t'sora's plushies

I for one will welcome our new cuddly overlords

Until it was explained that wizards aren’t clones, Weyoun was very confused by Rincewind's generalized terror of everything. 

They get on like a house on fire, now (or at any rate, Weyoun likes him better than Martok)

I keep trying to tell him that if I make him a plushie Odo, Odo will want a plushie Kira, and she’ll miss plushie Dax, Dax will want a Worf and a Quark and a Julian, they’ll want an Alexander and a Rom and a Nog and a Garak, Garak will need a Ziyal, Ziyal will want a Dukat, Dukat will want to antagonize a Sisko, Sisko will want a Jake… and before you know it the unstoppable chain of plushies will overrun all known civilization.

But you try saying no when a Vorta is making puppy eyes, you just try it.  Odo’s fabric is already bought.  *hangs head*


The dollmaking began innocently enough.

Seeeeee, when I was itty-bitty myself, there was a Darking Duck plushie.  But it was only available at Disneyland or Disneyworld or somesuch place that I’d never, ever be able to get to.  Frankly even if they’d had them for sale at the Disney Store in Toronto, I doubt a trip there would have been made for one. 
So I thought, furiously, “I’ll make my own."  It became something of a constant refrain.  Though eventually it was edited into "Oh fuck it, I’ll do it my fucking self then, for fuck’s sake.”

Darkwing up there in picture one is made of cut up old t-shirts and inherited fabric my grandmother would occasionally jettison off to me to bolster an interest in sewing I assume she thought would one day become a productive and practical skill (grandma tried, everybody).  He has cut up straws in his legs to keep them rounded.

I think Jack Skellington there was the second attempt, and a similiar situation; the only things available when NMBC was released, and for many years after, were incredibly expensive beautiful Japanese dolls.  So Jack is also made of cut up old clothes; originally he was stuffed with kleenex because at that point I had no actual cotton stuffing to use.  I later stuffed him properly, which required minor surgery…he still has the visible sewn-up cut at the back of his neck where I went in to redo his head-stuffing.  His head is supported by a safety pin jammed in the back.

He went well enough, so I also made the Mayor of Hallowe'en Town, there leaning against Jack.  The top photo is a pretty old one so the camera wasn’t great with obvious distinctions when it was black-on-black.  But I did hand-embroider the black widow on his collar (for a given value of “embroider,” using regular thread).

Then came Twiggy Ramirez, then-bassist (possibly now-bassist?  I dunno I don’t keep up with the news anymore) with Marilyn Manson.  Twiggy is slightly advanced on the first two in that he was made with actual purchased fabric and more of a plan involved than haphazard cutting and hand-sewing.  By this point I had a Z-point catalog sewing machine, an old soldier which is still in service today.  I was delighted to discover that a pair of boots from an Anne of Green Gables doll fit twiggy perfectly.  He also knicked her underpants.  He’s signed by every member of the band from that era (except Ginger, who burst out laughing when he saw it and passed it along to Twiggy himself).

Centre-stage in the top photo is a James May doll I made for my friend Trixie.  I honestly din’t remember if she paid me or just provided the jeans and bought me something otherwise inaccessable as a trade lol.  “Will work for DS9 memorabilia” would probably be a terrible business model, but…

The first “modern” doll was Doc Amos Cochran from Deadwood, because then was when Brad Dourif knocked me flat on my ass with gorgeousness and I developed something of a Dourif Problem.  Doc actually went to meet Brad at Fan Expo 2008.  He was initially mistaken for a Chucky from behind, but then Brad realized who he was and declared the doll the ‘cutest thing I’ve ever seen’ and then I sort of died and must be typing from some kind of fandom afterlife.  Doc has a little birthmark from his daddy who signed him, but it isn’t pictured 'cos this photo is from before the convention.  He’s looking a bit rough these days, but then so did Doc Cochran…so I figure frequent hugs just make him more and more authentic.

Then we have Billy Bibbit.  Because damn, anybody who watches One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and comes out without wanting to hug that kid must be totally heartless.  I may actually keep my local fabric store afloat singlehandedly just with all the blue buttons I buy for Brad dolls…he’s wearing my own crucifix.  This was not actually worn out of religious devotion -  it was from an X-Files phase in grade nine.  I was emulating Scully.  Kids eh?

The Bracketts are next…these were the ones commissioned by a guy who pestered and begged me for literally weeks, probably closer to months, to make him a doll.  He’d pay anything, cost was no object, etc etc etc, please please please.  So he agreed to a price, I did a prototype doll to make sure I could manage it, and then did his…aaaaand he wanted me to cut the price by half and send the doll before he paid me, then stopped communicating all together when I refused.  So now I have two Sheriff Bracketts, which isn’t a terrible position to be in.  Tosh said maybe one was the opening bracket and one was the closing bracket.  I told her to fuck off, and a good laugh was had by all.

Next up is Naboo, from the Mighty Boosh.  I think he may have been a warmup doll for the Grima Wormtongue who’s sort of hiding in back of the first picture (he did not turn out well lol).  But not a very good warmup, as Naboo was made from an entirely different pattern.  Usually they’re made on the “Brackett Standard” and developed from that pattern, but occasionally I’ll just lose my mind and try something else.

To this day I have no idea who these gentlemen are.  I -think- the series was called Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Anyway my mate Victoria needed a birthday gift for a friend, and asked if I’d do a pair of dolls.  They’re apparently vampires (hence the tiny fangs).  Possibly gay vampires?  Blonde highlights there has a pair of wings, don’t ask me why.  I gather they were well-accepted, which is all I can ask of things I make with no earthly idea what they are.

