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  • Sangwoo: So after keeping you locked in my house by breaking both your legs, torturing you, making you kill someone and constant psychological torture, I try to do a nice thing for you by driving you to have a mental breakdown in making you jealous of a girl which leads you to stab her multiple times in a blind murder rage.
  • Yoon Bum: Yes.
  • Sangwoo: And you're telling me that you didn't like it.
  • Yoon Bum: Not particularly.
  • Sangwoo: I don't know why I bother.


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First Elimination Recap:
  • Yoon Jisung & Kang Daniel have survived the first elimination and have entered the Top 11 at rank 3 and rank 5, respectively.
  • Joo Jinwoo has survived the first elimination at rank 45.
  • Sadly, Choi Taewoong and Kim Jaehan did not survive the first elimination and have been eliminated from the competition.

Despite these results, let’s keep supporting Taewoong and Jaehan outside of the show and be proud of Jisung, Daniel and Jinwoo for surviving, especially Jisung and Daniel for making it into the Top 11! Let’s help the remaining three debut!

B.A.P Himchan - Debut Story

In his first year in college, Himchan ended up being casted by an entertainment company that specialized for actors and started playing a series of minor roles.

“I think I spent my time actively while I was a minor actor partaking in ads and even appeared in a cell phone CF featuring celebrities like seniors T-Ara and Yoon Siyoon. Of course, you can’t see my face though (laughs).
Also in 2011, I appeared in the music video for senior Jung Seulgi. I was even a protagonist for an independent film.”

“In 2011, with the recommendation of TS Entertainment’s current recruiter for actors and in seeing the family-like atmosphere alongside meeting the CEO, I decided to sign with them right away and became thus a trainee . I don’t think I’ll come to regret this decision and I find it fate (laughs).”

However, Himchan wasn’t skilled in dancing or singing from the start. Himchan having only played gukak [T/N: Traditional Korean drum with two sides], dancing or singing was very new to him.

“All I remember is that I would get in trouble because I couldn’t sing or dance. Because I only played instruments, it was hard to maneuver my body.
I knew that practice was the only road to save myself so I practiced endlessly and there were about 30 peers who were practicing to become a member of B.A.P. It was indeed an intense survival game in which I survived.”

Despite the rigorous competition, what was a big strength to him was same-aged leader Bang Yongguk who as an underground rapper was also experiencing at that time a lot of hardships in dancing.

“At first, Yongguk and I lived in a dorm together and I thought that was the most fun. I was able to tell Yongguk openly about all my troubles (laughs).
Yongguk? He’s a friend who has upright values and in meeting Yongguk, I think I changed a lot too.”

Bang Yongguk and Himchan, the two depended on one another and began overcoming the obstacle of their trainee years.

Of course, there were many times when they wanted to give up but all of a sudden, the two same-aged friends became the two dependable eldest members of B.A.P.

“My dream? Invading the universe haha. Also, I want to be able to be with the members of B.A.P for a long time.
Of course, with our fans too (laughs). With how much obstacles I’ve faced to make a debut, I want to promote just as hard and I’ll continue to become a Himchan who never loses his roots.”