exo members making animal sounds accordingly to their chinese zodiac signs

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Except it was his fault, Bucky murdered Tony's parents in cold blood.

No he didn’t???????? To murder someone in cold blood you have to have full control of your mental faculties, make the choice to commit the act, and have malicious intent and motivation behind it. Bucky had literally none of those things. He was tortured to the point of not knowing his own name, let alone that the concept of a choice existed, he operated as a machine not as a person, you gave him a command and he executed that command. He didn’t know anything but what Hydra told him, his mind was theirs to control, not his. He didn’t make the choice to kill Howard and Maria, because he didn’t know he could choose not to, he just knew Hydra told him to and he existed to do what Hydra ordered of him. And he had no malicious intent because he didn’t have any intent. These are all concepts that only exist when you’re able to make your own choices and he wasn’t. He was a torture victim. He was a brainwashed, tortured, prisoner of war. Nothing The Winter Soldier did was the fault of Bucky Barnes.
But you know what Tony did? He made the choice, of his own free will, to attack Bucky, with the intent to kill Bucky, aware that it wasn’t his fault but not caring. So fuck ur victim blaming and fuck Tony 🤷🏽‍♀️

the whole world came together on a monumental scale because we despise Trump so much

and you know it’s killing Trump’s ego so bad

Let’s also not pretend that the constant sidelining of Hunk and Lance isn’t racialized. Notably, Hunk, Lance, Allura, Shiro, and Keith are all people of color, but Shiro and Keith are both light-skinned and conventionally attractive. Hunk is a dark-skinned fat brown boy, Lance is a brown Latino boy, and Allura is a black woman. It’s no wonder that Hunk and Lance are sidelined, and it’s no wonder that though Allura is a genuine and complex character, fandom still hates on her while glorifying Keith and Shiro. 

Making comic relief out of brown boys has always been something white creators do! Whether it’s the Indian tech nerd ™ stereotype or the party boy Latino ™ stereotype, brown characters are either brutalized or dumbed down. Both Hunk and Lance are canonically very brave and very intelligent, and have their own complexities. Hunk really always is stuck with difficult and dangerous jobs. And Lance really hasn’t been appreciated enough by his team. But the narrative chose to focus on ~empty headed flirtatious Lance~ and ~gourmand, food enthusiast Hunk~ . The fandom also fawns over Keith and Shiro and ignores Hunk and Lance precisely because Hunk and Lance are visibly brown (and Hunk is dark-skinned and fat too).