i will never get over the fact that the ONLY. TWO. marvel movies to get nods at the academy awards are Black Panther (Best Picture, and 6 other categories) and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (Best Animated Feature), both featuring POC leads, baller soundtracks and actually empowered female characters. 

it’s almost as if watching movies about boring white men is BORING kevin, isn’t that a new and interesting thought

Anytime a movie with a majority Black cast gets nominated in typically white led categories yall always try to say it only got there for diversity as if God forbid Black people have real talent that deserves recognition. Meanwhile you will let any bland Victorian era european period piece or some shit that like 10 people saw go by uncontested. Like the racism jumps out every time. Yall so predictable lmao

‘Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me.’

I’ve rarely seen such powerfully honest words in a superhero movie and it became the best base to continue T'Challa as a character. The entirety of Avengers has been based on the concept of avenging people or things. It’s in their very name and while it makes for a good punchline, it also reveals their greatest weakness. In his dialogue, T'Challa takes that concept and turns it on its head with complete openness.

He doesn’t rebuke or taunt Zemo. He doesn’t diminish the man’s past or pain. But he also doesn’t bow down to the actions that Zemo chose due to his past. In the first line (Vengeance has consumed you) it’s the eyes of justice looking at the man who wrecked havoc and laying out his roots bare. This single line explains the entirety of Zemo succinctly in way no sympathy or guilty mediation could. It wasn’t grief that led him to act the way he did but anger. He wasn’t looking to feel better, he was looking to make things 'even’ - to make others feel terrible too. Zemo had turned his need to balance his personal loss into a mission of creating widespread loss. And the tool he used for this, the weapon was himself. He wasn’t controlling or in control of his mission - his mission was in control of him. T'Challa didn’t give him an out or a justification for this and simply laid out the bare bones in a single sentence. Zemo was consumed. He was done.

The second line (It is consuming them) is the ears of truth accepting the course of a situation. T'Challa recognised that there was no end to the situation the fighting Avengers had put themselves into unless they themselves stopped. The blows wouldn’t end because every hurt would seek a mirror in the person hurting them. He takes Zemo’s example, places it in the present, and knows that this would not be resolved by anyone other than those who were drowning in vengeance themselves. The Avengers fighting in Siberia were building up their walls. Neither side was going to stop or let their walls down, neither was going to give the other a breather. It’s like the dialogue of The Avengers (2012) - if they couldn’t protect something then they would avenge it. Freezing themselves around their anger and defensiveness. They were getting consumed and going to be done to dust by each other.

But then the last line drops. The self- reflection that is the mark of a good man . T'Challa acknowledges that he was getting consumed too. He admits that but doesn’t stop there. He makes a resolve to stop. He doesn’t say I won’t let it consume me because he did get consumed by it when he was chasing down Bucky. He doesn’t make himself stand above the others by saying he knows better. He says I am DONE letting it consume me. These are the words of someone being open to vulnerability and someone who is willing to accept his low moments. This is where he shows his true mettle of leadership. And this is what he carries into Black Panther too because it gives him a perception of those around him - both friends and foes. His greatest strength turns out to be his ability to embrace his weakness and find a better space. And there is no better power than that.

Something I realized when watching Black Panther again is that T’Challa almost became like Killmonger himself. He was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, where some very key character development takes place that carries over into his titicular film that occurs mere days after the events of Civil War.

In Civil War, Bucky is framed for the attack on the UN that kills King T’Chaka. In his rage, T’Challa focuses on attempting to kill Bucky to avenge his father. However, T’Challa discovers the truth and finds out that Zemo had set up Bucky as part of his (overly complicated) plan to trick the Avengers into destroying each other. While Captain America and Iron Man are still fighting each other, T’Challa finds Zemo, who he now knows is his father’s true killer. Rather than kill him like he had planned to do with Bucky, he talks to him. “I nearly killed the wrong man”, he tells him. Additionally, he even prevents Zemo from killing himself, so he can face justice for his crimes (turning him over to Ross and the CIA off-screen). 

