I made some watchdogs 2 charms for the watchdogsgame crew! (Hanny, Chase, David, Nik (former ComDev for WD1), some of the senior devs, and some friends at Ubisoft Canada. It was my first time making charms and frankly I was pretty nervous going into it, but now that I’ve done it once I think I can do it again no problem–so I’ll probably make a set of WD1 characters too + Horatio! (these were made back in October when he had barely been introduced, took me a long time to finally get all the parts together to send them so I’ve been keeping it a secret until then). And before anyone asks, these aren’t for sale anywhere :) they were gifts so I’d like to keep them as a limited edition kinda thing. I might consider doing different designs at some point tho.

Yeah I know this is a sketchblog but.. just had to share the news with you guys that T-BONE GODDAMN GRADY IS BACK in Watch_Dogs 2!! This was one of the secrets they shared with us in the Inner Circle back in August and I’ve been DYING keeping this from you guys :D  I HAVE SO MUCH FAN ART TO DO