There is something really off when game devs have no problems making steamy sexy straight and lesbian sex scenes but keep toning down and censoring gay scenes and giving them way less sexual content and well as making their romances shorter and giving m/m fewer romance options. There is a word for that, and I don´t even have to say it out loud. We all know what´s up.

Things I would rather speculate about instead of that storyline that hasn’t even been confirmed yet:

  • The details of the second, legal Robron wedding. 
  • The liklihood of fluffy Aaron curls in the foreseeable future
  • Beard length:angst ratio theories
  • Will Robert ever return to long hair?
  • Where did Robert’s money go?
  • Has the shower gel lasted the whole time Aaron’s been inside? Did he use it sparingly to make it last or was he so desperate in the first week that he used too much and now is rapidly running out?
  • As above but with the cheap tat Robert’s now using.
  • Has Aaron worn Robert’s boxers every day?
  • Has Robert worn Aaron’s boxers every day?
  • Does Aaron’s hoodie still smell like Aaron? Or has it started to smell more like Robert now?
  • Has Liv still got Aaron’s phone? Has she seen the pictures of Robert he’s got stored on there in that private folder?
  • When exactly will they get a dog? What breed will it be? And who gets to name it? 
  • When will we be blessed with more Bartsy scenes?
  • When will we see Carriet start boning?

Happy to discuss any of the above at length for the foreseeable future. Not happy to waste breath on the other thing. At all.

Life and Time

February 28, 2017 

With autobiographical stories, Zion.T creates music that resembles the movies. He returned with an album whose title ‘OO’ are his father’s round glasses who have become Zion.T’s identity. The lyrics are about the special life of one regular man.

Zion.T’s songs are like movies without plot twists. A movie you would watch by yourself in a small, shabby cinema in some forgotten alley. In the middle of the day, it is as quiet as a grave in the cinema and the worn-out seats that smell like damp popcorn sometimes squeak. Someone’s story is shown on the screen. There are no handsome actors, no exciting scenes, and no breathtaking thrill. All that unfolds is merely someone’s every-day life, every moment and little detail of it. Just like our lives that are special whilst being an accumulation of trivial days. Zion.T’s new album ‘OO’ that was released at midnight on February 1 begins with the sound of a film projector that reminds of the movie ‘Cinema Paradiso’. The main actor of this movie is, of course, Zion.T.

“The neighborhood I lived in as a child was similar to this place. My aunt lives right in this area too,” he says, appearing with bed-hair as if he had just woken up from sleep. Amid the old stores of Ikseon-dong that is like a complex labyrinth of the past and the present is the kalguksu eatery his aunt has been running for over twenty years. “When I started music at the age of nineteen, I bought my first keyboard at Nagwon Arcade [TN: a shopping mall]. But this place has changed a lot too.” In the narrow alley, an old-style red brick house stands next to a fancy cafe that is crowded with young bloggers on the hunt for good restaurants. In the midst of the fully dressed-up tourists are elderly who have lived there for the longest time. They sit on plastic chairs in the street, drinking soju, and sometimes look at the tourists who are constantly taking pictures with their smartphones. Two different generations meet. Next to his father, who he meets outside for a change, Zion.T walks down this peculiar street.

We suggested Zion.T a shooting together with his father because of the former’s songs. To him, who creates lyrics out of his stories like writing his own diary, family is the most important topic of his music and the center of his life. The turning point of his music was the track ‘Yanghwa BRDG’ in which his father, who was a taxi driver, makes an appearance too. “When I heard the song for the first time, I was really moved by it. The garage of the [taxi] company I used to work at was in Gangnam, so whenever I talked on the phone with Haesol on my way home from work, I would eventually pass either Seongsu or Yanghwa Bridge. Thinking about the old times, I got a bit teary too. That’s what happened.” Father and son who share the same memories seem to resemble each other but also seem different. Unlike Zion.T with his small eyes and light skin, Kichang Kim (김기창) has well-defined features and an outspoken voice and gait. Yet they are both slender and give off a similar aura.

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