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Qrow's necklace is like a sideways cross. Is it supposed to be a sword or is he like religious or what? Do they even have any of our religions in Remnant?

I think it’s just an aesthetic. Ruby has a cross on her outfit too. I haven’t watched all the World of Remnants so I might have missed something - but they haven’t mentioned any kind of religions in the show. 

The only one (Daryl X Reader) Part 4

Relationship : Daryl Dixon X Reader

Trigger warnings : Parental abuse , depression , 5 years age gap, consensual sex , death, violence, graphic scenes.

Rating : Mature + (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

Summary :

The narrative follows the reader and Daryl. The story starts pre-apocalypse and links the events of different stages of their lives as : kids, young adults and adults, focusing on their friendship and eventual love relationship . But when the world turns to dust, will they be able to make it?

CopyRight: I do not own Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

P A R T 4 - The world turns to dust

You are awaken in the middle of the night by a hand covering your mouth. You open your eyes wide and you see Daryl , leaning over you, holding a knife with his free hand.

‘Shh, we gotta be quiet’ he says, almost whispering, uncovering your lips.

‘Daryl, why do you have a knife, what’s going on?’ you frown.

He goes to his wardrobe and comes back handing you a tshirt and a pair of jersey pants ‘Put some clothes on. NOW’

‘You’re scaring me…’ you take one of the pillows and hug it. That look in his eyes, you’ve never seen it before.

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No matter how smart you think you are there is always more to learn. I have a love/hate relationship with that. Keep learning though.

It’s 6:22 AM and The Beatles’ Yesterday is playing on the radio. Pretty song. I can’t imagine a world without it.

Alright, I watched a lot of space movies over the weekend and they gave me astronaut!Alec feels. So. Here we go.

