anonymous asked:

Wasn't your OC a bird?

Long ago she lived in the Trash Kingdom, and took on the form of a bird so that she’d fit in better in the universe.

However, here she’s an imp, her true form.
It’s complicated

ethioblogster  asked:

Would that mean that Jacques, when cracked, would be super affectionate to everyone, like he was in that one jontron episode

That would be wonderful omg

If he lived in the temple with the CGs (and Sam, and maybe Jack, and maybe Mark), he would annoy everyone to no end

He’d like, keep trying to nuzzle people?? Or preen them???

Holly thinks it’s awesome because hey, this giant green robot bird doesn’t hate me right now! Awesome!

And literally everyone else is like ‘can we have the old Jacques back because this is annoying’

brymir  asked:

can i just rant by the fact that im angry that my mother. who has no time to care for a pet for work, wants to buy a sun conure just because she wants a pet and it's cute and found at a cheap price?! I'm trying to talk her out of it because I know she won't give the bird a proper care and attention but in the end she will do whatever she wants ugh

Ugh yeah that is frustrating. I would make sure she knows how loud, demanding, and destructive sun conures can be. Make sure she hear the screm. Their screams are very loud. I’ve even heard of pet stores refusing to carry suns because their loudness means they have a higher chance of getting returned.

Body Drop #2
  • Body Drop #2
  • Cabaret Desespoir

Y'know, Grease was a fun musical. You couldn’t deny that. If there was one good thing about this hellish cabaret, it was that the musicals weren’t half-bad. However, it was pretty hard to enjoy rehearsals when every time you weren’t practicing, you were hearing the tortured screams of your loved ones. Or yourself, if you were than self-centered. Nonetheless, it was pretty fucking awful for everyone involved - unless you were Monopheasant. Birds don’t feel love or fear.

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an-annoying-bird  asked:

*It knows there is a garden, and it loves gardens, and this is an interesting garden. It is quietly hopping and flying among the garden, where perhaps it will meet someone? Will it be someone new?*

Osiris walked past Annoying Bird, he smiled, carrying all sorts of plants that have started up one hand however used a long white cane to tape a path through the garden, he didn’t see the annoying bird, he stopped a couple feet from it and begins digging a hole.

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.