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part 1/2: I love the Captain Beauty friendship, too, but there is one thing I read an Anti-Hooker point out that I can't quite disagree with. When Killian found out that Rumple had given Belle a fake dagger he didn't tell her but used the knowledge to blackmail Rumple into giving him back his hand. That seemed to be more important to him than Belle's wellfare.

part 2/2:  It’s similar with the whole hero team actually. They’ve been working together on several occasions and they always come to her when something needs to be researched and I can see why they distance themselves a bit when she’s with Rumple (once again) but they don’t seem too concerned about her when they know Rumple’s up to no good again. 

When Hook blackmailed Rumple to help Anna find her sister and then to get his hand back he wasn’t really friends with Belle yet though. Their interaction, at that point, was limited to him helping her with research (a situation Emma forced them into) and agreeing to protect her from Rumple (something Belle felt was unnecessary).

Could he have told her his suspicions that the dagger was fake? Sure. But why would he do that at that point in time? It’s not like they were close friends. And he had no reason (at that point), to believe Rumple would hurt Belle and honestly - she CHOOSE to marry The Dark One - knowing that darkness and deceit were part of the package.

Had he told her his suspicions what would her reaction have been? Would she have believed him? Would she have tried to use the dagger to test Rumple’s honestly? And if he had been right what would have been the result? She confronts Rumple about his dishonestly, they break up possibly, and the end result is that the leash she has Rumple on exists no longer - she’s the only reason he’s behaving himself!!!

With Belle by Rumple’s side the town is safer. And in the midst of snow monsters and ice walls I think Hook felt desperate enough to take advantage of Rumple’s desire to maintain his marriage. When he pushed it further by forcing Rumple to give him his hand back - that’s where I have issue. Because at that point he wasn’t acting to protect the town but behaving selfishly - and he almost lost his life because of it.

Things are different now. After 4A I think they actually DID become friends. They worked together on a daily basis, they’ve had heart to heart chats. Commiserated over drinks. And they CARE about one another. So if Hook kept secrets from her about Rumple NOW, for selfish reasons, I would side-eye him pretty hard and say that he wasn’t, in fact, a true friend to her.

As far as the rest of Team Hero goes…I think it’s complicated. They aren’t really friends with her. I think they are sort of awkward family members at best and allies as heroes more than anything else. So Emma used Belle as leverage when she needed Rumple to open the portal to Hell and to help save Hook. Should she have let Hook rot in Hell just to tell Belle “hey, your husband is the Dark One again” when in reality it’s something she would DEFINITELY have found out at some point in the future anyway?

Should Team Hero really be concerned with running to tell Belle every time Rumple screws her over? I mean at this point it’s clear he is a villain. And she has chosen to be with him. She has chosen him again and again. So what is the point in telling her he’s bad? She ALREADY knows.

I think from their perspective she’s never going to really leave him. She will always take him back. Rumple believes this too at this point. For a while he tried to hide his evil doing and desire for power from her - he tried to keep her ignorant so they could have a happy marriage (even if it was based on lies). But now even Rumple is telling her - this is the man I am, you love me and you should just accept me. It has to be HER choice if she wants to be with him.

She has all the information now, and sort of an ultimatum. She can’t hide behind the stance of  “I didn’t know what he was up to”. So we’ll see what she does.

But I think it’s important to note that “Team Hero” has NEVER held it against Belle that she’s chosen to be in a relationship with a man that has screwed them over and tried to murder them again and again and again.

And I think THAT speaks more to their relationship with her than the fact that they don’t go tattling on Rumple to her every five minutes about things that, in all honestly, she’s choosen NOT to see.

