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hi! do you draw dragons or wolves? i'd really love to get a commission from you of a tattoo design for me, if so. i want haku from spirited away and moro from princess mononoke, if you've seen those. let me know :- o


I don’t generally draw animals or creatures of any kind outside of my weird goo monsters and monster girls; I don’t really take tattoo commissions as well, as my art wouldn’t translate that well onto skin! 

I DO however know my precious gremlin Akumashugi that can do that for you, as he draws those things AND is a tattoo artist. He owns Wolf & Dagger in the UK, and can take your commissions–Tell him he’s great, and that Loli says “Ryan PEQUOD Gosling is a smelly goober.”

Haven’t posted art on here in a very long time. This isn’t even finished yet. Anyway this would have been more appropriate back when Ava first went into Maggie’s mindscape, but I wanted to draw a background and Maggie. (sorry if the colors look bad, I’m colorblind) If Michelle comes back to SJ for Fanime and I finish this in time, I want to give this to her.

Y'all need to stop rebloging and liking uncredited reposted art. Credit to the artist doesn’t make it ok. I see you guys supporting this shit. Do you want artist to stop posting their art? because many do. They don’t want their art reposted and yet people do. Ask for permission, it’s not that hard. If you’re to shy then sorry but that’s no excuse.

At the very least Google the art, look up the artist and credit the damn artist. You can’t find the artist? Well then to bad, so sad DON’T POST IT.

Stop supporting people who repost art with out permission or credits.

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I think last anon meant Korra's green outfit from like the beginning of S4 but that's not why I'm here. Do you encourage tracing as a way of studying anatomy and poses so long as the person doing it doesn't post the art anywhere? I've heard a few people did it to help them when they were beginners but I'm still a little iffy...

For your question! Yes, tracing is good and wholesome and perfectly fine so long as you’re not claiming it as your work or your own. Especially for learning, sometimes it’s necessary to understand how parts fit together whether they’re mechanical or organic. I highly encourage you to do it! I still do it when I can’t understand something even now. But then I always erase it, of  course. :) I wish you lots of fun in your art journey!

For the multitude of Korra comments I’ve received since last night:

I can see how you could get that impression from this particular piece:

Because I took off her undershirt for training. As for the wraps, I referenced some real life boxing ladies, not the show. :) But I’m happy anytime my work gets compared to Korra or Avatar in general because I have major respect for all the people involved in those shows!

If you’re curious how Faeb’s outfit actually came together, it was heavily inspired by Dragon Age:

(Don’t mind Faeb’s face, this was an early concept and I had NO idea what her face was going to look like!) So, I wanted something that could believably fit in either the Warcraft or DA universe. The tight leggings that leave the toes and heels exposed are super common for elves, and the green tunic that comes to a “V”-ish shape is also a calling card for the Dalish. Later on I’d adapt this concept to have a thicker belt and the green hand…bracer…things she has now! I also toned down the embellishments because they took too long to draw haha. 

Art Style Appreciation!

I’m calling it that because the art styles I have attempted to imitate are by people who are amazing and fantastic artists whom I look up to and as well as I consider my friends. 

By all means this is not everyone who I look up to and/or are my friends. I only had time to choose a few. Perhaps when I have the more free time, I’ll attempt to draw in more artists’ art styles.

I really hope I did your art style justice! The art styles are as follows:

1) @red-eclipse-moon
2) @fnafandmore
3) @confusedbutcreative
4) @ickyrainbows3245
5) @rosepetalbones
6) @inverted-mind-inc

The one on the far left is my own art style that I placed for comparison.

I don’t own the art styles that are numbered above, they belong to their respective artists, but I do own my BTD OC Teo Dominic Lucia.

I couldn’t leave you without posting this too.
Firetruck, Pokèmon AU.
Pokèmon Jasper&Opal AU, to be more precise. And he’s a member of the villains’ team, of course.

NOW I’m done with everything I wanted to post tonight, huzza! <3

COMMISSIONS OPEN! Check my blog’s description for info and more links!
If you like my art, please consider to reblog it and spread the word! \(*<*)/
Please don’t repost my art and don’t use it without my permission.