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Arcane Thief Au Malistaire Drake

Finally, After two days, this is done! Without his fucking trench coat

No, I didn’t use medibang at all, i actually did this in Sai!

This was the most agonizing thing, holy shit, im never using the pen layer again because it took fucking forever to outline everything “neatly”


Top: Original
Bottom: Edited with paint on my work computer lol

Name: Balthazar
Species: Demon Shapeshifter
Age: 9,003 years
Sex: Male
Status: Bound Guardian. Whoever holds his ring, owns him and is his Master/Mistress
Height: 7ft.  (Subject to change, as he can grow in size of up to 50 feet or so)
Likes: Burgers. Birds. Onions. Gold things. His horns being rubbed.
Dislikes: Fish. Anyone/thing that might be a threat to his Master/Mistress

Bonus: Sexuality: Pansexual.

anonymous asked:

Somebody who both loves General Guy AND Pearl- I thought I was the only one out there. :O Keep up the great work! (Pretty much everyone I know prefers Marina.)

Nice nice! I’ll continue to keep it up! 
If I’m to be honest though, I don’t prefer either? Both Pearl and Marina are so equally blessed,, Just it seemed like Pearl needed more love :OOO What a cutie,,