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My dear Doctor...

I have fewer things with Sid, but here’s a little four page piece from…*pause*  I think it was one of the old DS9 magazines.  Yes.  The one with the Our Man Bashir summary in it with the mysteriously cut-out picture that I suspect was probably Garak in a tuxedo.  ^_^

Character relationship stuff, behind the scenes stuff, and a bit about his name change at the end - apparently ol’ Indiana Bashir here accidently named himself after the dog. 

Bless his heart.

Somewhere, Bashir just had a very unsettling feeling wash over him

The notion of Garak/Jadzia was brought up today, and though I am rarely of use in any practical way, I do have a freakish ability to recall Things I Know About Deep Space Nine, backed up by a truly alarming collection of materials I’ve acquired over the years.

As such I could vaguely remember Andy saying that he’d worked a bit of subtext into a scene in Civil Defense, wherein Garak suddenly became passionately interested in Jadzia.  Couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d read it, but after a bit of digging through the magazine cabinet I found the 1995 issue of Starbase Magazine featuring the quote and interview in question.

Sooo I scanned the pages, slapped ‘em on my Spock-shaped flash drive (oh god, what is my life) and here they are in hopefully legible format (the relevant quote is on page 2);

Page 3 came out hilariously crooked because it was TBC on the last page of the magazine; there is no longer a back cover because the back cover was a big picture of Garak, and myself at 13 apparently looked at this and said “Well ok, then,” cut it off and tacked it to the wall…it has been there since 1995.  A forest of other images has grown up and died around it, but Garak there remains, as does Special Poster Insert!Odo. 

I’d imagine one day they will both be tacked to the nursing home wall along with Weyoun, Martok, the ensemble cast poster, and Shran.

Anyway - it wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve got nowhere near the knowledge to successfully resize these things to a point between illegible and enormous, so if anyone has trouble please do feel free to talk me through all the ways I’ve gone horribly wrong.  : )

Here’s the bit in question isolated, just in case;


I don’t have an ebay account or the means to make one - thankfully the sterling gentleman at my local comic store runs an ebay ordering service.  So I ah, I spotted the little gem that is Deep Space Nine Magazine Vol. 21 about a week ago, and…well let’s just say I was taking a trip down that night lol.

HILARIOUSLY, they are once again mistaking Leck for Brunt in several of these pictures, which is made even funnier by the fact that there are actual pictures of Brunt right next to them and apparently some dumbass hew-maan couldn’t tell the difference.  It’s made up for by the lovely quality of the article and the most crystal-clear-as-the-most-improbably-beautiful-bell pictures of my dearest darling Weyoun. The blue-backed sidebars on pages 2, 4 and 5 are episode summaries to that point (this was published between seasons 5 and 6).

Also there are interviews with Wallace Shawn and JG Hertzler, pending. <3


In honour of what I can tell is going to be a very complicated relationship with the new flatbed scanner, here is what I think is the only Louise Fletcher / Kai Winn interview I have.  Probably Paul Dooley tomorrow, a Tain-like relationship also probably applying. 

(this fucking thing, what the hell?  Technological advances, my aunt fanny)

So thoughts, verdicts?  Is this format easier to read?


As requested (by two whole people!), a shaky patchwork scan of the Cardassian map from Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library.

Same deal as the Dominion War map, first four images are the left hand side of the map, next four are the right hand side. 

I’m wondering if just taking a big picture of it with my camera might not make for a more coherent image lol


Ok, finally got around to re-scanning that Terry Farrell interview that the scanner cut a bit off last time ‘round.  The first task was obviously remembering where the hell it came from.  Whiiiich I didn’t write down and just had to look up, bless Memory Alpha.  XD

From Deep Space Nine magazine, issue 14.

I think I’m actually nearing the end of my stash, amazingly!


More from issue 149 of Star Trek: Communicator.  Cardassian stuffs.  Design stuffs.  Yay!

I actually have The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens.  It’s over there *gestures vaguely* sandwiched between “Captains’ Logs: The Unauthorized Guide to the New Trek Voyages,” and a TOS Enterprise officer’s manual that Wabi sent me for reference diagrams when I was working on the Enterprise build at the Star Trek Museum of Second Life.  I’m not sure how easy it would be to scan from, though.  Without cracking the spine.  And I wouldn’t crack the spine of one of my books for the Emissary himself.


Armin Shimerman, from issue 2 of Deep Space Nine magazine.

Didn’t include the full-page picture again ‘cos it was one of those promo shots from before they had his nose finished so he was wearing Rom’s.  Weird-nosed Quark is weird.

Lil late tonight because I was working on a Shran portrait…which I think is far enough along / going well enough to say that without jinxing it.  Think.  Fingers crossed.


Well, no response on whether or not pic-post format is better/easier to deal with for article scans. 

I’m honestly not sure whether this is due to something I don’t know about pic posts (can they not be interacted with?  Reblogged?  No idea what I’m doin’ or if I’m doin’ it wrong) or if it’s because the wonderfully wicked Kai Winn and the incomparable Louise Fletcher are nowhere near as popular as some others. 

Soo.   Taking no news as good news (?), here’s a moment with the former head of the Obsidian Order, Enabran Tain.  From…*pause*  I really should keep better track of these things.  From one of the DS9 magazines, obviously post-Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast but pre-In Purgatory’s Shadow/By Inferno’s Light.