t's like they're right next to me


I made “Long Exposure” fanart because these two are so cute and they’re gonna be the death of me. The comic’s so sad right now. I can’t wait for the next chapter 💜. Either way Joey seems like exactly the kind of guy that would like flowers, and Mitch seems like he’d begrudgingly agree to wear them and then act like a dork because it made Jonas happy. They’re just so cute and everyone should honestly go read “Long Exposure” because it is the best. (On a side note: I really wanted to draw Mitch’s big ole teeth, but I tried and failed. So, closed mouth it is)
Primrose: Young love
Roses: Love
Lilacs: First emotions of love
Acacia: Secret love

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How much do you generally spend on needles for t? I've seen boxes at the pharmacy around $50 but I'm not sure how many are in them, or if they're the right ones. I know my doctor will tell me all that info, but I really want to try to budget for it ahead of time and I don't see him until next month. Also, how long does a vial typically last? I don't have that much income, so I want to make sure I can actually do it.

Depends what size vial you get. When I get 10mL vials they last like 4 months. But lately the pharmacy has been giving me 1mL vials which I have to refill more often and is annoying. A 10mL was like $50 something for me at the clinic I went to in Nyc. It was around $80 in Texas I think after the pharmacist gave me a discount (my insurance doesn’t cover my t). As for needles I bought mine in bulk– I got a box of 100 of both sizes (one including syringes) and it was like $30 I think? I got them from the clinic I went to. I would just ask the pharmacy how many is in it and your doctor will tell you what length/gauge you need for whichever type of injection you’re doing. I do a shot a week so 100 needles will last me over a year so I don’t have to think about buying them again anytime soon.

You can use the app goodRX to help get a deal on your testosterone, so it isn’t as financially stressful. And if you go to a clinic like I went to in Nyc they were used to lower income patients who often didn’t have insurance so their pharmacy was very affordable and accommodating.