Pure lemongrass, my absolute favorite. Fresh lemon and a hint of sharp ginger.

T'eo deodorant is a packed powder, making it potentially very abrasive so sensitive skin avoid. It has a wax bottom to hold everything together, but eventually it will start crumbling naturally. As this starts to happen, I store it in a Lush tin and break off little pieces as needed, then eventually just scoop up the powder with my hands and apply. While T'eo isn’t my main deo, it is my mid-day pick-me-up. The powder effectively absorbs oil and leaves a clean/freshly-scrubbed feeling. I absolutely love T'eo and it is one of my must-have items.

The LUSH products I use:

-Cynthia Sylvia Stout (or as I like to call it Beer Shampoo thanks to Zappa)

-American Cream Hair Conditioner (took me a while to find a conditioner I liked, which is why it’s in a sample pot)

-Happy Hippy Shower Gel (not even for the name, this is my favorite product)

-The Godmother Soap (I don’t stick too long with soaps, mainly because they’re all good, however I am very fond of the godmother and orange peel)

-T'eo (this is the best deodorant I have ever used, I like to put it in the LUSH tins)

-Ocean Salt Face Scrub (keeps my skin so soft and clean)

-Strawberry Feels Forever (not gonna lie, I bought this for the name, but I am pleasantly surprised)

-Dream Cream Lotion (I use this and Charity Pot interchangeably)

-Shine So Bright (this helps in keeping my hair long, bye split ends!)

-Honey Trap (the lightest lip balm ever)

-Karma Gorilla Perfume (or really anything Karma-scented)