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I'd like to be better friends with you on here but since I don't have a vag, I don't think you'd give me the time of day.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life being called sensitive or soft by other men for being the kind of guy who likes “feminine” things. So I tend to gravitate towards women who for the most part love me just as I am. Here’s the honest to God truth about me. I’m not really comfortable with other men. I’ve always made friends with women really really easily. I don’t go out to choose that though. It’s probably a byproduct of being raised by my mom and grandma to be a kinder gentler man.

If you’d like to be my friend on here come out of the shadows and lets have a discussion. I like all kinds of things and we’re bound to have something in common. Seriously folks I’m on Tumblr to meet cool people, not to just hang with “vag.” Who even talks like that? Might as well said “Chad only wants the gash.” or some other pejorative term.

Text: Open
  • ROX: Hey, I know you don't get off of work for another hour but this is urgent
  • ROX: My period just kinda came out of nowhere and we have -10000 tampons in the house
  • ROX: Can you pick up some on the way home? Please?????
  • ROX: I would just go out and get them myself, but I can't just the little shits alone
  • ROX: Remember to not get the super plus pls my vag isn't that wide