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the trailer showed another movie of lois being useless

justice league trailer: *literally has a two second clip of lois lane walking down the fuckisbg street* 


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aaaaa hi! This is my first ask I've sent you but I just wanted to say a few things things; first, thank you for creating one if the most plot twist and addicting Anime/Manga I've seen(I haven't read the manga rip) because its led be to meet so many wonderful people who i wouldn't trade the world for. Second, thank you for inspiring me to write again, even if its only Beruani fanfic. And third, thank you for being just a wonderful person and making season two!! Love you mama!! -Erin


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Wtf? Are people seriously worried about creating oc's of color? Honestly as a WoC I hate this. Tumblr should stop treating us as babies that get offended and hurt by everything. Just don't be racist, that's all we're asking. No need to be 'delicate' and worrying about 'being offensive'. No, you're not appropriating our culture. Surprise, Europeans have a rich culture of their own, the whole world isn't just the US. Sorry for the rant, never said this b4, but your style is my fav ;D

i think being racist is what anon was worried about if anything, but thank you for this input. ya heard it first here folks

Why do I lose followers or get angry messages whenever I make Nazi jokes?? Nazis are bad and I am making fun of the fact that they are bad. That is what Nazi jokes are literally meant to do: make fun of the bad people because if they had won we (my fellow Jews and the rest of the world) wouldn’t be allowed/able to make fun of them. Hitler HATED it when people poked fun at Nazis, so doing the exact thing he hated is like rubbing it in his face that he lost, ya know? Anyway, cracking jokes that make fun of how bad Nazis were doesn’t equate to supporting or sympathizing with Nazis. That makes absolutely no sense.

Disguised Soviet tank T-34/76 of the 206-th tank battalion 90th tank brigade in position at Stalingrad. In the foreground the commander of the crew Lieutenant Michael Kitia, awarded October 22, 1942 for exemplary performance of combat tasks with the Order of Lenin. Tank platoon commander Mikhail Kitia was killed in action on 25 October 1942 in the area of state farm “Mountain meadow”.

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How did you know that your husband was the man God planned for you to be with? Were there any signs?

Hi friend,

I didn’t really know at first. I did, however, know that Matthew was the first man that I ever trusted right away. I just felt comfortable around him. I trusted him. Right away. Which was very unusual for me as I tend to be extremely uneasy around men and it takes a lot for me to fully trust them. 

I knew that I trusted him, and I knew that he was a genuinely good person. I knew that he was willing to do whatever it took to make me happy. He put me and my wants before himself and his wants. He brought me closer to God. He made me want to be a better person. He made me want to talk to God and read His Word and love others like never before. He wasn’t like other guys who had been interested in me. He wasn’t of the world. He didn’t text me inappropriate things or tell me inappropriate things. He wasn’t just in it for my body. He was in it for me. He loved me. Fully. No matter what. 

I knew that I trusted him, and I knew that he loved me (like it says for husbands to in Ephesians 25-33), and I knew that he loved Jesus. 

All my love,



Kaia sat in the Boss’s office, the moment Andrea had text her to tell her they needed to meet Kaia knew she wasn’t going to like the discussion. 

Andrea: “So,Kaia as you know, you’re one of my best… and i wouldn’t be asking you if it wasn’t for the fact that the client is really high maintenance and we need to send our best out… so here goes…. 

Rebecca Hayes needs a PR consultant to help her change how she is currently perceived, she’s getting into different things and wants to change her image. Like i said i wouldn’t normally ask you Kai but i need you to be the one to go.”

Kaia listened. Of course she knew who Rebecca Hayes was, Fashion Model and Simstagram famous, who in the PR world didn’t know… 

Kaia: “Andrea… she lives in San Myshuno. You know I can’t just pack up and move to San Myshuno… that’s out of the Question.”

Andrea: “Kaia please. I am begging you, i know your issue and i can tell you that we have an apartment all ready for you… all you need to do is go there, it won’t be forever a year max.” 

Kaia thought about this… could she move to San Myshuno… she needed more time to think.

