((OOC:my wig arrived way earlier than it was meant to so i can rp as this character tommorrow
 this wig is really nice i may have worn it to my lecture today heehehehe.))

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Hey there! I'm new to your blog (pretty new to tumblr tbh) and I keep on getting confused about the people who you regularly RP with. Do you think you could put up a run down of the faces we regularly see on your blog and, like, links to their blogs? Love, a nerdy newbie

(( OOC: Sure thing! :D 

@potterdeer / Paige ( AKA my Lily. <3 ) 

@ohtheclevernessofme1972 / Laina ( AKA Helga. <3 ) 

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Learning about how children tend to do better when their praise is based on their effort instead of abilities. And I feel that’s best shown through Riddler.

Something Riddler always complains about is how no one notices how smart he is but the thing is people call him smart all the time. Batman acknowledges his mind is brilliant, a force to be reckon with, and his Arkham files state that he’s of high level genius IQs. Both examples of praise in his eyes. But no one ever talks about how much effort he puts into being smart.

No one ever talks about the many late nights fueled by coffee and energy drinks in libraries. Or the endless hours trying cramp more facts about Zeno’s paradox while also studying the Egyptian hieroglyphics 

And i think that’s why he puts so much stock in his ‘intelligence’ because his efforts never matter as a child and no one seems to notice them as an adult either. All he has left is this hollow idea of what he should be.

A Comprehensive Guide:

To Making GOOD RP gifs:

The kind that people wanna like… look at…. n’stuff. 

Because… y’know… I get a lot of asks about that too. 

Well…. first off….. 

This is gonna be really fucking long… 

Second off! 


Because no one wants to be looking at this shit.

and if you don’t have a decent quality camera…. 

Well…. Make sure your acting is on point?

And all might be forgiven.

… Probably.

Now… that aside… how does one know if their gif is decent? 

Well here are a few pointers…


It’s hard to enjoy a gif with shitty lighting. 

For example… 

The Wash-Out: 

No one wants to look at your eyeballs and your nostrils floating in a featureless abyss. 

The Phantom: 

Well… there’s SOMETHING there… I think… ? *twilight zone theme-song plays* 

The Power-Outage: 

Guess what? No one will want to look at your gifs… if they can’t fucking see you.

So… let’s try this again… 

Hey… It’s daytime… in the sun? No problem. 

Hey… it’s… like… not as bright out? No problem! 

Hey… It’s the middle of the night and you’re sneaking out to go… like… shag or something? Cool. 

That’s my shagging face. 

No it’s not… I’m kidding, I promise… I’m sorry, ignore me

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what’s in your bag: rose granger-weasley

Rose: Okay so first off I have my book!  My mum is always saying never leave the house without a book…

Rose: I’m currently reading A Tale of Two Cities

Rose: Moving on, next we have my favorite lipstick!

Rose: I never go anywhere without this on me. Aunt Fluer bought me a bunch of makeup over christmas holiday since mum knows shit about makeup.

Rose: Up next is my favorite perfume! 

Rose: It ironically enough smells like roses. So I guess I’m always smelling as fresh as a rose *budum tsss*

Rose: Oh and here is my journal…

Rose: I enjoy writing a lot so whenever I have an idea I make sure to jot them down in here.

Rose: Obviously for writing that would require pens and pencils…Plus you never know who’s going to come unprepared to class so it’s nice to have a spare one!

Hugo: *walks in* Hey Rose- What are you doing?


(OOC: So I saw some awesome people doing this ( @kapitan5o @egdramaqueen @son-0f-a-snitch ) and decided to hop on the bandwagon!! Hope you enjoyed this thing I made while I should’ve been studying whoops…)

My muse is sick.

Send me a 🍜 for your muse to make mine (or try to) a meal.

Send me ★ to take my muses temperature.

Send me 💊 to give/tell my muse to take his medicine.

Send me 😨 to catch my muse as they are about to pass out.

Send me 🚨 to take my muse to the hospital.

Send me 💉 to help my muse in your muses own way.(this is so there are multiple possibilities of helping)