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I haven’t seen anyone talk about this little motion yet but I remember this standing out to me the first time I saw the episode. It’s not uncommon to see a character in anime that’s excited bend down to be eye level (or under eye level) with someone they’re talking to but the thing about this scene that makes it more rare is the fact that’s it’s also a side lean. I’m not saying this is the first time it’s been done but I can’t off the top of my head think of a male character that I have seen do this excitable side lean in my recent watchings. This motion seems to be usually more reserved for female characters so I remember thinking “cheers to the creative crew for showing that their characters can do whatever they want without it somehow being a “feminine” or “masculine” trope!” or something along those lines. :D Just wanted to get that out there because I adore this scene and Victor’s innocent excitement is a joy to witness.

“Everything I do is for you...”

Can we talk about this quote?? Just when I think Barry Allen can’t top himself in the off the cuff ‘wedding vow’ department he proves me wrong every single time.

I’m a sucker for a good love declaration so it doesn’t take much to make me happy but there was something about this one that was like a kick to the gut–in the best way possible. It’s one thing to say, “I’d do anything for you.” because that’s a HUGE declaration but it’s another thing entirely to say “Everything I do is for you.”

That’s all she wrote. There is not coming back from that. That’s the whole kit & caboodle. It’s a wrap.

To Barry, she is everything. Making her happy and keeping her safe are his priorities because SHE is his #1 priority. She comes before everyone else in his eyes and we’re seeing more and more of it as the weeks go by. They’re adorable together and you can literally feel the love emanating off of him when he looks at her. The smile he gets on his face when he listens to her talk or right before he kisses her is so wide it shocks me that it doesn’t crack his face. I love how light and happy he is with her. He literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders but coaxing one smile out of Iris is enough to make him feel like the luckiest had happiest person in the world.  

He is so in love with Iris West and he’s not afraid to show it. And I can’t say enough how important it is to see a black woman on television be loved. Not just loved but adored and prioritized first. Her life matters, her safety matters, her mental well-being matters. She matters.


I think one of the most exciting updates is the furniture moving process!! loved the controls of HHD moving, and while there are differences in the updates and HHD, overall it’s great. I love being able to see what I can and can’t put stuff on top of (FINALLY get to put stuff on that kitchen island!!) and I don’t think the astro TV was stackable before? maybe I’m wrong I don’t remember off the top of my head but I love finding new stuff to stack in my home

Learning To Love // l.h

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Pairing: Luke x Reader

WARNING: Body issues, swearing and self-hatred

Description: When the times of insecurity comes rushing over Y/N, Luke will be there to help her love herself.

“Have I told you how perfect you are?” Luke whispered in your, kissing your jaw. His lips moved slowly to your lips, attaching to your mouth like a magnet attracted to the other. His tongue swirled as his lips moved perfectly against yours.

You didn’t answer him. You didn’t feel perfect. How could you be perfect? Having dinner with Calum and his supermodel girlfriend didn’t help with your confidence. As Luke gently pushed you up against a wall while his hands were moving under your shirt. As his cold fingers touched your skin, you took his hands in yours, holding hands with him and making sure he couldn’t take your top off. Gosh, you felt fat. The food you had eaten made you gain ten pounds at least, you were sure of that. As Luke kissed you, the thoughts were rambling into each other. Why didn’t you have a perfect, supermodel body like Cal’s girlfriend? While you were munching away on your food, she would laugh at every joke and eat her salad like a princess. Fuck her.

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This is a shoutout to all of my ace-spec mlm! This includes:

  • Grey-ace mlm
  • Fraysexual mlm
  • Demisexual mlm
  • Lithosexual mlm
  • Cupiosexual mlm
  • Apothosexual mlm
  • Quiosexual mlm

And the so many others I can’t remember off the top of my head. I would love to make this longer, so tell me about anything I’ve forgotten!

Who is This Man in the Trailer? (A super fun game invented by me at 2AM)

After watching the new trailer about 1,000 times (mainly because the clips move so fast and I want to see all the details) I kept coming back to the bit where John takes the gun from Sherlock.

The clip itself is barely a second. Not even enough for a regular speed GIF. I took a screen shot:

WELL who may this new person be?

