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man i love in stb when bones is talking about spock’s vulcan anatomy saving him because it just wouldn’t be star trek without vulcan anatomy making one immune to certain effects or survive injuries that would have killed a human. just vulcan anatomy is such a great excuse. didn’t pass out like the rest of the crew? vulcan anatomy. didn’t get shot in the heart? vulcan anatomy. 14 inch dick? vulcan anatomy

I feel like either of them would not be the same without each other. Like we saw michael when jeremy left him and it was so sad but jeremy would be so depressed and mask it so badly. Like Michael could be gone for a few days and jeremy would probably talk to rich and jake and be like “i don’t even??? Miss him??? Wo w this is so easy. I don’t need michael i have me, myself, I, and you guys” and then his phone would ding and Jeremy would shout “MICHAEL” and then be sad when it wasnt him and jake and rich would be like “are you ok” and jeremy over here would be staring outside a window and playing rain noises on his phone and be like “I’m fine why do you ask.”

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Ok- i need this and hope you awnser but what would mccree's reaction be to while he is smoking a cigar his S/O burst in and says "MCCREE! IS THAT A WEED?" and before he has a chance to respond they yell "IM CALLING THE POLICE" and type 911 into the microwave-

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McCree took a puff of his cigar, revelling in the earthy taste and you burst into the room. You took a double look at the cigar in his hand, before gasping with surprise.

“McCree!” you cried and he gave a jolt, “Is that a weed?!”

“No,” he said, “It’s a cig…”

“I’m calling the police,” you marched to the microwave, beeping in 911.

“That won’t wo…” he said before he heard the microwave speak.

“911 what’s your emergency.”

He looked at the cigar in his hand before starting to question if it is weed.

of locks and keys

shao was a locked door.

he had been a locked door his entire life - never letting anyone in, not one person. human beings took advantage of weakness, of vulnerability, of untamed feelings; and beneath his thousand locks and barriers, shaolin was all emotion, wild and raw and bleeding.

he was an ugly scar on smooth skin, a torn out page in a book. he was like the moon, half hidden, made of flaws, pretending to be a source of light while really he was just a mirror.

and in all honesty, shao didn’t mirror the prettiest things.

zeke deserved better - better than a damn disaster like shao, better than a pretentious fucking disco queen, too. zeke deserved someone who would give their last breath for him, the way he would for all the people he loves. someone who’d hold him and never want to let go, someone who’d have clean hands, soft palms, to hold the pages on which he writes his poetry without harming them, shredding them to pieces, the way someone else might. he deserved better than long baby pink nails that dug into his skin and pulled him where their owner wanted to go. but he also deserved better than a pair of hands that were built to be a weapon against life, stained in blood and grease and dirt. he deserved someone who loved him as much as shao did - though he doubted that existed, he doubted it all, his heart was spilling from his chest like blood from an open wound whenever zeke was so much as mentioned - but was better. more pure, more kind. not a human weapon. not someone who’d get him involved in mess after mess.

that was the one thing the boy’s butterscotch queen was right about. shao may have loved zeke with his entire heart and soul and being, and yet the facts remained. he was no good for him. that bitch may have had an angel’s voice, but her man was the real angel. her man was divine and golden and pure and not shaolin’s to hold. he’d wreck him. he knew that.

but it was hard to keep thinking that, it was hard, when they lied on the hood of his car, passing a blunt between them, staring at the stars. shao had never smiled so wide, laughed so loud. his blood had never buzzed like a nest of bees before, his skin had never risen to such temperatures. and yet he felt home, at peace, like everything was right and whole. like nothing could hurt him when zeke was around. the world was no longer broken hearted.

he’d been trying to ignore this feeling - it was bad either way, but at the very least, it would have been a little better had the guy he liked been… you know. a girl.

but no - he was shaolin fantastic. the path of sin was his only path to walk.

he’d been trying to ignore this feeling, because he was a locked door, hiding away from the world; but one night, zeke leaned into him, covered his mouth with his own and exhaled the smoke hanging under his tongue, and no one in the history of the entire fucking universe had ever lost their mind so quickly.

shao’s nerves awoke like someone breathed life into him - and maybe someone has. no one should have been able to, but someone has.

without thought, his callused, damaged, stained hand went to cup the back of the neck of the purest angel to ever walk the earth, to pull him closer, to touch him better, and he sighed softly into a warm mouth. zeke shuddered.

shao held him tight, like he never held anything before in his life. he was getting burnt - angels were always dripping heavenly fire - but it was a pleasant burn, a kind one. one that served only to melt down the lock on him to the ground.

