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I found a good meme and thought “but what if borrowers.” I was gonna add a smol boi but the editing app I was using didn’t have skin tones and I didn’t want him to look like Trump. High class tinies tho.

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how devastated would churchill be if either alfred or arthur was into somebody else

Oh he be heartbroken. Actually during the either the Tehran Conference for the Yalta one (I can’t remember off the top of my head which) Roosevelt purposely ignored Winston and would side with Stalin in many talks In hopes to get Stalin to warm up to him. (He knew Winston loved him so his diplomatic relationship with the UK was pretty much in the bag. Stalin needed to be wooed.)  

So I can see FDR telling America to make nice with Russia and ignore England in hopes to win over Stalin and all Winston sees is his bestie shipping RUSAME and feeling the ultimate betrayal lol. 

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Hi, I'm fairly new to the g/t community and didn't know if you knew of any sfw g/t fluff I could read anywhere? I love to read and would love to find some g/t content!

Hmm, I know of a few people who write SFW fluff such as @bittykimmy, @lassie-magic-bean, and @neonthewrite, but if anyone here writes SFW g/t fluff please chime in! The more the merrier!

ok shit but like

king of attolia is fucking intense

you’d think i’d know that, considering i’ve read it like five times, but guys

everything about the assassination attempt! from costis’s realization in the hound court, to his sprint into the gardens, the split-second where the king is laughing and you think maybe everything’s ok but then the assassin steps into view and then blood! bodies! death! the king’s actually still ok except shit there’s so much blood and don’t forget Ten Gold Cups, “wrong arm dear”, costis looking into gen’s eyes and going oh fuck i’d die for him wouldn’t i, top it all off with a funny scene while Costis knocks over a baron and one Oh Damn Kiss™ and then it’s back to intense worrying while gen’s injuries are looked at

there are so many emotions and i can’t handle it



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Reasons I recommend BOTW:
  • Fully open-world
  • Super fun/borderline addictive
  • Rupees actually feel like they have value
  • You can tame wild horses
  • You can cook your own delicious healing items
  • Explore at whatever pace you like
  • Side quests
  • Puzzle-solving typical of Zelda
  • Like 100 other things I can’t name off the top of my head

Reasons I don’t recommend BOTW:

  • You can’t pet the doggo

So I dunno, guys. It’s pretty close.


Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst looking pretty & patriotic in the Reek Havoc Tee Dress and Black Ball Hi SF.

Photos: Ceciliaio Alejandra

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When did Mystogan join the guild vs Cana? I can’t remember off the top of my head when he joined, I know she did as a kid. I bet she got curious one day (probs after he did his sleep trick because damn it she was so winning that game against Macao) and looked him up with her cards, figured out something weird was up. 

They would be perfect though?? She helps him keep the secret and keeps him updated on guild stuff aka when phantom lord started stirring up drama. He gets to relax a little around her because he doesn’t have to hide and eventually gives her the whole story. When she confesses about Gildarts, he just tries to help her. When the S-Class exams come around, he helps her train prior to it. He disappears on missions for a while and she keeps track of him via the cards. Just a secret everything, but it’s nice to have a secret to share with someone for once?? 


I was tagged by @froschkuss to do this like…oh five days ago but I haven’t eaten or slept much or had time to do anything that’s not bakery or school so this is me just now getting to it.

Find 5 pics I’m proud of…and none of them are of rhyn and cullen together so that’s a sign of things to work on.

Honestly 20′s Scott is only there because those hands turned out hella nice.

So now to tag my art hoes:

@captainceranna, @martini-september, @levaas and I have other art hoes but I swear my brain is so fried i can’t remember off the top of my head. But yea if you guys did it already, great if not yay!

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i remember seeing a door labeled lift at the end of chapter two?

I don’t remember off the top of my head, but I can check later today. It wouldn’t surprise me - the additional rooms behind the boards in Chapter 1 suggest that we’re going to go back up into that area soon.

James Norton plays doting dad in Grantchester
Rev Canon Sidney Chambers, takes on the role of surrogate doting father to the daughter of his on-off sweetheart Amanda in the new series of Grantchester.

Some citates.

There are plenty of Athena poster type moments with James and the baby which people will love,’ giggles Morven Christie who plays Amanda in the hit detective show, referring to the famous 1986 poster that adorned 5 million British walls showing a male model cuddling a newborn. ‘He doesn’t quite have his top off but there’s lots to look at.’

I guess that Morven says about this image:

His appearance in the BBC’s epic War And Peace adaptation last year has since made him a bona fide star on both sides of the Atlantic.

But when we meet in what appears to be a broom cupboard on the set of the show, which is filmed in the real Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester, James is refreshingly humble. Actually he’s a total sweetheart.

I love this show and I’m so pleased to be back in it,’ he says of the series, which is based on the Grantchester Mysteries books by James Runcie, the son of the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

The vocation is such an odd thing for a modern audience, including myself, to get my head around,’ he says.

At school some of our teachers were monks who’d lived such extraordinary lives – one had been in a heavy metal band and another spoke five languages – and even then I found it hard to understand. But I’ve always had a lot of respect for it.

