I love how the whole “Spock and Jim’s minds hearts and souls are so compatible that it formed a ridiculously strong telepathic soulmate bond automatically during their very first mind meld and it never broke not when they were separated for years and not even in death and the bond also existed in all known universes because anywhere there’s a Spock there will undoubtedly be a Jim at his side to be his counterpart” thing is canon and supported by 50 years worth of textual evidence

Things that totally happened in the early days of the 5 year mission due to Jim and Spock sharing a bathroom:

  • Jim finding the water warm when opening the tap of the sink to brush his teeth and muttering, with sentiment: “who the hell brushes their teeth with hot water?” One day, he hears Spock answer from his quarters “I the hell do, sir.”
  • Bones having to treat severe burns once because Jim took a shower after Spock had and didn’t check the temperature. Spock always resets it to Jim’s preferred temperature from then on.
  • Jim accidentally getting out of the bathroom through Spock’s door after a shower, half naked, dripping and flushed and walking in on Spock meditating. Spock cannot focus on meditation for the next two days.
  • Spock being able to hear whenever Jim is sick, joining him quietly in the bathroom without saying a word, holding his forehead up, helping him clean and undress and tucking him into bed
  • Jim never turning on the light when he uses the bathroom in the middle of the night so he doesn’t wake Spock. Most of the times, he hits his head on the cupboard over the sink and swears under his breath, then he can hear the smile in Spock’s voice as he asks “are you alright, captain?” from his quarters. He still never turns on the light.
  • Spock also never turns on the light, but because he’s much more coordinated Jim will never know.
  • Jim stealing Spock’s make-up because honestly he has the best stuff out of the whole crew
  • Spock noticing how long Jim takes to get ready in the morning, especially if he has some important diplomat to meet and wears the dress uniform, so he teaches Jim tips and tricks to do his make-up faster and better
  • sharing the mirror to shave or do their make-up if they have to get ready quickly because it’s logical 
  • Jim giving himself razor cuts all. the. time. because he gets distracted watching Spock
  • Spock actually, truly bursting out laughing when one day Jim walks into the bathroom with a pillow crease tattooed across his face and being torn between yelling “dammit, Spock, it’s not funny!” and being too in love for words
  • basically just slipping in love so so easily over how comfortable and intimate and married they were with each other years before they actually married
my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

James T. Kirk’s favorite color is green.

It used to be blue, because it reminded him of all his favorite things. The sky, the tails of comets, the eyes of his father in the old fashioned photos his mother had.

After going to space, that all changed. He began to see green everywhere. In forests, exotic plant life, intertwined in the most beautiful nebula, pulsing through the veins of his dearest companion.

To Jim, green means life.

To Jim, green is everything.

Okay but I hope people realize that the “T'hy'la bond” theory was made canon (less than) subtly in 1985 when Della Van Hise published Killing Time. It’s literally a real thing, that Jim and Spock can read each other’s minds from long distances through “the silver thread of their bond” and Spock refers to Jim: “could it be? t'hy'la?- the friend, the brother, the companion?” We all know what that means. All three at the same. Damn. Time. None of that “or” shit. It also implies that it is an ancient bond of soulmates that Vulcans often search for. This was not edited out in the final, approved copy. It’s not just fanon anymore, it’s legitimate.

So yeah. It’s actually canon. Jim and Spock are gay, Vulcan-bonded soulmates. Please feel free to scream and also, you’re welcome.

Do y’all ever feel like you just……………. you know….. hallucinated Star Trek: The Original Series?? Like it’s some elaborate fantasy you’ve constructed full of soft lighting and romantic looks and dashing costumes and it’s so…. SO GAY???? The only time ANYTHING is that gay is in my imagination so, like, this show is a dream, right? It’s a beautiful, beautiful dream.

  • Bones: Where is Jim?
  • Spock: Over there. *gesturing to a station where Jim is not there at a crowded market*
  • Bones: Spock, use your ozh'esta signal.
  • Spock: *Baffled eyebrow raise* Hinek, the Vulcan kiss is not a signal.
  • Bones: Your very own Batman signal and you are denyin' it. *eye roll* Any time where you lose track of Jim, you hold your two fingers out then your bondmate comes out of the wild and completes it.
  • Spock: I do not believe that happens as you say it does. *Holds his two fingers out*
  • Jim: *Pops out of no where completing the gesture* T'hy'la, You will never guess what I found!
  • Bones: Oh look, *Bounces* your ozh'esta signal worked.