T’Challa’s not killng Bucky or Zemo ends up carrying over into Black Panther where he doesn’t kill M’Baku during the ceremonial battle and insists that he yields. He nearly kills Klau when capturing him in South Korea, but stops and settles for capturing him with the intent of taking him back to Wakanda to face trial for his crimes. Lastly, even after Killmonger attempted to kill him twice, T’Challa offers to get him aid so he could survive his battle wounds, though Killmonger chooses to die rather than be imprisoned.

T’Challa was able to overcome his need for revenge after realizing he’d almost killed a man who was innocent of the crime he wanted to kill him for. Killmonger on the other hand, didn’t have this. Sometime between discovering his dead father and his team up with Klau, Erik dedicates himself to getting revenge for his father’s death. Since Zemo murdered T’Chaka in Civil War, the next person in line was T’Challa, his cousin and the newly appointed king.

* - This was written prior to the release of the Killmonger mini-series comic. I have not read it as of posting this.

“I lived my entire life waiting for this moment. I trained a lot. I killed in America, Afghanistan, Iraq… I took life from my own brothers and sisters right here on this continent! And all this death just so I could kill you!”  Killmonger says this before his battle with T’Challa for the crown. What’s interesting is, T’Challa hadn’t done anything to warrant Killmonger holding a grudge against him personally. Rather, all of his bloodlust for T’Chaka was inherited by his son once he died. 

In Civil War, T’Challa says, “Vengence has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me.” This is true of Killmonger. His focus on revenge led to him taking probably hundreds of lives, including that of his own girlfriend, solely to avenge his father. His plans didn’t even stop there though. He wanted to lead Wakanda in colonizing the entire world through force, which surely would have led to thousands, if not millions more deaths.

Returning to T’Challa, if he had killed Bucky, Zemo or even both of them, he may have went down a similar path. It’s possible he could have chose not to spare M’Baku, which would have most likely continued to alienate the J’Bari tribe from the rest of Wakanda. Killing Klau on the other hand, would have prevented Killmonger from gaining access to Wakanda as easily (at least he wouldn’t have been able to gain W’Kabi’s trust the way he did with Klau’s corpse). On the other hand, the world would have seen that the Black Panther, whose identity at this point is secret was a merciless costumed hero/vigilante.

When T’Challa first sees his father in the ancestral plane, T’Chaka tells him that he’s a good man and that it’s difficult for a good man to be a great king. Looking at T’Challa’s decisions in the movie, killing was obviously one of those factors. In a lot of ways, things would have been a lot easier had T’Challa killed those who he sought revenge against or stood in his way but doing so would have caused him to lose part of what makes him a great king.

mcu characters as dumb shit my classmates have said

steve rogers: five year plan? you know who had a five year plan? stalin. look where he ended up.

tony stark: guys. emergency: my outfit isn’t dope enough today.

clint barton: [on a scooter] you’re driving? you fucking loser, i’m scooting!”

natasha romanoff: she’s complaning, meanwhile I was eating my 5th cricket.

bruce banner: where’s the fire extinguisher in this room? GOD do they not care about safety???


loki odinson: here’s yet another situation in which being a chameleon would be useful.

sam wilson: I know you don’t like me, which is exactly why I asked the teacher to move my seat next to you.

scott lang: do you have any deodorant? or maybe some orange juice, either will work.

hope van dyne: anyone eating a mini candy cane looks like a pussy.

peter parker: hey, off topic question, are you more of a lewis or a clark kind of gal?

rhodey: we are not getting in a robotic argument. not today.

shuri udaku: I can’t see the math problem through my tears.

wanda maximoff: oh, I committed some sins early on, for sure.

valkyrie: if I were high, it wouldn’t be on weed. that’s weak.

t'challa udaku: that’s not how you eat pasta in these lands, you ignorant slut. 

stephen strange: shift your eyes to the wonders of my fingers.

bucky barnes: I have a lot of feet… but not enough hands… what do I do here?

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Just wanted to bless you with some pure RDJ adorable silliness <3