  • Alec-Savior-Complex-Lightwood is slated to go on a one-way deflect an asteroid mission in three months. Nobody knows because he is Alec and he does not tell people things. They just think he’s going on a regular mission. 
  • Also, the whole thing is hush hush because the governments don’t want the world to panic, so Alec isn’t really allowed to tell anyone anyways.
  • At this point he’s in training and one day he is driving back from the training center when he finds Magnus on the side of the road angrily shouting at his car that has up and died.
  • There’s zero cell service so Alec tries to help Magnus jump his car, but that doesn’t work. Alec says he’ll give Magnus a ride into town so he can call a tow truck.
  • Magnus agrees and may or may not turn off the AC in Alec’s car when Alec isn’t looking in an attempt to get him to unbutton his shirt a bit.
  • It doesn’t work.
  • They get to town and Magnus insists on buying Alec dinner to pay him back for his help. Magnus is totally angling for at least a kiss, but he is also aware that just kissing the guy who rescued from the side of the road is not a superb plan when the guy has ridiculous biceps. Gotta buy him dinner first.
  • Dinner is a mild disaster involving a sick waitress and smoke alarms. But they still enjoy themselves and Alec, feeling a little daring because he knows he’s only got so much time left, kisses Magnus.
  • Except it’s a little more passionate than he expected and suddenly he’s agreeing to a second date with Magnus that Friday.
  • Alec spends the next three days beating himself up about agreeing and planning to call it off. He really likes Magnus, he truly does, but he HATES the idea of leaving another person behind who might love him and who would miss him. 
  • But he goes anyways, telling himself it will be the last date. He’ll call it off after that. He will.
  • He doesn’t.
  • They continue dating for two months and Alec is constantly beating himself up about it but he’s so damn happy with Magnus that he can’t make himself stop.
  • But Magnus knows something is up, and eventually he confronts Alec about holding back. It turns into a big blowup fight during which Alec accidentally reveals the one-way nature of his mission.
  • Magnus just sort of freezes. He knew Alec was an astronaut, that he was going on a mission soon, but this… 
  • Alec is frozen too, no idea what is supposed to happen now. He has no idea if Magnus is going to be upset or scared or angry.
  • Magnus is all three of these things, though they’re mostly not directed at Alec. He wishes Alec had told him, but he’s gotten to know him well enough by now to get why he didn’t. He’s just pissed at the situation. At the government for asking this of Alec.
  • After a few minutes Magnus manages to gather himself enough to ask Alec to elaborate.
  • Alec does, telling him everything about the asteroid and how he volunteered for this mission knowing full well what it meant. That he’d never meant to start something with Magnus because he didn’t want to leave another person behind. But he’d fallen for Magnus anyways and now he didn’t know what to do.
  • Magnus just walks over and pulls Alec into an impossibly tight-hug, one Alec manages to return after a few seconds of shock. He keeps telling Magnus he’s sorry over and over again. Magnus tells him he doesn’t need to be sorry just as many times, that he wants to be with Alec for every second they have.
  • Alec still feels kind of terrible about leaving Magnus behind, but they spend the next month squeezing every bit of life out of the time Alec isn’t training and Magnus constantly assures Alec that it’s okay.
  • Launch day comes and Magnus is there with Jace and Izzy. Alec asked Magnus to watch out for Jace and Izzy for him, because they still don’t know that this is a one way trip for Alec. Alec left a bunch of letters with Magnus for his whole family, and just as many for Magnus himself.
  • Magnus gets royally drunk that night while watching the international press conference that finally tells the world about the asteroid and the mission. He spends the next weeks refusing to look at any calendars because he doesn’t want to be counting down the days to when Alec will be dead.
  • Meanwhile, up in space, Alec and the other three people on the mission have all gotten it in their heads to say “fuck NASA” and are trying to work out  a way to both deal with this asteroid AND make it home. They don’t have the fuel, they don’t have the rations, but dammit, they are going to figure this shit out. (This crew probably consists of Maia, Lily, and Luke, just FYI. Luke and Alec being on the mission together is how Jace and Clary meet. But I digress.)
  • Communications have been lost and the asteroid successfully deflected so the world, at this point, believes Alec and his crew are gone and there have been worldwide memorial services, the whole crew has received a ridiculous amount of awards and honors from multiple nations, charities have been started in their names, etc. 
  • At the initial memorial service Jace gets up to speak about Alec but can’t get through it, so Magnus steps up to speak up for him. They continue to support one another through all the press and other ceremonies that happen.
  • Except Alec and crew are not dead. They figured that shit out and are on their way home. It involves a hell of a lot of jury-rigging and some questionable applications of physics, but they make it back. Problem is, lack of fuel=lack of a good landing and their communications are still down.
  • They land in the ocean, floating for two days before getting picked up by some local fishermen from a small island near by. 
  • Queue a lot of very harried and confused radio calls between various people as Alec and crew try to get in touch with someone who A) believes them, and B) can come get them in a reasonable time frame. There’s no working phone in the village they’re in, so the ham radio is all they’ve got. There’s no hospital either, leaving Alec with a badly broken leg from the landing and his crew with various other injuries.
  • Finally they get in touch with someone and envoys are immediately sent out to get the four of them. It’s three a.m. back in New York and Magnus is about ready to murder whoever is calling him, then when he hears why he is getting this call he cannot comprehend it. At all. Thankfully Catarina is staying with him (she was wary of him being alone after losing Alec) and she takes control of the situation. She makes sure Jace and Izzy know, gets plane tickets for everyone, gets everyone packed onto the plane, etc.
  • They all fly out to Tokyo where Alec and crew are being med-evaced to, Catarina shepherding around her little group of shell-shocked ducklings and raising all hell whenever there’s a delay of any sort. 
  • Finally they get to the hospital and Alec is there, laid out in a bed with his leg propped up and various other bandages, but he’s completely awake. A nurse mutters something about him refusing pain killers and surgery for his leg until he saw his family.
  • Jace and Izzy run up to him instantly, diving in for careful hugs. Magnus just sort of hangs by the door, trying to remember how to breath. Catarina is busy interrogating the nurse, wanting to know the exact extent of Alec’s injuries. Eventually Alec pulls away from his siblings and says Magnus’ name just once. Magnus is across the room in a heartbeat, pulling Alec into a hug and kissing all across his face. In between kisses Magnus is telling Alec he loves him, that he’s never letting Alec out of his sight again, and that he’s never been more grateful for Alec’s stubbornness than he is right then.
  • Alec is finally taken to surgery and a week later he is able to fly home with Magnus and the rest of his family. Alec had put all his stuff in storage and ended the lease on his own apartment, so he just moves in with Magnus. Magnus pays for a few security people to keep the press away from the flat because they are everywhere. Yes, the government offered to provide the security but Magnus wants people HE picked.
  • Alec is ridiculously overwhelmed by the fact the whole world considers him and the rest of his crew heros and doesn’t really know how to deal with the attention. Magnus does a wonderful job distracting him from it.
  • Eventually things quiet down and Alec gets a job at the local museum teaching kids about space, and a few years later he and Magnus get married. Alec proposes with a ring made from a scrap of metal off of the ship he came back in, something he hung onto all that time.