‘The idea of faith isn’t really explored any more on television; now the only real representations of it are either comic or sinister with exorcisms and weird culty things. But so many people have faith and I enjoy showing that.

‘Sidney has a pure and simple faith. He doesn’t make it funny or dark in any twisted away. He’s a hero and has a faith and there are lots of good people out there who are the same, so I’m proud to play him.

‘When we first start the series Amanda and Sidney aren’t really dealing with the elephant in the room. It’s four months since Amanda had her baby, Grace, and Sidney’s very much a father-figure for her.

'He loves kids and being with Grace has brought out his broody side. I can empathise a lot with that – I know how he feels. We’re working with twins who take it in turns to play Grace and they’re heavenly.

‘Amanda senses that he’s enjoying it and that only adds to the confusion. As they get in deeper and deeper, Sidney’s then forced to make a choice. If Amanda divorces her husband Guy she can’t have a relationship with Sidney unless he leaves the church, so there’s this duty-versus-love conflict.’

Morven Christie, who recently found acclaim playing a very different mother in thriller The Replacement, says Sidney isn’t the only one who has to make a decision: ‘It’s a battle between love and duty for both of them.

'Her number one priority has to be her daughter and she begins to put pressure on Sidney because she can’t have him coming and going from their lives. She wants to be with him; but in the end she has to say to him, “You’re either in or out, because I need stability.”’

James and Robson have become close friends on and off the screen – although they do bicker over who’s better at golf.

Our two characters have a genuine love for each other,’ says Robson. ‘They have opposing views on lots of things but they also have this inherent need for each other. And there’s a real osmosis between James and me.

'We understand how each other works and although we come from very different backgrounds we think alike.’

Robson, a heart-throb himself in his Soldier Soldier days and still a trim 52-year-old today, says he wouldn’t dare give James any advice about the best way to cope with adoring fans.

‘When he’s asked me I’ve said, “You’re asking the wrong person, I’ve never experienced what you’re going to experience.” He’s so hard-working and talented. He doesn’t have a bad day and he’s lovely to work with. James is going to fly.’

Production of this series started later in the year than usual (which sadly meant it was too cold for more swimming scenes) because of James’s heavy work schedule. After War And Peace and Happy Valley he made a film called Hampstead with Diane Keaton which is due for release in June.

Then came a new version of the Kiefer Sutherland film Flatliners in Toronto. When that finished he got off the plane and went straight into this series of Grantchester, then ten days after finishing it he started filming new BBC drama McMafia about the son of Russian gangsters.

All of which means next to no time to relax with his actress girlfriend Jessie Buckley, who played his sister Marya in War And Peace. ‘My head was still in America when we first started filming so it’s not ideal, but it’s a great problem to have,’ says the 31-year-old actor.

‘I’ve got a lot of projects on the go which is amazing and I would never complain but I’d love a bit of breathing space. I think you need to have a normal life as well.

‘When you’re in a job like this you don’t live a normal life. You get driven in and out of work. I do try and live a normal life so that I can feel the parts I’m playing. I did ask if I could cycle in to work on Grantchester but they wouldn’t let me because of insurance.’

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Voltron prompts!

Hey, guys. So, the last fic I posted got a fantastic reception (I kinda cried a little), and while I am planning to write that interlude (and maybe some more Klance after Lance wakes up), I’d love for some more prompts! I especially like whump prompts, injury, illness, etc…. If you need ideas, try @taylor-tut
@beloved-whumpage @ya-nurse @whumpdump @illesty @stephaniebithell @lovelylangst and a whole slew of others who I can’t name off the top of my head. Sorry!

Looking For Internet Friends

Hi, I’m Brit. I’m 17 and from the US.

I only speak English. I’ve been learning Japanese since preschool, but that’s never stuck in my head. I really want to (and plan to) learn Korean and Chinese. If you could teach me one of those, I’d love you forever.

Interests: All Time Low, the 1975, I listen to a little of P!ATD. I’m also kpop trash. My favorite groups are BigBang, Exo, Super Junior, and Shinee, Zion.T, Gary. I listen to a few other things that I can’t think off the top of my head.

I also love older movies and tv shows that I grew up watching. I really wish I was born in the 90’s. 

I love photography and filmmaking and hope to go into one of those in the future. I also love traveling and hope to travel more later on.

I also really want to start a youtube channel, but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Likes (in a friend): I’m a bit salty sometimes, so I’m looking for someone who can handle it and someone to be salty with. I’m looking for someone I can have a long term friendship with, please only message me if in you’re in for the long run. I want someone who I can have deep and random conversations with. I’m a little shy and awkward, sometimes I don’t know what to say, but once we get closer, that shell will be gone.

Dislikes (in a friend): Basically just anyone who’s super judgemental or anything like that.

Ages: 16-18 (I could consider 19)

P.S. I can’t send mail, so communication would be messaging each other and other social media platforms when we get closer.

Contact: If you’re interested, message me on tumblr @hustlxrs (my profile picture is a boy, but I’m a girl.)