McCree and Genji doesn’t have time to go take long walks down the beach sO Genji brings McCree around the base and shows him all the cool spots he found when he zips around everywhere and they hold hands the whole time and it’s GREAT!!!

#Twy needs to stop looking at gemstones lest she get inspired

Her name is Butterfly Jasper~

She’s capable of fighting, and has, but she’s more useful as a morale booster. Her primary job is to fight alongside her team-mates and survive, in order to uplift them and keep them motivated to fight. She also tries to help prevent any other ill feelings and mental strife of her teammates after the wars and battles. She’s been alive for a long time so she knows how the battles go.

Her weapon’s a staff with a fan on each side. She can spin it super quick and use it to fly and for fast maneuvering. She can also blow other gems away and smack them around with it.

Butterfly Jasper’s big and buff, she be tol, but she’s actually deceptively lighter than she seems (hence the being able to fly). When she’s not fighting she’s rather chill and open minded. Enjoys making connections with other gems and being supportive.