Okay but I hope people realize that the “T'hy'la bond” theory was made canon (less than) subtly in 1985 when Della Van Hise published Killing Time. It’s literally a real thing, that Jim and Spock can read each other’s minds from long distances through “the silver thread of their bond” and Spock refers to Jim: “could it be? t'hy'la?- the friend, the brother, the companion?” We all know what that means. All three at the same. Damn. Time. None of that “or” shit. It also implies that it is an ancient bond of soulmates that Vulcans often search for. This was not edited out in the final, approved copy. It’s not just fanon anymore, it’s legitimate.

So yeah. It’s actually canon. Jim and Spock are gay, Vulcan-bonded soulmates. Please feel free to scream and also, you’re welcome.

  • Bones: Where is Jim?
  • Spock: Over there. *gesturing to a station where Jim is not there at a crowded market*
  • Bones: Spock, use your ozh'esta signal.
  • Spock: *Baffled eyebrow raise* Hinek, the Vulcan kiss is not a signal.
  • Bones: Your very own Batman signal and you are denyin' it. *eye roll* Any time where you lose track of Jim, you hold your two fingers out then your bondmate comes out of the wild and completes it.
  • Spock: I do not believe that happens as you say it does. *Holds his two fingers out*
  • Jim: *Pops out of no where completing the gesture* T'hy'la, You will never guess what I found!
  • Bones: Oh look, *Bounces* your ozh'esta signal worked.
my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

This, this, right here, when Bones tells Spock that he would have no idea what to do with a genuine, warm, decent feeling:

and Spock just gives him this look:

Like, “really? You honestly think that?”

And Bones, that beautiful old man who can apparently see right into the soul of people, looks right at him and says:

Because although Bones thinks Spock is afraid to feel, thinks he’s essentially a robot, he knows without a shadow of a doubt that the one thing, the one person, he has genuine warm feelings for is James T. Kirk.

Then we zoom in on Spock’s face and, guys, his expression while thinking about Jim in danger, when forced to confront his emotions concerning him, gives me so many feels: