I made some watchdogs 2 charms for the watchdogsgame crew! (Hanny, Chase, David, Nik (former ComDev for WD1), some of the senior devs, and some friends at Ubisoft Canada. It was my first time making charms and frankly I was pretty nervous going into it, but now that I’ve done it once I think I can do it again no problem–so I’ll probably make a set of WD1 characters too + Horatio! (these were made back in October when he had barely been introduced, took me a long time to finally get all the parts together to send them so I’ve been keeping it a secret until then). And before anyone asks, these aren’t for sale anywhere :) they were gifts so I’d like to keep them as a limited edition kinda thing. I might consider doing different designs at some point tho.

Welcome to Chicago! (Open Rp)

After flying for God knows how many hours from her home state of New York, Grace finally arrived at Chicago international airport. She wanted to start a new life in a different place since she really didn’t like being in New York anymore and it was the same old shit everyday. Grace looked around the plaza after she got out of the terminal and followed the people that were on her plane to baggage claim. After a couple minutes of looking for her bag, she got her bag and when out to the main doors to get a taxi. She found one and then put her bag in the trunk of the taxi. She told the driver of the taxi to take her to the Loop in the city. After 17 minutes of driving the taxi stopped at a hotel inside the Loop. She paid the driver and took her bag out of the trunk. She then walked into the hotel and booked a room, after booking a room she went up to her room and settled in for the night. A couple hours later she decided to go out for a walk in the city until she arrived at a park and sat on a bench. She took out her phone and played around with it for a bit.