Following the initial breach of the Bar-Lev Line by the Egyptian Forces, a T-55 moves through one of the paths sandblasted through the sand embankments of the lines after crossing the Suez Canal. The first stage of Operation Badr was successful well beyond any of their initial hopes, breaking the line in a mere day with minimal losses.


One of the ten Polish T-55LDs “donated” to the Rhodesian Armored Corps in 1979. Equipped with the Eland Mark 7′s communications system, infrared paint and re-positioned radio systems, they were issued to “E” Squadron of the RAC and were driven around the country on transports to give foreign press the impression that Rhodesia had way more than ten T-55s. They were deployed during the 1980 general elections in anticipation of ceasefire violations, but saw no combat.

A knocked out Angolan T-55. Knowing that they lacked the skill to engage the South Africans in an open fight, FAPLA tanks were generally buried or otherwise protected to turn them more into gun emplacements. It generally made little difference for their survival, as can be seen here, and South African armor losses were almost exclusively to anti-tank mines, not enemy tanks.

(Collection of HR Heitman)

A T-55 of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO). With the conclusion of the Croat-Bosniak War and the Washington Treaty that created the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the HVO was integrated into the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the two combined to prevent the breakaway of the Serbian Republika Srpska.

Chapter 56- Warner POV

so this is either gonna be really good or really bad to you, depending on a lot of factors. I’m personally a big believer of the “they don’t have sex in chapter 56″ argument, so this is where this fanfiction goes. Sorry to disappoint, if I already have. But this is, in general, a really hard fanfiction to write because there’s so many directions it could go. Obviously I followed the dialogue in the book for as long as I could, but after that, I went wild. I’m publishing this now, but I feel as if I could rewrite this fic 30 different ways and post them all. it’s why i haven’t written a chapter 55 fanfiction: i just can’t decide how exactly things would go down. the tone. the mood. the dialogue. 

i’ll stop talking and just let you read chapter 56, the bathtub scene, as told from the beloved perspective of aaron warner. enjoy! (or don’t. it’s whatever.)

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