“Can I look yet?”

“No, shut the fuck up and just keep walking, I’ll tell you when.”

“I’m gunna trip or something,” Izuku shuffled along the hallway, one arm out stretched out towards the wall, fingers just barely grazing the cool paint and the few pictures littered along the way, “can’t I just close my eyes when we get to the living room?”

Katsuki clicked his tongue from behind Izuku, a puff of hot breath washing over his left ear as he  closed in and placed his hands on his hips, gripping tightly. “You can get through here by yourself with your fuckin’ eyes closed, you’re being stupid,” Katsuki’s nose brushed Izuku’s hair every now and then as he swayed side to side, having to walk funny in order to guide Izuku the last few steps into the living room. “We don’t even have carpets to trip on, but I got you Deku.”

“That’s not he point, your Christmas present isn’t gunna be spoiled if you just let me see where I’m going until-”

“Just be quiet. It’s not wrapped, and I don’t want you accidentally seeing it in the reflection of one of your dumb vases or something okay.”

“Is it a new office chair!?” Izuku asked, turning his head a bit, right hand still pressed firmly over his eyes, “A new mattress?”

“No, and no,” Katsuki urged him forward, shaking his head despite Izuku being unable to see, “You think I’d tell you if was already going through the trouble of doing this shit?”

“No, but if it was either of those,” Izuku faced forward again, head cocked slightly as Katsuki gently turned him as they finally came to the living room, and carefully stepped through the threshold, “I’d tell you that I love you, but your surprise is kind of stupid.”

With a snort, Katsuki lifted a hand from Izuku’s hip and smacked his thigh, the shorter male yelping with a quick ‘Hey!’ in response. “My surprises are never stupid Deku. You’re confusing me with yours.”

“My surprises aren’t bad,” Izuku smiled, laughing softly as Katsuki moved to stand beside him, leaving one arm to wrap around his waist and slowly guide him forward towards the small, plastic Christmas tree. “Remember that time I got you new socks? Best surprise ever.”

“I dunno if this sarcasm is from you hanging out with hair for brains too much, or Mina, but it’s not cute!” Katsuki barked a laugh at Izuku’s stupid grin, Patting his butt fondly as he brought his boyfriend to come and stand in front of the tree. 

Izuku could see the warm yellow lights from behind his fingers, and imagined how the light bounced off all the multicolored decorations he and Katsuki littered the tree with, Tinsel twinkling along with it. He couldn’t help but sig wistfully as Katsuki tugged his arm, leaning in to press his mouth against his ear with a loud kiss.

“Sit down,” Katsuki breathed, a chill running down Izuku’s spine as he listened, slowly lowering himself down to his knees.

“You can take your hand off your face, but keep your eyes closed for a sec.” Katsuki moved away, Izuku’s arm reaching out blindly after him as a reflex, hand left hovering mid air with his fingers curled.

“Is everything okay Kacchan?” Izuku could hear Katsuki’s knees hit the wood floor across from, and the sound of something whapping against cardboard followed after. His smile turned a tad nervous, Izuku moving his hand to reach out in front of him. “Kacchan?” Izuku curled and uncurled his fingers, swiping at air as he leaned forward a bit. His brows crinkled when he didn’t get a response right away, and his nose wrinkled in confusion when he heard scratching the cardboard, and a few grunts, but kept his eyes closed as fingers laced through his own.

Katsuki pulled his hand, coaxing him forward, and Izuku had to shuffle forward on his knees to get closer. Izuku was about to ask what was going on again, or if he could open his eyes, but couldn’t help himself from doing the latter when his hand was released, and lowered to press against plush fur. 

“Wha-” Izuku blinked rapidly, eyes snapped wide open as he stared at the wiggling, fluffy puppy being held captive in Katsuki’s arm, squirming as it tried to worm it’s way closer to Katsuki’s face, who’s mouth was already being licked in affection and from excitement. Katsuki’s mouth was sht tightly, but he was still smiling, and looking back at Izuku as he was assaulted by the little puff in his lap. “Oh my god Kachan- He’s- It’s, He?”

“Shwee-” katsuki tried to speak, the puppy managing to lick inside his mouth, and causing him to sputter as he threw his head back.

“She’s adorable!” Izuku exclaimed, shoving the box between them out of the way so he could sit knee to knee with Katsuki, “What’s he name!?”

“That’s your job,” Katsuki, lowered his head again, leaning to the side to try and get a grip on the wiggly dog with both hands before trying to hand her to Izuku, “You get to name her,” He swiped his tongue over his teeth, staring down at the little tail that waved side to side rapidly as Izuku scooped up the puppy from under her arms, immediately nuzzling his face against her puffy little dorito-chip ears. 

Izuku could feel his eyes stinging, more from happiness than anything else, staring up at Katsuki through his bangs as he gave little kisses to the top of (what he assumed to be) the huskies head. “I love her” Izuku muttered, heart swelling as Katsuki crossed his arms, grinning ear to ear.

The puppy in Izuku’s arms wriggled ad struggled to get closer, licking his neck and chin before she was lifted into the air. “I’m going to name you… toaster!”

“WhAT-” Katsuki’s voiced cracked from disbelief, red eyes narrowing as Izuku lowered the licky puppy back down to his face to rub noses with her. “That’s a stupid name, why would you even-”

“Because she’s going to keep me toasty warm! Yes she is!” Izuku cooed, accepting the kisses, and the little tongue that made it half way up his nose every now and then.

Katsuki stared, hands on his knees, looking over the energetic puppy who would grow to be a beautiful dog, and who was now named toaster. He loved Izuku, and he was pretty stupid sometimes, so Katsuki supposed he could love a dog with a stupid name like Toaster.

From the couch, two large eyes watched the scene, a fluffy black cat waving her tail behind her as she dropped down from the couch with a light thud. She gave a soft meow, padding her way over to Katsuki, and rubbed against his side out of jealousy for the new addition to the family. Katsuki wasn’t about to let his original baby feel left out, so with a little smirk, he scooped her up and held her close to his heart, continuing to watch his idiot roll around on the floor with Toaster.