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Motel Sprites: Part 4

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Sam darted out from cover first, dashing over to the leg of the table. Though he disagreed with Dean on their timing, knowing they’d be better off waiting for this kid to step out of the room or fall asleep, there was also the possibility that the food would be put in the mini-fridge in the corner. The second it went in there, it would be out of their reach forever. They would be back to scrounging for scraps and discards.

Flattening his back against the table leg, Sam chanced one look out at where Jacob was, then motioned for Dean, starting the second half of their routine.

Dean ran full-speed at the table, pulling out his hook as he went. He sized up the toss and twirled the hook once, twice, three times to gain momentum before releasing it to arc up into the air.

It sailed up, and even as Dean hit the leg of the table next to Sam, found its mark. He tugged twice and smirked as he handed the black thread over to Sam to climb up. He never missed his mark.

Sam scrambled up the thread without missing a beat.

Jacob’s voice, deep and mellow, created the background noise for their risky plan. When the call connected, he couldn’t help a brief smile. “Hey, mom,” he greeted, knowing at least some of her concerns were immediately quelled. “Yeah, Kansas,” he said in reply to something on the other line.

His gaze didn’t wander much from the odd, plain painting behind the TV, sparing Sam and Dean from a glance. “Uh-huh. I got some brochures and stuff that we can look at when I get back. I probably could try to make the overnight drive …”

He trailed off and the faint mumble of his mother insisting he not do that could be heard out of the little phone. Jacob chuckled and rolled his eyes. “I’m not gonna,” he insisted. More mumbling from the phone. “Little place called Trails West. It’s cozy. Somehow I’ll survive.”

Sam reached the top of the table as Jacob droned on about the area he was in. Keeping the plastic bag of food between him and the human, he signaled Dean it was safe to come up.

Dean started his climb, slow and steady and nothing like Sam. He had never taken to the activity like his younger brother, preferring to keep his feet on solid ground. Solid, low ground. Unfortunately, their size worked against them in many ways, and one of them was the necessity of climbing and keeping to heights out of reach when possible, resigning Dean to a life of climbing. Sending up Sam as a sentry had become a regular habit between them, giving them the smallest amount of exposure down on the ground possible.

Sam sighed as he waited, looking once more around the bag to make sure that Jacob remained in the dark to their presence.

For all appearances, Jacob might never look their way. He had a patient look on his face as his mother went over her plans for the next few days, and how glad she was that he was on track despite his setbacks going into his last year of high school. A year was a long time, and it gave him a chance to heal.

“Yeah, mom, love you too,” he finally got to say. She seemed mollified about his stay in the Trails West motel, and let him hang up without more fuss.

As his thumb mashed the End button, he turned to the side to toss the phone down next to the rest of his stuff. That food was waiting, and his eyes next went right for the table. He was so shocked by what he saw that he froze halfway to a stand.

Hanging from a string, dangling at least a foot off the floor and climbing up to the table, was a tiny little figure. Jacob stared, not even noticing anyone else around, and finally straightened. “A sprite?” he blurted, more confusion than anything else in his tone.

Well, Dean’s plan has gone as well as Sam predicted!

Let us know what you think is going to happen! More to come soon!


Yeah, STILL working on the Nobi house in Murkimizu. My landscaping takes freaking forever. Notes on landscaping under cut below

Top pic you can see a peek thru front door

Second pic: part of the view from their unfinished dining room.

I’ll show more of the beautiful sky by Jahkatai in future pix..right now landscaping isn’t finished, so no outside scenes yet.

Mod I will use is shown here: http://simblu.tumblr.com/post/169760156934/did-you-see-like-wow-the-nobis-are-still

In Murkimizu, I work with the idea that each homeowner decorates their home in colors reflecting their own coloration. Inspired by Bower Birds.

Last three pix are old ones,  showing the family members. So, you see the palette: browns, bright green and acid yellow green, some blues, violets..

I cannot find the right art for their walls.

Can’t make my own cc , since, on a mac..so found images I want to use and edited them for the “painting” folder.

Someone in the family will custom paint the paintings I want to have here and i’ll put them in frames i found that fit over easel paintings.

All this will take some time yet..so..I need a break, wanna just PLAY right now..so..perhaps I will pick this up in a day or so.

*gets into Mothership and flies off to another world*

See you all in a bit…

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anonymous asked:

Asra, Julian and Lucio with a s/o with astraphobia?

Asra: Takes them into his arms and holds them close whenever a storm hits. The shop’s relatively small so the walls aren’t really that soundproof. Thus, Asra perhaps magically blocks out every sound except the sound of his own voice. He always wraps the apprentice in a blanket and speaks calmly and softly to them when a storm occurs.

Julian: First time that he finds out, MC is hiding in a closet and Julian can’t find them. He realizes after he discovers them shaking and puts his arm around them. He tells them it’s going to be okay, that they’re always going to be safe with him, and then sings to them softly. Always worries about MC and makes sure to take extra good care of MC.

Lucio: Takes the apprentice somewhere they can’t hear the thunder. Doesn’t speak but begrudgingly hums sometimes for MC when they’re super shaken by the storm. At first he doesn’t hold them, but eventually throws his good arm around them and pulls them close. Lets MC snuggle up to him - doesn’t help them but doesn’t push them away either.

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can i please request davey x reader with prompt #109?? lmao thank youuuuu

“Why are you naked?”

You walked into your house and immediately noticed your roommate, Davey, in the kitchen without clothes on. You slapped your hand over your eyes.


“Oh, my god, (Y/N)!”

“Why-why are you naked?” you asked, using the hand not covering your eyes to feel your way to where Davey was in the kitchen.

“Oh, uh, I was opening a bottle of wine and it soaked through all my clothes.”

“But why didn’t you change into other clothes?” You felt Davey take your arm to make sure you didn’t walk into the wall. 

“Um, I was comfortable?”

You laughed uncomfortably. “Yeah, go at least put some underwear on.” You heard Davey head towards his room and uncovered your eyes, sighing. This did not help the huge crush you had on your roommate.


🌲🌈LGBT+ Animal Crossing Canvases, Clothes and Umbrellas 🌈🌲

Made all these designs a while ago for my LGBT+ Café on ACHHD and I thought that it’d be cool to post the QR’s so that others can use them too! I couldn’t get all of them here so I’ll post them next!

These aren’t pro designs meaning that you can use them as a canvas on your wall, T-shirt’s and even umbrellas! 😁

Please do leave my caption if you Reblog and credit me on other sites if you do use and share them! It’s more because I’d love to see you guys using my work! 😊

My Instagram: www.instagram.com/unicorncrosser