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an actual conversation i had on okcupid (tw: transphobia):
  • Random asshole: You’re not a woman .. you don’t have a vag.. wtf are u doing in my feed.. gtfo here ya freak
  • Me: actually i am a woman and no matter what you say that will never change. obv. you don't believe that and no matter what i say it'll never change your mind. but like why did you send me a message. like why go out of your way to be a dick? your profile says you don't mind bi girls messaging you. so that probably makes you a misogynist and somone who fetisihzes lesbians and bi women. bi women and lesbians are part of the lesbian, gay, biseuxal, and transgedner community and if they knew you were transphobic they probably wouldn't want anything to do with you. you're a white cis het and you have the ultimate privilege. i'm a queer trans middle eastern woman. so maybe instead of calling people snowflakes or freaks learn something about marginalized people like me and use your privilege to advocate for us. i know you prob won't but that doesn't matter because people like you will never silence the LGBT community. so maybe next time you feel like being a dick for no reason don't.
  • in conclusion: i reported him and i hate men.
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anonymous asked:

How can lesbians even have sex with trans women. Their neo vags don't even have clits. It's just a long hole.....

They re-route part of the glans to form a Frankenclit. The nerve damage from the surgery often results in either painful stimulation, or an inability to feel the remnants of the glans altogether. This may or may not improve (or worsen) with time.

Many M2Ts keep their dick tho so most transbian rhetoric is literally about coercing lesbians into touching smegma-poles.

Also some trannies get part of their sigmoid colon removed to form the necro-bussy. This means that you literally end up with bowel snot seeping out of your gash. Sounds appetizing, right? 

Why are people who ship Jon/Dany what I call Generic, so ready to throw away the deaths of Elia and her children? Why do they not matter to those shippers? When it was revealed that Jon was Aegon and rightful King they jumped with joy. As if him being dragonspawn was somehow better than being the son of the most noble and wise of man in Ned Stark.
Why are they so ready to ignore that Ned Stark is Jon’s father. Blood doesn’t mean shit. 
The message you are sending to adopted people around the world is that their parents aren’t really their parents because mom’s vag didn’t spit them out. That is a dangerous message to send.
Ship away, but acknowledge that Jon’s birth father was and will forever be dishonorable, while his TRUE father was noble until the moment he died.