  • One look and I can’t catch my breath 
  • When you’re not next to me–I’m incomplete 
  • Oh, love, let me see inside your heart 
  • It’s like a hunger in me 
  • I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you 
  • Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo 
  • I can’t imagine a world with you gone 
  • I’d be so lost if you left me alone 
  • Can you hear me screaming “please don’t leave me" 
  • Hold on, I still want you 
  • Come back, I still need you 
  • Let me take your hand, I’ll make it right 
  • I swear to love you all my life 
  • I don’t wanna let go
  • I know I’m not that strong
  • Let me be your sanctuary 
  • Let me be your safe place to fall 
  • I can take away your worries 
  • Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back 
  • I’m scared that there ain’t a cure
  • I’m not here for your entertainment 
  • You don’t really want to mess with me tonight 
  • I was fine before you walked into my life
  • Why don’t you like me?
  • But you only want what everybody else says you should want
  • Fuck you very, very much 
  • Do you really enjoy living a life that’s so hateful?
  • I want your love 
  • I want your drama 
  • You and me could write a bad romance 
  • Pull me closer if you think you can hang
  • Don’t go screaming if I blow you with a bang 
  • What’s wrong with being confident? 
  • Is your tongue tied up? 
  • So you say I’m complicated 
  • I need a gangsta to love me better 
  • Please don’t make any sudden moves 
  • All my friends are heathens. 
  • You’ll never know the murderer sitting next to you
  • I’m just a sucker for pain 
  • I wanna tie you down 
  • Love and the loyalty that’s what we stand for
  • Won’t hesitate to go straight to your head like a concussion
  • But your brother was a good substitute for you
  • Say you’re sorry honey, but you never really show 
  • I hate that I love you 
  • I hate that I want you 
  • I miss you when I can’t sleep 



Even if Manga-chan’s storyline is (somehow) entirely consistent across the universe, the AUTHORS AREN’T. 

Like. Consider that for a moment. Completely different people in completely different worlds all writing the same exact canonically matching plotline but in slightly different art styles. 

Guys some of these worlds don’t even have ninjas, BUT THEY KNOW THE PLOT OK. IT OCCURS TO EACH OF THEM NATURALLY AND COMPLETELY. 


seven of hearts; chapter I

Jungkook series | moodboard

♠️ genre: angst, fluff

♥️ word count: 8.856

♣️ warnings: mentions of blood and violance; litteraly just one swear word (if you find more, let me know); i think there’s a mention of sex somewhere in there (not between the characters, just in general).

♦️ a/n: just a universe i came up with. modern-ish royal-ish!AU. please, enjoy!

You always wondered: would card games be fun, if your world wasn’t operating the way it was? Would it be fun to sit around the table with your friends, or maybe throw some pillows on the floor to give your gathering an eastern flavor? To have a game or two - or ten, if someone catches a gamble fever - along with a cheap drink? Or, perhaps, to deal some cards on a train and play with a stranger, who happened to have a ticket for a seat across from you. Beat them and lose to them, but then become friends, or maybe leave each other just as you were at the beginning - as strangers, except a little more familiar ones - with a twist in a form of a fond memory of someone who kept you company on the way to your destination.

And you thought that, maybe, there was a world like that: where playing cards provided a light distraction or kept you busy, if needed. Unfortunately, you weren’t lucky enough to be born into a fantasy like that. It was not your reality. It was not your world. In your world - those cards with pictures on them were far from fun and games (though, a little further from fun than from games). They were too busy defining people - their status, their fate, the roles they played.

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These are the last pictures in the Photoshoot…
I still can’t believe how wide awake they are! Their souls are so full of energy and happiness it’s unbelievable!

My boys. You will be 3 weeks old tomorrow (today, really, its already 12:47)
It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve given birth to you and already I feel as if I’ve lived with you for a much longer time.
We’ve been through countless nights of tears and madness together, and many more filled with happiness and laughter.
I wouldn’t trade the world for you boys, and your sister, I hope you always remember that.

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

Photoshoot pt. 2 “My little Kings.”

Thank you again @minimoriyamas! The pictures turned out absolutely perfect!

