Si tu t'en vas là-bas,
Là-bas vers le soleil,
Je t'en prie ne me laisse pas ici,
Que ferais-je sans toi à Paris?

Moi aussi je veux voir,
La grande baie de Bahia,
Et les pécheurs qui reviennent le soir,
Et danser pour toi, jusqu'à la nuit noire.

Je t'aime,
Je t'aime tant,
J'en crève,
Et je t'attends,

Ne me laisse pas,
Ne m'oublie pas,
Avec toi…

—  V. H. SCORP

I’m going to whine. Can’t figure out how to do a read more today so ignore this if you don’t want to hear about boyfriends and relationships and having feelings.

Okay so the boy and I talked last night and he’s feeling emotionally drained so I suggested he take a few days to himself to recharge.
It hasn’t even been twelve hours and I regret so many things.
I feel like I’m toxic. Like my mental bullshit has gotten to be too much for him. I’m seeing a therapist. I’m trying so hard to get better. But I’m toxic to be around.
I want him to be happy. I want to keep him. I’m kinda in love with him. But if I’m making him miserable I want him to get rid of me.

I’m just having a very hard day and I want to sleep until everything is over.