Well. That ended up longer than I expected… >.> I wish I had time to turn it into an actual fic, but, alas, this will have to do. I will not let actual science deter me from my astronaut!Alec headcanons. 

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In your infected! AU, I see that certain characters are wary of strangers and newcomers, specifically Rainbow Dash and Applejack. If my memory serves right, these two are a ship in this AU, correct? How do they over come these hurdles if they're constantly on guard?

Generally everyone is, at it’s most basic, wary of anyone they don’t know, because the living are all kinds of unpredictable. You never fully know who you can and can’t trust in a world like this unless they’ve proven otherwise.

Anyway, it’s moreso Rainbow Dash who’ll have a harder time opening up than Applejack. Unlike AJ, Rainbow’s only source of consistent social contact is Scootaloo, and while she much appreciates the kid that doesn’t really help with her trust factor toward anyone else, especially since it’s just been the two of them for a long time.

Applejack, on the other hand, lives in a thriving settlement with many folks she can trust, so she has more of a luxury to afford some of her guard to be down around strangers. She’ll question their motives and be watchful, sure, but she isn’t quite as… jumpy, for lack of a better term, as Dash would be.

The majority of their relationship would focus mostly on them building a tentative friendship first: one of the easiest ways to get Rainbow to start letting her guard down is if you have children around, and all of the Mane 6 each have a kid they watch out for in some form or fashion. Rainbow would probably question why they treat her and Scoots so well for a while: is there something you’re after? What do you want? No one is this friendly unless they want something in return. Being in large groups are dangerous for this reason or that. Staying in one place is dangerous; makes an easy target, can’t stay. That sort of thing. And around this point, it’s probably just because Scootaloo finally gets to interact with others her age that she hangs around for so long.

Eventually though, Applejack’s respect for her space and pacing will eventually get Rainbow to realize that they honestly don’t have ulterior motives for their kindness. And only when she begins to fully trust them does anything resembling a romance starts.

All of that said, I haven’t an idea if this AU will feature the girls in pairs or as an Omniship, but for the most part it focuses more on them forging a bond with one another and not so much the romantic aspect.

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I'm not surprise about Yuzu and the 4A, really I think we are all just waiting for the "when" it's going to be in his program, but I'm really anxious because probably after that 4A he's gonna retire ? I haven't seen him in live competition yet X(, and I need him to be competing a little longer :")

If someone can do it it’s him ;)

I honestly don’t know how long he’ll compete…but I don’t think he’s going to retire after the Olympics anymore. We obviously don’t know anything for sure, but imo he might not retire until 2019 at least, since worlds are going to be in Japan that year. I really hope he won’t skip worlds next year because I plan to go…*and I do hope you get to see him live, it’s fantastic.*

Is it weird that I’m not their soulmate, but they are mine?

