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Victor wasn’t sure how it happened, waking with a strange feeling he couldn’t explain. Like his body wasn’t his. Like he didn’t quite fit in his own skin. Or like something was crawling around inside him. He wasn’t sure how long he’d slept. It felt like weeks, his head heavy, fuzzy as thoughts swam through his mind, thoughts that didn’t make much sense.

Because they’re not your thoughts. 

Victor shivered as a voice he didn’t recognised rang through his head, wrapping his arms protectively around himself. He shuffled back, back to the corner of the room, pulling his knees to his chest. At least he knew where he was. His apartment. He hadn’t woken up in the middle of no where, though the floor wasn’t exactly normal, either. Victor felt that strangeness within him, like something was moving. His body quivered as he tried to figure out what it was, where the thoughts were coming from if they weren’t his own.

They’re mine.

Victor rubbed at his arm as he felt something thread beneath his skin, moving along his muscles. Strange black threads appeared around his arm, tangling around him, deep beneath the skin. Inside him. There was something inside him, something he couldn’t get out. Something with a mind of it’s own. Tears stung at Victor’s eyes as he watched the blackness move, tangling further and further, wrapping around his wrist, “Who… who are you…?”

The black substance shifted, pulling away from Victor’s body and stretching. Though it was still connected, still inside him, the parts that pulled away slowly took shape, blending into arms, into a torso, a head. Though the rest of the creature, whatever it was remained within Victor, the figure seeming to form from behind him… coming out of Victor’s back. Despite the creature being made of an inky, strange substance, Victor could clearly make out the form. A man. Human in shape though clearly not in reality. He was… pretty. Really pretty. And then he smiled, showing Victor a row of razor sharp teeth. Okay, maybe pretty, but definitely scary.

“You can call me Yuuri,” The creature’s voice was gentle, but with an air of… something else beneath the surface, the arms wrapping around Victor’s body, holding him close. It should’ve been terrifying. Maybe it was, but Victor didn’t feel like he was in danger. Whatever it was, it hadn’t hurt him. Or had it?

“What do you want from me?” Victor asked cautiously, tentatively brushing a finger along the arm of the black substance, feeling it give beneath his touch.

“Just you,” Victor let out a shaky breath as Yuuri nuzzled against his neck, seeming to take in a breath of it’s own, “You’re mine now. We’re gonna have so much fun together.”

“W-We are?” Victor tilted his head, giving Yuuri more room at his neck. 

Yuuri chuckled, soft and gentle, and just a little bit intimidating, “Oh, you have no idea.”


The Chocobros, Cor, and Ravus and their favorite Halloween activity. 

Noctis’ favorite Halloween tradition is to go out at 9 PM on Halloween and buy the bulk candy the second it’s discounted. 

Prompto likes the behind-the-scenes haunted house tours so he can see how they put everything together.

Gladio likes the “challenge” haunted houses (e.g. don’t chicken out before floor 10 and win a prize). 

Ignis is the king of pumpkin-carving. He laughs in the face of “master level” patterns…and of course, cooks the pumpkin seeds.

Cor likes the old scary movie marathons they have on TV–the newer ones are needless gore, in his opinion. 

Ravus spends hours looking at Halloween costumes, only to mercilessly pick apart their construction and never buy one. 

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I was glomped at a con I went to. Only I didn't fall on the floor, I hit a wall. I was thoroughly confused after wards as the person just ran away. This was last year...

I am so sorry. I hope it never happens again, but if it does- that you have the chance to turn around and deck that b!tch in the face. 

Reading Review: @theprismaticdreamer

You know I don’t often do this, but I recently purchased some readings from @theprismaticdreamer​ and… just wow. Honestly, I haven’t been quite so floored by a reader in a long time. Her “Just Fuck Me Up” readings are aptly named, because not only did she reveal details about my personal and spiritual life she’d have no way of being able to guess, but she proceeded to give me invaluable advice on how to go about addressing related issues. 

One thing that is very much to her credit is that she managed clarify the basis of messages I’d been trying to interpret for a while now. I’ve had those sentiments validated by readers I trust implicitly in the past, so I can speak with full confidence that she is the genuine article. Likewise, her past life readings are interesting and worthy of some consideration for those interested in that sort of thing!

All in all, if you want a reader that is well-spoken and precise, she comes highly recommended. Please go and check her out! 

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evidence that I actually live in a video game

  • I always wear the same clothing
  • idle animation
  • awkward dialog
  • sometimes I get stuck on doors and have to back up and try again
  • yesterday I tried to stand up and my entire body stopped working and I ended up in a T-pose on the floor

Ok so in Infinity War everyone didn’t just fade to dust. Thanos said it would be like they never existed - so did he will for that? If no one who died in the snap exists anymore, do their loved ones’ memories of them still exist?

It wasn’t like their bodies just vanished, but so did their clothes - Bucky’s metal arm didn’t drop to the floor after he died. Tony wasn’t grasping at the empty shell of the Iron Spider.

So what I’m saying here is will there be a time limit? Will Steve tug at Thor’s shoulder and ask him what to do, only for Thor to respond with a confused, “About what?”? The entire universe is already at risk, but what if the heroes to save them don’t remember that they’re supposed to.

What if Tony forgets Peter?

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PAIRING jungkook x reader

GENRE smut


WARNINGS   sensory deprivation, edging, degradation kink, praise kink, rough oral (m receiving), ass play

NOTES ⌟  thank you so much to my love, @guksheart for being such an indescribably sweet addition to my life and looking this over for me. i don’t deserve someone even half as amazing as you 💞

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After spending the night patching up her crime fighting boyfriend, Y/n Stark has to explain to her father why she has a boy’s t-shirt on her floor. Tony Stark isn’t an easy one to pass something over and with minimal digging, he gets his answers.

- Daizy xx

Fellow tinies: Don’t lay down on the floor of a giant’s house when you’re drunk. It’ll be the last mistake you do.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is felix listed in the enemies of the inquisition section of the world of thedas: volume 2??? felix puts the inquisitor in touch with dorian, tells the inquisitor about the venatori and what they're planning, openly turns against his father and tries to get him to give up his plans and go home, accepts his own death and refuses to focus on it choosing instead to comfort his father, races back to tevinter to talk up and promote the inquisition and is overall a really awesome, compassionate, thoughtful character who wants to change things for the better as much as dorian? enemy of the inquisition? really bioware w t f?
Imagine: Dean Rescuing You From a Spider

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warning: big ass spider in your bed (creepy, I know), spider bites

A/N: you’ll never guess what happened to me… anyway, cute little drabble/imagine for you guys. Hope you like it. 

Credit to @deanssweetheart23 who beta’d this and everything else I do… thanks twin <3

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