Again, one day a friend saw my Rincewind doll (left) and floated the idea of me doing her a Commander Vimes, also from the Discworld series.  Vimes was an absolutely agonizing project…removable shoes, sword, helmet, armour, hooked-on cape…he fought me every step of the way.  But eventually he came out alright and is currently living with Hazel in Ireland (my first trans-continental doll!)
Rincewind was a pain in the ass as well, but eeeee.  He lives a very comfortable boring life on the shelf and absolutely nothing terrible ever happens to him.

Then there’s Izzy…who isn’t technically ~from~ anything, I just wanted to try my hand at embroidered embellishings.  I am evidently terrible at them, so that question was well-answered.  Izzy was partially inspired by the Igors of Uberwald.

Then one day during a re-watch of DS9, I had a sudden violent urge to hug Martok.  This of course always results in a doll.  He is here pictured brilliantly demonstrating why 1.) fabric paint is terrifying and 2.) just buying sequined fabric is a lot easier than individually trimming 50 or so sequins into squares / attaching them by hand.

THEN THERE’S THIS LIL SHIT.  I’d actually planned to do Weyoun for years, his material sat there in the closet til the urge to cuddle reached critical mass and he exploded all over the place in a furious attack of unbelievably complicated, STUPIDLY tailored clothing.  I have a terrible fear of the day someone says “Hey, why don’t you make a Garak?”

Odo is actually next up.  Nextish.  Sort of.  Plans have been made.


*pause*  Ok deep breath.

….So this happened.

I intended to make Odo next in the vague haphazard queue of potential plushies in my head and then the other day, I was mulling over how sad it is there’s no system for customizing Shepard figures at the BioWare store, or the like…everybody’s stuck with Defaults.  Which is fine, if you’re a fan of the Defaults, but not so much if you’re not.  And then I thought of Imani Shepard, and how awesome an Imani figure would be…

So I ah.  I kinda made you a dollie, Bisho.  I dunno how I’m going to get her to you, exactly (provided of course you want her!  I know it’s not exactly…not exactly the most professionally-done thing in the world)…a few days ago sending her by dogsled or via several swarthy outdoorsy types with snowshoes would have been a favourite but I think more conventional means may have thawed out now.  Do let me know RE: any arrangements you’d prefer.  If you prefer.

(ohgodthisisterrifying, I'veneverdoneasurprisedollbefore)

Cerberus took some severe budget cuts after the war, so Project Cuddles wasn’t staffed by quite the same level of skill and talent as Project Lazarus.  In fact they couldn’t even afford a surgeon with two whole hands.  XD

Itty-Bitty Imani is made of cottons, some kind of one-side-fuzzy flannel, stripy fabric for the arm-stripe, cotton stuffing, wool, fabric paint and acrylic paints.  Oh, and buttons.  I chose the minimalist face approach because frankly I didn’t want to make a total mess of her face, and probably would have done.

There is red fluff everywhere.  Ten years after this house is sold there will probably still be red fluff everywhere.  You should have seen her before I got her hair roughly in shape, it was a full on Princess Merida situation.  I hope the colour is okay, I was going for a sort of medium-ground between screenshot Imani and cosplay Imani.

Originally I had some tiny dogtags planned but with the revised design of the hoodie (AS IT TURNS OUT the default hoodie is not her style lmao I asked that right before I started the pattern for it, thank goodness, and yes in fact I was looking for an essay response :D ) they wouldn’t be very visible anyway, so perhaps not. 

I painted on the Gemvara-designed Thane/Garrus wedding ring (kinda), cos I wanted to acknowledge her shared relationships…thought it might be too suspicious to ask which finger she wears it on so I defaulted to the left ring finger (for a given value of ‘finger’).  Ditto her memento Ankh ring.  Originally again, I was going to do little Ankh earrings, but among the many things I am not (seamstress, tailor, hairdresser) jeweler is right up there…early attempts were laughable.  Like flat-out, were-you-drunk-when-you-did-this-or-are-you-just-that-terrible-at-everything laughable.  Fooortunately you mentioned the ring, so painted-on it was.  ^_^

The hoodie is…well I tried.  Lmao.  I tried.  With the default one I was going to try to do the hood so it would be an actual hood, but this one was just that much more complicated and I decided it was folly to even attempt, with the proportional differences (much larger head than a human wearing the actual one would have + several thousand pounds of glorious hair).  Poster!Garak spent the whole time looking over my shoulder making witty quips about my complete lack of technical skill…figure!Garrus meanwhile kept nervously wondering if we oughtn’t try calling in Miranda.  Mordin was too busy running around looking at seashells with Tia Dalma to offer much help.  Grunt just kept going Heh heh heh heh. 

Will probably add little hoop earrings.  Probably.  She doesn’t actually have ears but that’s never stopped me before…anyway I don’t have to try to magically make thread/wire/glue/what have you into ankhs so that’s much less terrifying.  Still a lil terrifying though.  I kept expecting That Moment when seconds before the finish I clumsily drop a loaded paintbrush directly on her face, or something.  
But I think we’re clear.  It’s ok.
…Is it ok? 


The power went out for a while so Weyoun told spooky stories by the light of the sonic screwdriver and then everybody huddled for warmth and Garak complained loudly about how Kira would rather sit next to Remata'Klan than him and Martok stayed on the shelf because there’s an ancient Klingon rule I think he just made up about not cuddling with Vorta.