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Soviet Series Club™: Soviet SH series edition

You already know about the Soviet Movie Club™ that takes place every Saturday and where we enjoy the goods and horrors of Soviet cinematography. But it’s not just Soviet movies that are good, we had (dat past tense :’) ) some great series available as well. That’s why the Club™ is extending to series now, and our beloved Soviet Sherlock Holmes has the honour of being the first show to open it. In other words:


As the members of the Club™ should only enjoy the best content, we won’t be watching the youtube version, because it’s in horrendous quality. Even though the series, apart from the Hound episodes, are still only available in like 480p regardless of image quality, the difference between youtube and what I have is still pretty evident.

no way I’m tainting my eyeballs with this. 

The gem of those streams will be the already mentioned Hound that I have in bluray no less, and you bet your ass that’s exactly how we will see it, even if I need two google accounts to upload all of it. 

So, when and how? Every Sunday starting from next week, 11th of June, at 9pm GMT+1 on rabbit, with all the links provided. As per Soviet tradition it’s not two episodes, but just a movie in two parts, so we will be watching two “episodes” at a time, so next week it’s the Acquaintance and the Bloody Inscription together, which will add up to about two hours and twenty minutes in of screen time in total. I won’t be editing subtitles cause you gotta experience the experience, it’s a classic. 

So, in other words: Soviet series streams are happening and they will be in the best quality possible. 



In William Shatner’s Star Trek Movie Memories, the director of Star Trek V outlined his original plot for the film. This more serious take featured Spock and McCoy following Sybok, leaving Kirk alone to confront “God” and the Vulcan.

Nimoy outright refused to appear in the proposed movie, saying that there was no chance at all that Spock would turn against the man who had sacrificed so much for him in Star Trek III. Shatner tried his best to argue with his co-star and friend, but Nimoy was steadfast: “pain or no pain, brother or no brother, Spock would not betray Captain Kirk.”

The same day, DeForest Kelley came to Shatner and stated that had the same problems with the script: under no circumstances would McCoy turn his back on Kirk.

Citing both actors’ knowledge of their own characters, Shatner began to make changes to the plot outline. While he writes that he doesn’t know whether or not those changes were the best thing for the final product, Shatner admits that if someone else had written a script where McCoy and Spock turn against Kirk, he would have raised the roof over it himself.

Bubblegum & The Message of Love Series | Stingue 

For anyone who is going through a hard time. Anyone who feels like things are not going to get better. Anyone who feels unloved. You are loved by someone out there. For anyone who doesn’t deserve the negativity in their life. For anyone out there who needs this. Who needs others and anyone who needs reassurance. Somebody cares. And I love you. 

Tag anyone you feel needs this.

For @nalu94​. Liz I want you to get this message. I want you to know that I care about you and I want you know that bad neighbours are crap people and I would trade the world to get them to disappear for you. ily darling.

For @jellalato​. Allie. You don’t have a rough situation as far as I’m concerned but i want you to know that I love you and your work and I support you so much as a fellow artist. ily beb. 

For @taylor-fairy. Maia you are the sunlight in my life sometimes. You make me so happy and I know the feeling of anxiety tightens a lot of our emotions and might limit our experiences. That’s fine and I don’t love you any less. Have your bby Sting and his bf. ily darling. 

For @stormtrpo​. Meg bby. You are a sweetie and I’m so so happy we have a lot in common and you’re amazing and I need you to know that you’re amazing bc you make me feel happah. ily cutie. 

For @moonlustelara​. Vera. Thank you for the request! I know you love your sabertooth bebs and I want you to know that I love you so so much for colouring yuki. Beb. You did such an amazing job on it and ily. 

For @a117c​. Charm you are a cutie. I cannot art senpai. I try and I’m 35358% sure it fails. ily. 

For @constellunaa​. Your art is lovely darling Shana. Don’t forget these words. ily. 

For @itschildofthefairies. Brandy. You’re actually gonna get a longer paragraph in the next positive bubblegummer’s appearance but I desperately want to tell you I love you as the first step. *cue the 32482394 next steps*

For @neato-ft. Dar. Oh dar. Don’t think I will ever forget what you’ve had to go through this month and probably last month. I want you to know so bad that I’m so so proud of you for moving forward despite the shit that has gone on and I’m so glad you’ve told me. You know I love you so much.

For @meadowofstars. I love you to the moon and back. There doesn’t even need to be a reason. I just love you. I hope you have the brightest of days.

For @melichamaa​. Some people don’t get soulmates in a entire lifetime but I got one from a Carly Rae Jepsen song and i love yah. 

I wanted to love a few of you and send out a few messages from the kokoro. There’s so much love. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have so many more people to shout my practically unlimited endearment to. *cough* you know who you are *cough*

But for now, ily all. I feel so emotional rn and i haven’t even eaten dinner yet

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

I’m proud of whatever you did today, whoever you are. ily.

‘Citrine’s pained screams barely pierced her ears, smothered by a sudden furious bellow that scared Sapphire to her knees. Like deafening white noise, cries swarmed from behind her, and the reinforcements threw themselves at the Vinotirans with savage force. Thick yellow blood burst into the air like wet confetti, and the nose-tentacles nearest her were split into ribbons. Sapphire watched the carnage from somewhere outside her body, numb. Red light caught her attention, burning through bodies like a solar flare. As flesh melted around it, she identified the thick arms and dark curls of a ruby, their face coated in yellow and grin feral. Terror had paralyzed her, but her vision was locked, and her brain repeated one stuttering thought: it’s you. ‘ 

I’m going on a tangent and drawing like a madwoman for rhinocio‘s fic series, this particular scene is from  Trust: A Trainee’s Manual on Wardrobe Malfunction and Personal Armory

anonymous asked:

recommend some books and movies and t.v series that would definitely worth to read and watch. Thank You!



