a study in eyes and eyelashes ft. connor brown (◡‿◡✿) → for @mitchsauston


Happy belated Birthday Eri! ❤️(aka @asrainoyume)

Almlqjkla in the end I’m late ;___;
I accidentally wrote “hapy” and I needed to change everything :,D
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Btw YOU ARE SO CUTE AND LOVELY AND NEED ALL THE LOVE ❤️ You are always so kind and cute with me, I’m so happy to have u as a friend ❤️;/////;

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(I posted all the steps I did :3)


wk 2, 2017. trying to declutter my life, one spread at a time. amusing how even as i strive for minimalism, this week’s quote speaks of abundance: claude monet: “i must have flowers, always and always.” 🌸  instagram: sadgirstudying🌸

The signs as Greek goddesses

Aries: Eris (goddess of strife and discord) 

Taurus: Gaia (goddess of the Earth)

Gemini: Hebe (goddess of youth)

Cancer: Selene (goddess of the moon)

Leo: Eos (goddess of the dawn)

Virgo: Athena (goddess of intelligence and wisdom)

Libra: Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)

Scorpio: Persephone (goddess of the underworld)

Sagittarius: Artemis (goddess of nature and the wilderness)

Capricorn: Rhea (goddess of time)

Aquarius: Urania (goddess muse of astronomy)

Pisces: Iris (goddess of the rainbow)