I am SO mad today because no matter how much makeup I put on I just CANNOT cover the fact that my face is horribly sunken on one side.
I can’t find anything other than Bell’s palsy or facial nerve damage/weakness to explain it (seeing as Lyme sufferers often experience it, it kinda makes sense) but as far as I can tell my face has never actually been paralysed on that side, just sometimes a little numb, so it doesn’t really fit Bell’s palsy at all.
I usually still have feeling on that side of my face, but no where near as much movement as I used to (I can barely raise my eyebrow & smiling is exhausting). I don’t really know what else it could be though. I’ve been hesitant to mention it to my doctors & my chiropractor has noticed it but hasn’t given me any answers.
It’s gotten progressively worse over the past 10 months. It’s always a little sunken these days and usually it’s easy enough to draw attention away from with a bit of makeup, so I don’t worry about it too much. But sometimes, like today, it is just UNBELIEVABLY noticeable and tiering and there’s nothing I can do to hide it.

I don’t know what to do. I hate it so much. I miss my face the way it was before I was so sick, when I could smile straight & open my eyes wide; when I always looked happy & glowy.
I don’t like being this way.

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Honestly tho, I ship both Bell/arke and Clexa (although I prefer Clexa) but I had to unfollow so many of the BC shippers after the Bell/arke shit moment because every. single. one. was bashing her. Like, chill out, it's her fucking opinion and she wasn't even really trying to be rude?? And 2, she is not obligated to like your ship, jfc. Take it from someone who's seen both sides of the war, Clexa shippers aren't perfect, but Bell/arke shippers are way worse imo. Their fandom is so self righteous

clexas are problematic sometimes, and i don’t claim any of those who say racist things about bob. even though I’m kinda bias, i think blarkes are a lot worse. 


West Side Story Revisited: images by Mark Seliger; featuring Camilla Belle as Maria, Ben Barnes as Tony, Chris Evans as Riff, Jennifer Lopez as Anita, and Rodrigo Santoro as Bernardo. Others include Robert Pattinson, Ashley Tisdale, Jay Hernandez, Brittany Snow, Brandon T Jackson, Minka Kelly, and Drake Bell

Taco Bell to class up its interior, still give you the runs

The fast-food chain is now 54 years old, and, apparently in the midst of a mid-life crisis, is panicking about its aging body. Therefore, the company is rolling out four new store designs beginning in Southern California, then adding more throughout the year and into 2017. Buzzfeed News reports the move is an attempt to be “more locally focused,” according to Deborah Brand, Taco Bell’s vice president for development and design. New franchisees will be allowed to choose which of the four looks they want to adapt

First up is the cutting-edge architectural style the company is calling “California Sol,” perhaps in reference to the fact that it lacks a soul.

Next up in option number two, which they call “Urban Edgy,” and which prominently features lots of brick.

Whoa, where are Hannah and Marnie?

Next up, we have the “Rugged Explorer” choice, which trumpets more galvanized steel and concrete, and which apparently has also murdered a rainbow in the attic, which is now bleeding down the walls, alerting people to its dying presence.

Last up, there’s the Taco Bell “Heritage” look, meant to evoke the company’s roots, which is a white guy in San Bernadino who watched actual Mexican people prepare food and thought, “I could do that, only with less authenticity.” In this case, that magical heritage is conveyed largely via arches and tile.

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Legally Blonde the Musical
  ↳ Legally Blonde; Elle and Emmett [ part i | part ii ]

As a lot of my followers know, I recently had major leg surgery, in which I had my leg reconstructed, my shin broke and realigned, my knee cap pinned into place and muscles tightened. I was in hospital for quite some time and whilst I was there, out of nowhere my idol katuriankaturiankaturian tweeted me, this may have only been something small to most but I was in utmost shock. Following my surgery, I had to basically learn how to walk again, which would take a lot of energy and stamina. Troian’s support and courage from her past experiences helped me to gain the courage and confidence to start to walk again, and in only 4 weeks later I am walking with a support, even though I should still be in a wheelchair. She has changed my life around completely and I am so grateful that she could help me along. I’d love for her to read this but I know that is highly unlikely, I just wanted everyone to know that, even though it is deemed daft to look up to someone famous and idolise them, Troian is one of the most kind hearted, most considerate and loving human to ever grace this earth, I will be forever grateful for the help and support she’s given me❤️


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