Don’t think that just because you can’t afford to travel the world, that means you can’t experience the world. Tune into a documentary on an issue that’s transpiring in another country. Visit a museum where you can witness the relics of an Egyptian mummy. Watch a foreign Japanese film without the subtitles and see if you can catch on-to the plot. Indulge in Belgium chocolate and savor every sip of your Columbian coffee. Eat Chinese food with chopsticks and dig into an Indian cuisine with your bare hands. Learn to speak the language of your forefathers and research your ancestry. We don’t miss out on the world by not traveling every corner of it. We miss out on it by forgetting that we can witness a piece of the world every day. That the world really is at our finger-tips. And the beauty of it is that our experience will never be the same. Because all of us, individually, have an entirely different world that has constructed itself inside of us.
—  Nashiha Pervin

Paired an old pic.
Deeply worried about the Ascension stuff in DSOD recently. It sounds odd but I personally cannot treat the divinised Atem as the one who hadn’t left for afterlife world.

I suck at physics but still can imagine how dramatically different the perspective Atem remembers and deal with those relationships (kitsuna might be a better word here) from which he observed and experienced in the 3 dimensional space. In the end where Atem takes away his puzzle, it’s a great shock for me because he is sort of trying to wipe out his existence in this world.

There’s another thing. After watching the Blueray several times, I recognised that what saves Joey from vanishing in the dark realm is his own faith with the pharaoh, not Atem himself. You see, in that scene he got gold rings on arms and it symbolises that “it’s only an embodiment of the belief in friendship! Just like Kaiba!” Poor Joey, he doesn’t even realise that at the very end of the movie.

I’m not complaining about anything while it’s just a personal guess after all. But still, I feel my mind so lost here.

Rating the end of YGO shows

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

I have no complaint about it. A great ending and it makes me smile whenever I watch or think of it.

Rating: 10/10

2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Although I feel sad when Yami went to the afterlife, but in fact it’s reasonable. Yami is a ghost, one didn’t belong to this world anymore. He was gone, but everyone still missed and loved him.

Rating: 9/10

3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

I don’t watch it fully, but the end isn’t so bad. I love how Judai’s friends put their letters into his bag, and the duel between him and Yami/Yugi.

Rating: 7/10

4. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

To me, 5D’s ended at episode 152. Two last episodes ruined ALL the personality development of characters. Oh yeah, and why did Aki become a doctor!?

Rating: 4/10

5.  Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

What the hell just happened!?

Rating: 1/10

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Fukawa~sama? What if you just... aren't born yet? In our universewe wouldn't be able to make fully realistic virtual worlds, so what if you're really just talking to people from... before the tragedy?

*sighs* This sounds like the plot of a horrible novel. Besides this doesn’t work. In your world we are characters from a video game right? So we are not from the future.

And the only reason for why we were able to make such a thing possible was because Ultimate did it. You don’t have such people in your world so it’s another proof. Can we stop talking about it now?

I’ve landed in Helsinki! But I did a video thing before I left

First off, thanks to Pamigena for making these awesome wallpapers! 

So I’m here reading to attend my third World Championships for figure skating! And I’m going to the Olympics next year too! What a time to be alive, haha. I think I got bitten with the bug last year in Boston (I hadn’t been to a Worlds since it was in my hometown of Washington, DC in 2003).  Yuzu is my fave, but I find this particular crop of skaters so awesome and exciting that I’m looking forward to supporting such a stacked field! 

I’m also a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise (and great video game music in general) and I have wanted to see someone skate to music from it for a long time. So I decided to try something out and set Yuzu skating his program from last year’s worlds to a piece I think could be really good for him.  

No, it’s not perfect (and I’m more of an AMV editor anyway) but I just wanted to show that this music is worthy of great skaters. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV lately and though the game has it short comings, the soundtrack is definitely not one of those. The music is amazing.  It’s almost criminal that the skating world has yet to touch such fantastic pieces of music. Yes, the original Chopin piece that Yuzu skates to here is the best here and always will be. And I’m sure there will be plenty of you that can’t imagine anything else, and that’s understandable. But until I get a genuine Final Fantasy program from somebody (it’s been a  good 16-year wait on this end-I have literally grown old waiting to see it) this is the closest I’m gonna get.  [/Rant]  

I used the piano version of Omnus Lacrima from Final Fantasy XV. Here is the original that he is also capable of skating to but it wasn’t even close to the style of the piano version. I love the original because it’s so dramatic, but it sounds really exhausting for skating, lol: