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So our GM is on vacation for a few days and yesterday an angry woman called asking when he was coming back. I told her I didn't remember off the top of my head and couldn't tell her if I did. She asked if I could check the schedule and I repeated that I couldn't tell her. She said she wanted to complain about her customer service and asked for my name. I told her and she said "you're getting a complaint too" and hung up. I did nothing wrong and my coworkers and I just laughed about it

things we know about hunk canonically that aren’t food jokes:

  • got into the garrison which is the top space program in vld verse for earth and got in as an engineer
  • is super smart. built the tracker for the blue lion in s1
  • empathetic. forged thru his own debilitating anxiety about being dragged into a war to help save the balmerans. also suggests he has a strong sense of morality
  • described as the ‘friendliest and kindest member of the team’ according to his wikia
  • also the strongest of the team after allura
  • has learned how to pilot the yellow lion despite not being a pilot or training for it holy shit
  • headstrong and not scared to stand up for his own opinion. immediately caught onto rolo and nyma being suspicious and spoke up about it despite the rest of the team wanting to be friendly w them. won’t just go w the flow and will call bullshit 
  • the above also implies a v good sense of character and judgement from hunk and that’s he’s v good at reading ppl in general 
  • is the most realistic. points out dangers in certain scenarios and probably has his head on the straightest after shiro
  • a v quick study and good marksman! his aim w his bayard is probably best after lance’s 
  • probably v well versed in xenobiology bc he can?? make human tasting food?? out of alien food?? magic man
  • canonically a badass engineer who can figure out advanced alien tech and work w it despite it being lightyears ahead of what earth tech he had access to before
  • incredibly loyal. wanted to be the leader w yellow as his lion instead of the actual black paladin
  • does actually have a wicked sense of humor and is quite goofy himself
  • reads ppl’s diaries, would not want to cross
  • a good diplomat seeing as he (+lance) were able to make negotiations w alien leaders w/o allura being there in s3
  • wants to make the mice a mouse shower??? wow!!!
  • values his teammates a lot 

 please feel free to add!


I found a good meme and thought “but what if borrowers.” I was gonna add a smol boi but the editing app I was using didn’t have skin tones and I didn’t want him to look like Trump. High class tinies tho.

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hey do u have any sources about where the MOGAI community came from? i heard it was created by NB ppl who felt excluded from the LGBT+ community and if thats true i dont want to hear the word "MOGAI" come out of cis LGBP ppls mouths given that theyre the ones who do most of the excluding anyways but i dont have any sources

I don’t off the top of my head so I’m gonna open this for followers who know more about this :)

Mod Bethany

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Pleaseeeeeee give us more stories, I'd never heard of that one oml

Hi yes thank you someone to share my love of Judy Garland with; I love her with all my heart. Here are some more fun stories I have read from some valid sources:

. Whilst staying at a hotel, all of the guests on her floor that had ordered to get their shoes serviced left them outside of their doors. Judy swapped them all around so everyone would get someone else’s shoes.

. When staying at Las Campanas, she took a late night stroll across the lawn, where she felt something continually tugging at and tripping her feet. The sensation terrified her, sure she had gone mad. In the morning she looked out and saw that the grass was pockmarked with croquet wickets and she had been falling over them.

. Judy used to give Debbie Reynolds rides to work at MGM.

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You know how people expect you to be an expert and know EVERY product in the store when 1 isle alone has 2,000 products and you have 16 isles not including meat department and deli area. 🙃🙃🙃🙃fight me, no I don't know off the top of my head about that very specific item you're looking for.


Happy 7th Birthday My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that this is a little bit past my 4th year as a brony, but I haven’t regretted a single second of it. Because of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the amazing people that have created content along with it, I have been blessed with all that it provided me. Out of the show and the community, I have been given great TV + Movies, lots of new friends, a sense of purpose, amazing content in the form of music, videos, art, and more from so many talented bronies, the discovery of my creative side, and more things that I can’t name off the top of my head.

Through this community, I have laughed, made friends, became happier, learned to be a better person, and learned to love life just a little bit more.

