t'sora's plushies


My copies of Shinsuke’s new books got here today.  It came on a bit of a sad day (Jericho’s doing a signing in Oshawa and we just can’t make it down) so it was a mood booster; I picked up USA Days first, and started by looking at the colour pictures at the front and then, hand on heart, opened to a random page of the book.


There’s a picture of the Tomohiro Ishii doll I sewed for Shinsuke, and gave him last year, in his fucking book.  I can’t even…lol.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wondered if he still had it, but there…there it is, right there.  It’s a lil drooled on, but it’s right there!  lol 

The caption, roughly translated a second ago, reads “仔犬に与えた最初のオモチャ” (essentially, ‘puppy’s first plaything’).  My Ishii doll is his puppy’s first plaything!  lol.  I didn’t realize he’d gone ahead and got a puppy after all XD  And clearly a puppy with really good taste.  I hope he’s also a very gentle biter hahaha

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After about 17 hours of work over about a week and a half or so, @lone-gunwoman-of-the-week‘s requested version of Squishsuke (“Squish2ke”) is finished! 

(although I may use the gold paint rather than the fabric paint, to do some mock-studs on the interior just so the vest can hang open…I can tell it’s gonna bug me if I don’t lol)

Like his big bro Squishsuke, Squish2ke is mostly cotton cloth, stuffing and wool, the major difference being his pain in the neck (AND FINGERS) faux-leather vinyl vest, which opens with a little zipper and can be removed.  It’ll live in the record books, as the zipper which completely destroyed my sewing machine needle due to my own incompetence lol.  I found some black velvet ribbon for his armband just today, and the last touch was the faux-studs on his belt.  The lil guys are hanging out together while they can, before Squish2ke has to head off to the states and his adopted family <3

By total coincidence, he was completed on Shinsuke’s birthday.  So I guess he really is accurate!