they set the world on fire in just 3 years solely with their music and performances. the group represented the dreams and happiness of teenagers but since last year they expressed youth with their music and experienced the most beautiful moment in life.
bts for star1 magazine [aug. 2016 issue]

You know what I think about a lot, how the HS fandom ships JohnDave, DirkJohn, JohnKat, etc. w/ John ships, even though he canonically says hes not a homosexual multiple times. Yet we just shove past that and keep shipping him with in homosexual ships like its all okay and no one gets shit for it too often, but when someone mentions DirkJane or DirkRoxy, its a fucking sin and you should go die?????? That suggesting Dirk could be Bi or Pan or Trans instantly makes you homophobic and a asshole???? Like is this just me… Or ?????? ? ? ? ?