same software, different case


ok but like when u think about it the only real difference between Hannibal / Will and Alana / Margot primarily is that Alana and Margot were fucking smart enough to talk to each other about their FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER AND LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER THAT WENT THEY DIDNT END UP STABBED AND CRYING IN THE RAIN DID THEY 


Galentine’s Day - mesh needed

What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. And now your female sims can celebrate it too in these anti-Valentine’s Day long shirts. Single or not, treat your sim ladies to an amazing day by getting them together this February 13th. Mesh is by Sentate and is NOT INCLUDED! Get it HERE.

Download at TSR Dropbox

i cant wait till im old and my husband is dead so i can go to restaurants alone and watch young couples on dates and judge them while drinking wine in my diamonds