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some arumika ones?

People often describe them as they ideal couple because of how well they can communicate each other.

Armin knows his girlfriend is pure muscle and he has never been more satisfied.

They play with each others hair alot and constantly try new hairstyles.

Mikasa always looks forward to Armin explaining more about the world around them. He’ll tell her about the Aurora that appears sometimes at night or the wonders they still haven’t seen outside the walls.

Both of them agreed on getting married and starting a familly in the future.


🌲🌈LGBT+ Animal Crossing Canvases, Clothes and Umbrellas 🌈🌲

Made all these designs a while ago for my LGBT+ Café on ACHHD and I thought that it’d be cool to post the QR’s so that others can use them too! I couldn’t get all of them here so I’ll post them next!

These aren’t pro designs meaning that you can use them as a canvas on your wall, T-shirt’s and even umbrellas! 😁

Please do leave my caption if you Reblog and credit me on other sites if you do use and share them! It’s more because I’d love to see you guys using my work! 😊

My Instagram: www.instagram.com/unicorncrosser

f(x)’s krystal to return as an actress after 3 years with tvn’s drama ‘bride of the water god (2017)’

nam joohyuk, shin sekyung & f(x)’s krystal are reportedly reviewing offers for the upcoming tvn drama, ‘bride of the water god’. krystal has been offered a major supporting role as mura, the witch of the chungyo mountains, who has a one-sided love with habaek. her affections toward him result in her loyalty being questioned. (source: i / ii)

Patience child (from @caretaker-au) becomes the caretaker of the ruins!

The idea is that the patience child survived and they supported Chara’s plan, but instead of harvesting the souls they took care of the fallen children well and all, only taking the souls if the child turned out to be “one of those human”. After all, “the souls aren’t going anywhere, isn’t it?”

Bonus doodles!

“No, Chara, drawing on the walls didn’t make them a bad person.”

“But it was VANDALISM!”

“Keeping these children is the worst idea ever.”

“You’ve been wearing that for 2 days straight.”

“Shut up.”

*loves the Fic to the point of animating scenes from it*