This is NOT a sad post. It’s a happy post, but a whole lot of personal stuff :) 

So yesterday was my friend’s 30th birthday. That friend who over 15 years of knowing me has gone from acquaintance to friend to best friend to boyfriend to nothing to friend to best friend to soulmate. He was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything. And you’d think that now that he’s not my love, I’d have some resentment, a tiny bit at least. When we were together, we were kids. I hadn’t seen the world. I hadn’t been screwed over by people to realise what a gem he is. And after all these years of getting my heart broken by people, even strangers, I realise that he’s the one person I unabashedly love, and trust with my life. He set such high standards for me. Standards for what a boyfriend should be, standards for who I should be friends with. He is the one who introduced me to my loves - Both Oasis and John Green, even though he’s not even remotely as obsessed as I am with both of those :) He was the one who first got me to listen to “Yellow” by Coldplay. He was the one who taught me Microprocessor programming inside a deserted McDonalds, when we were studying engineering together. He was the one who held my hair back as I puked out vodka in the middle of the football ground. He was the one who I snuggled up to during long train journeys. He was the one who made me silly voice clips, that somehow are now on my Apple Music library, and have popped up on random in my car. He was the one who called me “Mixtape” and a million other things. He’s the one who did whatever it took to get me that book before my test that one time and goodness the things he had to do!

And even after all these years, even after he moved to the other side of the world, the fact that on his birthday he calls me up, and I say hello, and he says “Happy Birthday Maki!” and I say “Thank you!” as if it’s my birthday, makes me love him even more. His birthday is not his. It’s still ours. And so is my birthday. And so is everything else that we share. We still speak a language that nobody else understands. We’re still the only ones who can make each other laugh within ten seconds of calling, even if we’ve been out of touch for a month. Even after the fact that he’s someone else’s husband now, I know that he’s still my soulmate. I don’t know if he thinks that about me. But I know he loves me. As deeply as you can love a friend. And for years, the hurt that he’s not mine is gone, and only fondness and love remain. (Maybe made easier by the fact that at this very moment, I might be in the process of falling in love with someone else :)) D, I love you :) And me having tears in my eyes as I finish this doesn’t mean I’m sad. It’s just that I miss you way too much <3

15 Million

15 million.

Yeah, it’s just a number to some people.

But this number means so much more to this community. Why, you ask?

Because there are 15 million people out there who somehow found the channel, liked the content they were seeing, and subscribed.

And just by watching this man, it has impacted so many lives. So many.

He has made 15 million people smile.
He has made 15 million people laugh.
He has made 15 million people feel less lonely.
He has helped 15 million people get through the day.

That man is Seán. The man who saved many lives, including mine. Thank you, Seán. Thank you so much for being there for us. We as a community love you and are so grateful to have a man like you in our lives.

The world isn’t perfect. There is a lot of sorrow, living on this planet we call Earth. I believe we can make a change. With each new subscriber, there is a human being who’s life has been changed thanks to a YouTube channel called Jacksepticeye. A new member of the family. The number rises a little bit. And the number will keep on rising. 15 million.

15 million souls, 15 million friends. And more to come.

You deserve this, @therealjacksepticeye. All the way. 💚

- Lynn

March 2017 Book Discussion Challenge, day 27


In case you don’t all know this by now, I have depression. Like real, mental-illness-diagnosed-by-doctor-and-taking-anti-depressants depression. So optimism isn’t something that comes naturally to me, and the current state of the world isn’t exactly helping. 

Still, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books never fail to make me feel optimistic – hopeful, even. Sir Terry’s books are full of injustice, and a terrible, burning anger towards that injustice. It’s a fantasy setting, yes, but the societal issues illustrated within the fantasy are as real as anything I’ve read.

But in Discworld, no matter how many petty, nasty, close-minded and greedy people there are, good always wins. Not in the “hero saves the day, the evil is defeated and everyone lives happily ever after” kind of way, necessarily, but a little at a time. One small act, one short moment at a time towards a better, more just, more kind future. Change is not created by heroes in grand acts of heroism, but by ordinary people in ordinary situation, choosing to do the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing. Which is exactly how change happens in the real world. And that’s what really makes me feel optimistic – hopeful that humanity is just as capable of good as it is of evil.