maxisprettygay  asked:

Ponyboy killing a squirrel with a BB gun 😂😂

This is oddly specific and I’m a lil scared xD

-Pony was out back practicing with a BB gun

-He eventually wanted to learn to shoot a real gun

-He was just taking potshots at a tree till

-Something fuzzy and brown fell out of it

-He dropped the BB gun and ran to see what it was

-Tbh if it was a bird, he didn’t care

-Pone does n o t like birds

-But it was a lil squirrel

-Boi starts freaking out

-He tells Darry what happened and insists they have a funeral for it

-He grabs a shoebox to bury it in

-Darry does not have time for Pone’s bullshit

-But he deals with it

-Soda is fake crying

-Two-Bit is real crying because he’s drunk af

-If Dallas and Steve roll their eyes any harder, they’ll see their brains

-Johnny is just awkwardly….there

-Pony makes Darry “officiate”

-THis bitch composed an ode to the squirrel

-Everyone is wondering what the fuck is going on in his head

-They bury it in the backyard

-And Pone gets teased relentlessly

hunterkat  asked:

Any tips on getting a bird to bathe?

Make sure the water isn’t icy cold, never too warm or hot.
The number 1 rule is don’t force a bath if its not wanted - the single best way to ruin bathing. If you allow your bird to say no and give somw space the next time you try to give him a bath it will more likely happen. Don’t immerse your bird in water, you don’t want to associate bathing with anything negative.
The 2nd most important rule is make it fun! Be silly with your bird, make high pitch noises, get wet yourself, splash water about.
I find running water is a sure fire hit because it’s very encouraging. It makes trickly noise - which is intriguing for them.
I bath louie in the kitchen sink, cup water in my hands and Vìola - one drenched bird.
The key is to make sure they feel stable and can’t slip on anything.
You could also try placing a suction perch in the shower with you. Although its difficult to ensure soap doesn’t get on your bird.
Using a spray bottle or placing a large flat bowl in the cage/on a table full of water. Trying both of those techniques at once.
I take av and lou outside and hose the cage to clean it and they get wet, so you could try misting them that way just let them go to the water and not forcing water onto them.
Try putting whole wet leafy veg in the cage such as silverbeet, spinach.
The key is just to make it enjoyable.

NEVER blow dry your bird, it defeats the purpose of bathing, dries out the skin which could lead to plucking issues and the obvious is it’s dangerous for burns if the air gets too Drying in the sun is a must in winter and a far better option then heaters or other forms of drying and keeps a stable body temperature.

Bathing promotes feather health and vitamim d assists with overall wellbeing.

Jungkook: Aye found a photo of your girlies hyungs!

Yoongi: Lemme see…

Namjoon: Ah where did you get it?

Hobi: Doesnt matter! Check this out!

Namjoon: I cant believe you did that.

Hobi: This is priceless.

(Yes I’m bringing them back! Bts grease au is back and I’ll be doodling some doodles of them. Here have the T-birds fooling around) -kat

I saw this talking rescue raven today at the bird sanctuary and honestly I don’t think it fully hit me how MASSIVE ravens are until now. Ronan Lynch is wandering around school with a GIANT FUCKING BIRD on his shoulder once she’s grown and no one is stopping him.

Apparently the handler, every time they take the bird out for people to look at up close, describes him as “basically a three year old with scissors for a face”. Ronan Lynch is constantly carrying around these face scissors. Chainsaw could and would fuck a dude up for her dad and just. No one is stopping him. This bird is huge and has a crazy sharp beak. He’s just walking around with the bird digging holes in all his shirts like yeah this is chill this is fine and no one seems to be like hey you can’t bring a bird in here. Are they too afraid? This bird is so big.

rejected ford nicknames:

— f bomb
— fordster
— fordo (eventually frodo)
— t-bird
— fordey (pronounced like forty. if you’re on the team and you jokingly call her a random number you get fined 40$. if you’re not on the team and you jokingly call her a random number you get punched in the fucking face)
— f150
— forecheck
— chrysler (eventually toyota, honda, chevy.. ollie and wicks start a bet over who can go longest without calling her the same thing. it’s profoundly impractical. and genuinely annoying)
— fordsy
— wheelie
— fitz
— forks (sometimes “sporks” cause the boys are cute aaa)
— this post was originally just gonna be a joke about cars but it went other places so sue me

After a LONG LONG time i have finally done! I started this about 4 mouths ago just before the release of Pokemon sun and moon but the clouds where giving me a hard time. happy with the outcome though.

this is just a few of my fave Bird Pokemon :)

also you should totally check out commander holly’s birb only sun and moon play threw! this was kinda inspired by it :D  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRyIri8bIVY&t=7s