  • Suits
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Mentalist
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Supernatural
  • Big Bang Theory
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Friends
  • Lie To Me
  • Castle
  • The 100
  • Scandal
  • Awkward
  • The Flash
  • Scorpion
  • The Blacklist
  • The Blacklist Redemption
  • Shooter
  • Catch Me
  • House of Cards
  • Shades of Blue
  • The Blindspot

MOVIES (that I recently watched and fell in love with):

  • Mona Lisa Smile
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Forrest Gump
  • 21
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • The Bucket List
  • Shutter Island
  • The Man Who Knew Infinity
  • A Brilliant Young Mind
  • Argo
  • Eagle Eye
  • Deja Vu
  • Mr Nobody
  • Memento
  • The Basketball Diaries
  • Highstrung

You’re welcome. :-)

It always baffles me when people think Integra is a man….

Manga showed her as a little girl in a skirt in the first volume!

Hellsing ultimate, same thing, little girl in a skirt when you first see her.

T.V series. “Oh my god becky, look at her bust.”

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Since I'm a major Sam girl, I feel like what Sam would do is try talking to you first. "What's wrong?" "Why do you feel that way?" And then once he knows, he uses your favorite thing to do to make you feel better. And you have this urge to WANT to feel better but you feel in your gut that nothing can. So Sam will go out of his way and maybe buy your favorite candy or maybe the t.v. series that you seem to always binge watch on Netflix. When he comes back home, you're sad and slouched on the +

+ couch. So he will put on your favorite show and make some popcorn and bring it to his room along with the candy that you had no idea that he bought. He’ll approach you slowly, and let you know there’s a little surprise in his room. You slightly smile at him because he’s such a sweetheart, and you walk into his room and hear the theme song to your show! It did lift your spirits a little and it was the thought of the nice gesture that was making you happy again. So you turn to him and hug him +

+ Because you knew he didn’t have to do this for you, but he did. He tells you to sit on your bed and close your eyes, and you think it’s a little silly at first but you comply anyway. He tells you to reach your hand out and he softly places your favorite candy in yours hands. You open your eyes and he’s smiling wide at you. He’s hoping with all his heart that what he did made you happen again. He hated seeing you down. The both of you get comfortable on his bed and he softly grabs you towards+

+him, allowing you to lean into his side and rest your head in between his shoulder and chest. He’s so warm and the bunker is usually cold, but with him beside you, you didn’t even notice. You eat your candy and the both of you binge watch your show, you even got Sam addicted to it! Afterwards, you’re happy again and talking and all smiles, thankful to have Sam in your life :)

this is incredibly sweet. thank you ♥️

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So do you think they should make a t.v series on the marauders and cast ben as sirius, amdrew as remus, aaron Johnson as james(difficult though) and i don't know about peter maybe they should just show a rat named peter (i fucking hate him). I know the t.v. Series would be fun but it probably will ruin the way we see the marauders(because j.k always finds a way to ruin something /no hate on her tho!)

i always say i waaaant a marauders era series on netflix, but if it actually happened i would probably hate it. or at least be disappointed.

i actually like that we’re able to just use our imaginations and make amazing stories / headcanons about the marauders given so little canon information haha. i feel like how i interpret them won’t be the same as how someone else (the writers, jk rowling, etc.) does and the show will just limit my creative liberties with the characters.

but if this does happen and jk half-asses them with bullshit characterization and makes them do things they’d never do (like she did in cursed child) … i’d probably riot. i’m already not a fan of her. soooo. yikes.

let’s be real. the only plus side would be more gifs to use for ‘x reader’ fanfics.

disclaimer: i do see the appeal for a tv series though. wolfstar and jily and regulus and more backstories and WOOHOO !!! but still. to me, what we have is enough. and i’m so happy and proud of our immensely creative, talented marauders fandom for using what little we have and making amazing things out of it. :) x fia

anonymous asked:

what would you choose reading or watching movies/t.v series? :)

it’s like making me choose between water and oxygen



do not make me choose

Would you like to swap packages?

Hello, my name is Ray. I’m a girl, 18 from Michigan USA.

I’m interested in making international package swaps with the following countries

  • UK/Ireland
  • Mexico
  • All Asian countries
  • Sweden,France,New Zealand, Germany,Poland.

My interests - music, baking/cooking, learning languages (I speak 3) , writing, t.v series.  

Likes - Music of all kinds, being humorous, trading and writing letters. As far as candy I will eat any kind; sour, sweet, spicy.

I would like to exchange things such as food/candy and possibly letters to build my tumblr page and experience world cultures. I want to try candies from different countries so i’m excited to see who will join me in a swap. If you are from another country, you are also welcome. 

I have the following pages for contact
Email- silverrose215 @ gmail. com

Have a nice day x

That time when Facebook reminds you you posted about @maggie-stiefvater ’s The Raven Boys getting its rights sold before the book even came out.

This was such an incredible announcement and I’m just as excited now as I was then, even if it has gone from movie to t.v. series instead.

Damn. I’ve been in this fandom for such a long time. Ugh. I love it.

Original article can be read here: