Announcement : People "Stupid Hoe" was made as an Diss Track

Before you go stating that Nicki songs has no meaning and grabbing “Stupid Hoe” out of the Hundred songs she released you’re basically being an idiot. If you notice stupid hoe was released as a Diss track and not to be meant as a Song with heartfelt lyrics. If you want a song with a meaning go Listen to “Catch Me” Or “Save Me” or “Autobiography” or “Dear Old Nicki” or “Fly” Nicki songs has meaning but it’s fascinating how you guys always try to use “Stupid Hoe” which is one song against her and say she’s not talented or has meaningful lyrics. So sip on this True Tea and Learn Something. - T'omas

Hey Guys

As you know sam made me a Co-owner awhile back but due to school, I’ve been busy lately and when I found out about what happen my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomache because Samantha was such a sweet kind hearted girl and she deserved the best, but she’s in a better place and I wish she could be here to see the inspirational messages you guys left her, so I will be posting in memory of sam, and for all the fellow wayniacs

Hi. Hello. =)

Hey you guys I Know samantha already introduce me but I wanted to welcome myself and thank her for having me join lilwaynegifs because I Love this blog so much and weezy and she gave me the opportunity to be apart of it so I couldn’t ask for me, so from now on I’ll be posting Weezy because he’s the best so Thank you sam & followers for allowing me to join.