The entire Walmart stopped what it was doing, from the shop-lifters to the white trash buying their no-name brand beers, to even the little old lady that occasionally forgets ‘the coloreds’ isn’t acceptable language any more. They rallied around the 6 month old, not out of surprise that it could talk, because #BlackGirlMagic permits it; no, they rallied around her because everyone knew, everyone has always known, 


They all cheered and clapped, raising the second coming of black-baby-female-Jesus to the sky, cheering profusely at her melinated greatness. As they did, rays from the heavens themselves pierced the roof of the Walmart, illuminating her in the royal glow she now reflected on the outside, as well as within. 

The child then gave a dissertation on how the evil scientist Yukab created the race of white Devils on an island off the coast of greece, and these white devils destroyed the advanced black civilizations (this is actually something radical black nationalists and Nation of Islam members believe, not fucking shitting you), toppling the proud black empires. At the end she called for the extermination of the white devil creatures….

and the whole Walmart clapped.


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“For a moment all she could see were the shadowy men closing in on her, and all she could feel was the cool wrought-iron behind her. Then, suddenly, something gave way and the gate opened impossibly back. She yelped in shock as she tumbled backwards, a warm, golden, glow surrounding her as she fell into warmth.”

- Parallels, @kytrin, @mslead

This was a lil’ something-something I did for b snow and kytrin’s fic. @snogfairy phi if she asks about it again, im blaming u, the rebel in u and the $10 bucks now $23 you lost your chance. now $23.50 wow.

oh how this was one of the most lit things I have ever drawn. I enjoyed drawing it so much bc im weak for hair tyme. also this can be pre much an artist’s interpretation. also took a bit of inspiration from the current cover on ff for the fic rn. 

im ded inside ppl i have lost a potential $23 today.

@doublepasse this is the one. 


H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  T A R Y N / T / DOUBLE-DOUBLE @tweekay!

½ gifts. 

Happy birthday sweetest thang! It’s been an amazing month rebelling, running in the rain to reconnect to wifi, skyping and watching animes, calling each other variations of coffee and just being artists. If others didn’t already know, T is one of my closest friends on tumblr, if not; my closest friend on tumblr. Happy birthday to the sweetest, caring and most coffee-loving person I could possibly ever know. A 10/10 from me that defies all 10/10′s I highly reccomend checking out Taryn’s blog filled with lovely art. She is the fave. It’s been a brighter month with her around. 

Oh, and yes, I used to be a more realistic type of artist in another life. 

Love, Iced Mocha