ENT 2X2 "Carbon Creek"

"Carbon Creek" tells the story of three Vulcans, including T’Pol’s great-grandmother T’Mir (also played by Jolene Blalock), who apparently crash-landed and lived amongst humans in small-town Pennsylvania in 1953. 

Drawing on a strategy used to great effect in the Voyager episode “11:59”, the events in “Carbon Creek” are described by T’Pol, after she is invited to tell a story to Archer and Tucker at a dinner celebrating her anniversary of arriving on Enterprise. 

There is a noticeable difference in the dynamic at the dinner table. First, Trip and Archer seem to actually want to listen to T’Pol. And second, she’s starting to get digs in back at them, more like a Spock/McCoy kind of relationship.

Archer: I’ve been filling out your annual crew evaluation. Just a formality.

T’Pol: I understand. The High Command has requested my evaluation of you…Just a formality.

Archer asks her about a trip she took to Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania and when she says it was personal, in a stunning leap of maturity, Archer says she doesn’t have to talk about it.

But Trip insists, so she says she went to visit the real site of first contact, where her great-grandma was one of a group of Vulcans who crash-landed on Earth while observing humans in the 1950s.

As much as I was concerned about how much this screwed with existing canon, I was excited for this episode, especially when I saw T’Mir was going to be in charge of the mission after the captain died in the crash. It was going to be a great opportunity to learn more about T’Pol through T’Mir and see an awesome Vulcan woman in charge! Unfortunately, the “11:59” lightning did not strike twice. 

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Editor’s Pick – My 10 personal favorite images from the other series & movies of 2013

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Vulcan Stooges
  • Stron:This is the third time this week I had to fix Mrs.Garrett's sink.
  • Mestral:Perhaps she enjoys your company.
  • Stron:It might be tolerable if her son didn't insist on calling me "Moe".
  • T'Mir:Why does he do that?
  • Stron:There is a comic actor known as a "Stooge" with that name. The boy believes we have similar hair.
  • Mestral:There is a resemblance.
  • Stron:This is intolerable. I'm a warp field engineer.