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13.11.2017 // a dipandjelly moodboard to celebrate my favourite person in the world.

Happy HAPPY birthday, @yanagibayashi !!! All my gift ideas for your birthday were foiled coz you’re not in bombay rn, so I came up with this moodboard (kind of?) instead. I tried my best to encapsulate my memory of you, or at least the bits that have photographic evidence: your beloved converse shoes (I had to resort to using your photo from your ig account T_T); your love for photography; some of the life-changing books you introduced me to (+‘sexing the cherry’ and ‘persuasion’, just because); shim tur, samgyupsal and soju; one of my favourite photos of us, coffee (+ apple pie from ama).

I miss you, and I can’t say this enough. I can’t quite believe that it has been over a year since I last saw you. Sometimes, in sleep-induced haze, I find myself expecting to see you across the room. I still grab pairs when I go grocery shopping by myself. Time hasn’t cured me of these habits yet. Of course, I continue to wish that we will live in the same city, but I’m beginning to realise that it will be difficult to fulfil that wish. I, however, know that our friendship will persist, despite the distance, despite the separate lives that we lead now. That, in itself, is a great source of comfort to me, and I hope that it is to you as well. But this doesn’t really make it any easier coz I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

I really wish I could have done more on your birthday, but a skype call will have to suffice (for now). Tbh, I don’t want to send any gifts by post; I hope to personally give them to you. If I hadn’t been financially dependent, I’d have visited you by now but that is not meant to be. But I promise to visit you soon!

Always sending positive vibes and good luck your way, no matter the distance. Also, it is my sincerest prayer that you may always be protected from the evil eye.


Love, always.

your hobby

s c o t t 

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Photography. You love photography, you’ll take great pictures of people, places, flowers, the ocean, tree’s, and anything that catches your eyes. You always give the second best of the day, leaving the best for your portfolio. 

s t i l e s 

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Horror films. You watched the classics, the new one, the good ones the bad ones. You watched them all, and you were currently writing a script for one you planned on filming yourself. 

l i a m 

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It was a drive admittedly, but you both were hooked on going to the beach and windsurfing. It was a great adrenaline rush, addicting and challenging. Every day was hard, and you always learned something new. 

d e r e k 

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You like poetry, the grace and poise of the words, you loved everything about it. You would sit with your type writer and type it up. Sometimes you’d read it to Derek and sometimes you wouldn’t. 

b r e t t 

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You’re a pretty great chef. Legendary even, well at least that’s what Derek says. 

i s a a c 

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You play the piano. And you’re teaching Isaac, and both of you love listening to records of old classics together side by side feeling the same thing.