• Aaron: Come in. (Belle comes in) You all right?
  • Belle: Yeah, erm... we were just passing when we realised the time. (Liv comes in)
  • Robert: Yeah, well, time flies when you're mullered. (stern look from Aaron) I'm sorry.
  • Aaron: Where's your phone?
  • Liv: In my pocket.
  • Aaron: Why have you not been answering it?
  • Belle: She said she just got your messages.
  • Robert: At least she's not pretending it was switched off.
  • Aaron: Yeah, because we know it wasn't switched off.
  • Belle: She's taken down the video.
  • Aaron: Belle, what are you? Her lawyer?
  • Robert: Seriously, thanks for bringing her home.
  • Aaron: Yeah, sorry, thanks.
  • (Belle leaves)
  • Liv: I'm really, really sorry, Aaron. When I did it, I never realised you've never touched alcohol or skived off school when you were my age.
  • Aaron: You see what I mean? She's full of it.
  • Liv: No, I'm not, it just sounds miles worse than it was. We didn't even drink that much, Gabby's just a lightweight.
  • Aaron: Right, well, she ended up in hospital.
  • Liv: What? You're joking.
  • Robert: She's fine. Diane's called, they've let her come home.
  • Aaron: But the video's out there.
  • Liv: I deleted it.
  • Aaron: That doesn't matter, Liv. What were you thinking? You of all people should know exactly how dangerous this kind of thing can be.
  • Liv: It wasn't just me, we were kind of egging each other on. Like a dare. You had to be there. It just seemed dead funny at the time, we were both laughing like mad, I just couldn't help myself.
  • Robert: It might just blow over.

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1/2 Ideas on an AU where Beast's curse is similar to Fiona's from Shrek? Where he's human during the day and Beast at night, or like Swan Lake, where he's Beast at day and human at night? I realize a lot of the fun in the original comes from the


I’m with you about it being sort of important in the original story that Belle doesn’t know about the Beast’s curse or that he’s actually a human, but this is still a really, really interesting AU to play around with. 

I could definitely see her falling in love both with human!Adam and with him in his Beast form, feeling conflicted, wondering if her feelings for the prince are real or if it’s just that he reminds her so much of the Beast–not realizing they’re actually the same person. 

I think in this situation it would have to be that the curse doesn’t allow him to just tell her what’s going on (otherwise that’s too much of a plot hole). Adam wants to just tell her everything, because he can see that it’s causing her distress, but he can’t seem to find a loophole in the spell no matter how he tries.

Maybe Belle eventually realizes they’re the same person because they’re talking and he makes a passing reference to a conversation they had while he was in Beast form and he’s not at the moment, and she’s just like….wait… how do you know about that???

Maybe in this universe the curse never does get broken, because Belle loves him whatever he might look like at the moment. And they can still have a semi-normal life together in the daytime when he’s a human, but he’s also kind of glad to be a beast some of the time, so he feels like he can protect her better (and leap off balconies like the drama queen that he is). 

I’m so glad you sent me this AU, because for a while I’ve been toying with a similar idea and couldn’t quite get it to make sense. I thought, what if Belle didn’t see him transform, and thought that the Beast just died, and a similar situation occurs where she falls in love with him as a human, not realizing it’s the same guy all along. 

However, your version is less depressing for poor Belle, haha.

Baby It’s Cold Outside -- A Mr. Good Mood ficlet


I needed a break from RSS, so here you go. The first of my planned Christmas fics.

Joshua wants to go home, Belle doesn’t want to be alone. Sexytimes ensue.

Belle loved December in Maine. It was cleaner than the city, and besides that, she had her own apartment with her own tree and her own presents under the tree – and her own boyfriend naked in her bed while the snow fell outside. It was a Christmas miracle. Well, a two days before Christmas miracle. Christmas Eve eve? Whatever, she was happy and sated and calm.

“Hey,” she said, nuzzling into his neck while he lay there in a post-coital daze. “It’s snowing.”

“So it is,” he said softly, pulling her closer before he pressed a kiss to her forehead. It was so nice and warm here in his arms, she never wanted to get dressed again.

