t we tea

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“faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”

happy birthday, jia!

anonymous asked:

Twins, have you ever managed to beat mikado in a drag race?

Mel: We’ve never even drag raced him.

Mil: Not our cup of tea.

Mel: We don’t drink tea.

Mil: YOU don’t drink tea. I drink tea like nobody’s business.

Mel: No, you dip empty tea bags into hot chocolate and pretend you’re drinking tea.

Mil: …You have betrayed me.

acasciaxbk  asked:

whats up with all tea obsession? ur actually british

Fuck off. I ain’t no brit. We reclaimed tea from the British. We drink it more than them to piss them off. We beat them at drinking something they’re stereotyped for. We have ascended.

Also tea isn’t just tea, it’s a way of life. A religion, if you may. You can’t just be Irish without enjoying a good cuppa