t j lane

About the T.J.Lane escapee thing

You can’t just compare this to Mike Brown, first off. It’s its own case.

Secondly, this isn’t in any way the American Justice System’s fault. He got convicted to 25 to life. That’s what you’d hope for his acts. The fact that he escaped from prison is another matter.

Don’t get your ideas mixed up.


3:04 !!!

necroproblems asked:

How many people do you need to kill for it to be a mass murder?

Mass murder is simply killing 4 or more people with no “cooling off” period (i.e. break") between murders! However, the “cooling off” period is a tricky thing to define for law enforcement, and in general. The thing to remember is MM is defined by a single incident, period, and 4 kills minimum. Spree killing, on the other hand, gets even trickier as there are different definitions from different agencies; mainly, the distinguishing feature is that spree killing involves a break between murders because it takes place in at least two locations, and a minimum of 2 murders. For example, T.J. Lane is neither because his 3 kills took place in a single location.