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all i see on facebook is ppl Losing Their Shit, drooling over the fact that emma watson isnt wearing a corset for batb and im like OK that’s fine ok ,… like ok? i understand Unrealistic Beauty Standards but this seems like such an insignificant thing to get praise for?? like ok……ok. and it rubs me the wrong way bc she’s all “MY belle is an ACTIVE princess :~)” i just hate that everyones gotta shit on previous disney princesses as if they didn’t do anything..also belle was very active and independent in the animated one, it’s not like emma is changing the book thru her uncorseted waist

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Have you ever listened to a particular song that is now associated with a fictional character?

Yes, I can’t listen to Andrew Belle’s Sky’s still blue without thinking about Nate and Elena from the Uncharted series - same goes to Vegas, by Sara Bareilles reminds me a lot of Erron Black from MKX…

I still haven’t found any songs that I can fully associate with the characters of Overwatch, maybe some scattered lines but nothing more than that… We’ll see… 

Thanks for the ask!

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Dealing with Blarkes daily and seeing how Jason, CW and the writers got away with it all is the reason why I want that show to CRASH AND BURN!!! I feel like I will only be truly at peace when that shit is cancelled AND Blarke never happens (at this point I don't even care if Clarke will have another LI as long as it isn't Bell because we all know Jason will give her one). I hope that by April next year we will finally hear the news we need so much.

Totally, that entitlement is what bothers me the most. With all the shitty plots I doubt the shitshow is gonna improve so my hope is to see it crash and burn as well.
Remeber kru as soon as that trailer comes out hit dislike to see the blorkes cry. Stop the vid running and if you wanna torture yourself w more torture porn watch illegally. Ratings need to be low, aiming to their usual .4 and if it can go lower much better.
Jatan will clearly end up destroying what is left of the characters you once loved so be ready for that too.


West Side Story Revisited: images by Mark Seliger; featuring Camilla Belle as Maria, Ben Barnes as Tony, Chris Evans as Riff, Jennifer Lopez as Anita, and Rodrigo Santoro as Bernardo. Others include Robert Pattinson, Ashley Tisdale, Jay Hernandez, Brittany Snow, Brandon T Jackson, Minka Kelly, and Drake Bell

Taco Bell to class up its interior, still give you the runs

The fast-food chain is now 54 years old, and, apparently in the midst of a mid-life crisis, is panicking about its aging body. Therefore, the company is rolling out four new store designs beginning in Southern California, then adding more throughout the year and into 2017. Buzzfeed News reports the move is an attempt to be “more locally focused,” according to Deborah Brand, Taco Bell’s vice president for development and design. New franchisees will be allowed to choose which of the four looks they want to adapt

First up is the cutting-edge architectural style the company is calling “California Sol,” perhaps in reference to the fact that it lacks a soul.

Next up in option number two, which they call “Urban Edgy,” and which prominently features lots of brick.

Whoa, where are Hannah and Marnie?

Next up, we have the “Rugged Explorer” choice, which trumpets more galvanized steel and concrete, and which apparently has also murdered a rainbow in the attic, which is now bleeding down the walls, alerting people to its dying presence.

Last up, there’s the Taco Bell “Heritage” look, meant to evoke the company’s roots, which is a white guy in San Bernadino who watched actual Mexican people prepare food and thought, “I could do that, only with less authenticity.” In this case, that magical heritage is conveyed largely via arches and tile.

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Legally Blonde the Musical
  ↳ Legally Blonde; Elle and Emmett [ part i | part ii ]

As a lot of my followers know, I recently had major leg surgery, in which I had my leg reconstructed, my shin broke and realigned, my knee cap pinned into place and muscles tightened. I was in hospital for quite some time and whilst I was there, out of nowhere my idol katuriankaturiankaturian tweeted me, this may have only been something small to most but I was in utmost shock. Following my surgery, I had to basically learn how to walk again, which would take a lot of energy and stamina. Troian’s support and courage from her past experiences helped me to gain the courage and confidence to start to walk again, and in only 4 weeks later I am walking with a support, even though I should still be in a wheelchair. She has changed my life around completely and I am so grateful that she could help me along. I’d love for her to read this but I know that is highly unlikely, I just wanted everyone to know that, even though it is deemed daft to look up to someone famous and idolise them, Troian is one of the most kind hearted, most considerate and loving human to ever grace this earth, I will be forever grateful for the help and support she’s given me❤️