shit if they died or not and all my requests were met plus more. I start to treat the mfs with decency and they out here wilding lmao. I can’t I’m annoyed and this needs to be fixed cause I ain’t got the time.

Bitch mad cause

You cant do stupid shit like put dreads on white sims without offending others, meanwhile our country is going to shit. And I’m hoping to god that mf isn’t a female cause you’ve gotta be a special type of dumb to be a woman and support Trump. 

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I'm still so annoyed. That whole episode was a waste. Katherine wouldn't've stuck around MF while it was going on, seeing as she's ALWAYS been the more "fuck it up and leave." Also, what were her LINES? Her one liners?? Shit. Nina did well for the shit that was written. I was hoping to see s2 or s3 Kat, not this.

maybe this was another doppelganger and we were fooled this entire time lmao


@dianamoonfall : ( Wait I’m curious–What’s these Marai rituals now :D Cos I wanna know how an MF would react to that haha )

{ Since MF can’t breathe underwater Nami would have to get creative and adapt the things… So she would probably: sing to MF, give her pearls and other deep-sea shiny things, brush and braid her hair for hours while singing, show her (A WHOLE NEW WOOOORLD) animals and plants she would probably never see because she can’t stay underwater, tell her Marai tales she has heard when she was little, teach her about the Moon, lure her to the shore at night and impress her with tide powers, and in the best of cases, to extremely high jumps and flips to impress her cause she’s a dorky feesh. :B }

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This isn't against MF personally, I'm sure she's a very nice woman and all that, but her acting is horrible. For a while now I've been trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it's obvious that her line delivery and facial expressions haven't got much to do with the character being sarcastic and chill. It's just her talking like a robot. I mean no reaction to anything whatsoever. She's been on for so many episodes and I've seen 1 emotion, maybe 2, and last night's episode was her worst.

I understand where you’re comming from and I kinda agree but I do feel like maybe it’s the writing..? Or the directors? Who tell her to act a certain way? I’m not a fan or her work either but I just feel like there’s more to just MF her acting skills.. But yeh I agree she seems like a robot, wheter that is her charachter or Megan adds that herself, I’m not a fan..

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Its strange that he's sending the letter/check to HER, and not Alaric, who presumably is the one supposed to help.

this is why I can’t mf wait for 4x08, man. I want my damn Caroline mention—can I jump the gun and say mention(s)—bc whatever it is, he’s gonna just be like ‘so anyways Alaric who, Caroline did all this’, amen.