I can only hope that through my art among other things, that I have given back to the fandom what I have gotten from it in terms of fun, friendship, and happiness.

Happy 7th anniversary everyone. Friendship is Magic.

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Can you recommend any books that discusses the idea of "alpha dogs" and how it is incorrect?

I can’t off the top of my head. But here is a brief rundown on the science behind the idea of alpha wolves (and dogs). It’s gonna be long so buckle up!

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TFW You’re not sure of your own books canon

Does time have a name that could be learned?

Boy. That’s a really good question. Any question I can’t answer off the top of my head is a good one.

Elodin would probably have a really great reply to this.

My gut response, given about a minute’s thought is that no, it doesn’t. No more than, say, height has a name.

That’s not cannon though. I might be wrong.

-Patrick Rothfuss

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Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst looking pretty & patriotic in the Reek Havoc Tee Dress and Black Ball Hi SF.

Photos: Cecilia Alejandra

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hey matt! do you have any blog recommendations? my dashboard is really slow and i would like for it not to be,, lol

i tried to remember all the most active ones but i follow almost 200 blogs and i love them all so sorry for all those i haven’t mentioned off the top of my head ur all great

@starprincejimin @saltyauntsuga @namjooneh @taejimin @gayhearteyes @jiminvoce   @yconmins @velvethoseok @taegay @rapnamu  @yoonmin-smile @lqsoftie @jiminiminii @jiminrolls  @ktaejin  @slutlingar  @btees @minblush @cowjimin @yoongiski @taetaes @1hyg 

also i like blogs which post updates or fantaken pics like @bangtan @bts-trans @fypjm @fyeahbangtaned @allforbts they usually post 24/7

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What!! I had no idea you wrote costume fairy adventure! I haven't played it myself, but six feats under's play of it was super cool! Good job on your cool game i hope to play someday!

(With reference to this post here.)

I was the lead developer, yeah, but not the sole author. @astrakiseki and @dizzyhmuffin are also major contributors on the writing side - as well as Jye Nicolson, who wrote like 90% of the examples of play and most of the Random Encounters appendix, but I can’t tag them because they don’t have a Tumblr!

(On the art side, contributors include @dizzikitten, @dominodamsel, @fungii, @ittybittypocketrat, @lemonteaflower, @mimiblargh, @mimimariet, @playerprophet, @potentialforart, @princess-frick, @kalkiedoodles, @raveninblue, @syyslilja, @xoves and likely others whose Tumblr handles I can’t recall off the top of my head. Check ‘em out!)

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what are some of your favorite people or characters?

For IRL people: Matty Healy, Troye Sivan, Anthony Kiedis, Michael Balzary Flea, Dodie Clark, and more I can’t remember off the top of my head.

And my buds! Imma tag em: @ghostsweaters , @whirlitzer , @elinciariddellcrimea , @lailah , @heals , @mysticarte , @fluroholographic , @sawfive , @mattmychampion , @cassianvanserra . I love you all sm! 

For fictional characters: My mutuals’ ocs. They are my ultimate comfort characters :3

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hi, i was wondering if you could recommend me some blogs.. thanks!!

i can indeed, these people are a few of my favs, and they all have beautiful content and are just lovely people

@antiriko, @minyardx, @aelin, @cowboyneils, @jeansmoreau, @jostenminyard, @m1nyards, @pipedraems, @ghcstjily, @corpsejily, @vvhymack, @declanlynch, @jostehn, @knoxreau, @karouss, @minyavd@kevinday, @danwilds, @krvm, and so many more that i just can’t list off the top of my head!


An anon asked if I had any RT merch and if they could see it. But my phone needs to charge so I could only get pics of the posters I currently have. Not shown are all my shirts (Mainly RvB and AH), my Jaune and Pyrrha chibi figures I got from blind boxes, my XaV blanket, my ORF plush, my Caboose -1 hoodie and hat, and a ton of other stuff I can’t list off the top of my head and am probably forgetting.

I really need to add some Camp Camp merch to the mix soon.