inariedwards  asked:

Important question: do birds poop on each other when they flock?

….I would imagine they have to. They don’t really time their excretions except unless it’s being weaponized. They’re kinda like goats… they just poop when they poop. I can’t ever remember seeing birds with other bird’s poop on them, though! 

wkmatt  asked:

I know you and I are on the same page with our undying love of Beedrill but what about Fearow? I feel like he's always being painted as the "bad bird" while Pidgeot is always the "good bird." Also, Fearow can't learn Brave Bird and that's messed up.

First of all yes, ridiculous that it can’t learn brave bird. Secondly yes I love Fearow!! I love Spearow even more, have one on my AS team. They’re both angels I love their design. 💖

anonymous asked:

Our theme is birds! And we're playing Firebird, Blackbird, Flight of the thunderbird, and our drum feature is dubstep angry birds and we're gonna throw "angry birds" across the field. We're also gonna have a feather in our plumes!

I did firebird my freshmen year but we didn’t throw birds across the field that’s insane

anonymous asked:

(You are gonna hate this name for playlist lmao) Justine

Justine: (is a very pretty name!)

J- Jeremy by Pearl Jam

U- Under The Sea from the Little Mermaid

S- Secrets by One Republic

T- The Bird and The Worm by The Used

I- I Fought The Law by The Clash

N- Now You’re Gone by Bass hunter

E- Existence by Audiomachine


(via Guild Guitars | S-200 T-Bird in Black)