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                                ❝ —  why, if it isn’t my ol’ pal,    L  U  I  G  I   !  !
                                                      or is it…  
BABY luigi?

                                                                                     …i can’t tell the difference. —  ❞


[A Little Chaos] had to be very much fed and watered by Kate, who did a phenomenal amount of research… and then I was able to say ‘what do you think?’ But interestingly enough she said once, ‘I’m not used to being asked my opinion.’
She’s so smart. It’s a loss to any director that just sort of moves her around like a Kate Winslet Object.
” - Alan Rickman

Happy 40th Birthday, Kate Winslet  (October 5th, 1975)

Thank you for making me happy. You’re all awesome. Happy holidays.


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