t'sora scans all the things!


Ok, finally got around to re-scanning that Terry Farrell interview that the scanner cut a bit off last time ‘round.  The first task was obviously remembering where the hell it came from.  Whiiiich I didn’t write down and just had to look up, bless Memory Alpha.  XD

From Deep Space Nine magazine, issue 14.

I think I’m actually nearing the end of my stash, amazingly!


As requested (by two whole people!), a shaky patchwork scan of the Cardassian map from Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library.

Same deal as the Dominion War map, first four images are the left hand side of the map, next four are the right hand side. 

I’m wondering if just taking a big picture of it with my camera might not make for a more coherent image lol