“zeke -” he pleaded quietly, not quite knowing what for. he pulled him closer, as close as he could. the other boy was straddling him, now, and the smoke was long gone and they were kissing, motherfucking hell, they were kissing -

“shao,” came a moan, a hot tongue sliding over his, and right then and there was the moment he knew he was gone. absolutely fucking gone, doomed, possibly for life. he had no defenses anymore. they molded together like blazing, spilling liquid gold. zeke had long melted into him. they fit.

no one should have been able to make him feel like this. he was shaolin fantastic - he was a criminal, a beast. someone to have been hidden from the world - especially from things as pure as this. he thought he had managed, managed to lock himself away. and maybe he had, once, but now? no one had ever been this open.

shao was a locked door. but apparently zeke was the key.

These are the notes i took for my English class.

Romeo and Juliet notes

Act 2 scene 2: balcony scene

Lot of sonnet in this scene

Second level of the stage that juliet would walk out on

Romeo needs to chill ok hes like 16 and he wants love like??? Bro chill ok

They just met like why is he so in love some girl just dissed him

Diggity dang he’s desperate

“Wherefore art thou Romeo?”= Why do you have to be Romeo? (aka Why do you have to be a Montague)

Leaving your family was a dishonor like whoa

Romeo is a womanizer smh

Juliet is like 13 and romeo is 16 um she hasnt even had her first period yet romeo can you like maybe chill

Juliet is kind of embarrased like they’re moving too fast pls i dont want you under my dress mashy mashy no good dont take advantage of me pls be honest

Juliet: “fam dont leave” romeo: “I LOVEEEEEEE” juliet: “fam im back lets marry” romeo: “hot dang sweet nuggets yeeeeeeeeee”

Juliet: “parting is such sweet sorrow” romeo: “lmao ikr”

Juliet: “you hang up first’ romeo: “no, you hang up first!” juliet: “lmao k” romeo: “o”

Romeo is so du MB OH MY G od

They made themselves prisoners to one another

Juliet: “I feel like a tiny bird and u yank me back” romeo: “OMG SAME BABE” both: “OMG BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

Romeo cries in the forest its not emo you’re emo shut up

How are characters good and bad

Friar: “maybe you’re going too fast” romeo: “…” friar:”…” romeo:”…” friar: “lmao ur right lets get u hitched my dude”


Friar is like bipolar or smth????

Juliet: “im going to confession” fam: “lmao k” juliet: “sike lmaoooooooooooo”

Hottest day of the year ohohohohoohohohohojohohohohohodfmhooo

Tybalt is the love of my life omg

Mercutio: “thou art as hot…” benvolio: “???” merutio: “as the sun” benvolio: “*gasps* omg” mercutio: “ ;) “

mERC uti O x be NVO li O tex T i T o MG

Tybalt is full of angst he’s so emo

Tybalt is so tsundere im cryign

“Fiddlestick” mercutio what

Mer cuTIO DO nt thr EATE n the e MO

He wants 2 fight

Tybalt is the best swordsmen u go bby

Tybalt is afraid of getting executed omg bby

Mercutio, page 995- Act 3- Scene 1: “I am hurt.”

Romeo: “guys can we maybe chill” everyone else: “h Ow ab oUt mayBe u ch ILL”

Benvolio: “omg are you okay” mercutio: “tis but a scratch” benvolio: “dude ur bleeding out” mercutio: “ti S BU t a fle sH WO un D i M fi NE”