Here’s the same frame a bit brighter:

What I get from the image:

1. Older white male

2. NOT Mycroft

3. He’s watching John

4. His slightly hunched position makes me think do doesn’t do legwork 

I don’t, off the top of my head, recognize him. But I did some digging and I found a video from Setlock that @constancecream posted from Southerndown, Wales. (This is when they were filming Moriarty getting off a helicopter on the beach).

Lookie who I found?

Same receding hairline and a similar suit. Could be the same actor, maybe not? 

On the thread from the video @pagimag shared a link to a set of photos off tumblr from that day’s Setlock. Specifically, this photo. And I found this photo, this photo from a different angle than the video screenshot. I’m not posting it directly, so please take a look on flickr.  

I don’t think anyone ever put a face to a name with this actor, and looking back through the list of confirmed actors I could not find anyone fitting this description. There was also this photo of a different actor (going off of hair and costume) in a military looking suit. His hair looks slightly more unkempt/longer than the first actor, so I believe it’s two different people (not the same actor in a different outfit). 

Even if we don’t have a name, this guy is clearly working with Moriarty. Rendezvous on a beach? Goon squad assembled? Yeah, probably not a good guy. 

Tagging a bunch cause maybe someone has info on this guy that I couldn’t find? under the cut

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Holy Shit

Sit the heckle down right now because I’m gonna learn u a thing I just realized like two minutes ago. You know that actor Milo Ventimiglia? He’s that one actor that played in Heroes and other things I can’t name off the top of my head? WELL GUESS WHAT??? 




I mean like I love Milo and I love shitty and I’m screaming??? How is this so perfect holy shit???

I was seriously touched by Mon-el and Kara getting together. they both apologized for their recent actions. Mon-el was genuinely humble. so many great things that I can’t remember off the top of my head but yeah. not the best-written romance in the world but it has its moments and those moments are great

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Which comic is the one where Scarecrow screams "NYAAA!"?

Can you show me the panel? If I saw that then I’d probably know. I can’t remember off the top of my head though. I searched though several of my comics in an attempt to find this, because I vaguely recall what you’re talking about, but most of the time his screams are variations of hroo hraa.

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I really wanna meditate, but have such a hard time because my mind wanders so much. If you don't have any experience with this, do you perhaps know any witches with ADD or ADHD that I might get some advice from? Thanks!

I don’t off the top of my head, but maybe one of the ADD or ADHD witches can come forward with some tips!

The Iwadotai Grand Tour |Closed|

@killjxydxtxctivx (Naoto)

It was just another typical day in Tatsumi Port Island and Minato was wandering around the Iwadotai Strip Mall thinking what to do now that school was over for the day. There were lots of things he had in mind, he could go to Wild Duck Burger and have a little bit of an early supper, or he could do that at Hagakure or Wakatsu. If there was a place he wanted to go more, it would be Umiushi the famous beef bowl shop but unfortunately, it was full today so he would have to settle for something else, 

About ten minutes had passed and the fool was still unsure of what to do, all his previous options didn’t seem to be worth it anymore so he was debating now if he should go back to the dorm or not. After taking some time to think over his decision he ended up choosing to return to the dorm and perhaps g out again later. Just as he was about to turn around and leave he spotted someone unfamiliar at the Iwadotai Station. It appeared to be a person wearing a blue detective’s cap with a casual attire to go with it.

They looked to be lost and unsure of where they were right now, so without anything better to do the foo shrugged to himself and casually make his way to that person with his hands stuffed in his pants pockets. As he drew closer this person seemed to have a more feminine appeal even though from afar seemingly looking like a boy but he was pretty sure this individual was a girl around his age.

[{🎧}] - “Hey there, I couldn’t help but notice you seemed like you were lost. Is there anything I can help you with? He asked tilting his head to the side.

Going through my old dvdrips and I finally remembered this little hidden gem from 2010: a CN original movie called Firebreather (adapted from an Image comic of the same name)

It’s about a half-human/half-Kaiju kid who wrestles with being human vs monster, don’t ask how his Kaiju dad and his human mom did the do (this might have even been lampshaded in the movie, I don’t remember off the top of my head), and it’s basically 50% high school drama, 50% military vs Kaiju. It was really predictable and trope-y, but the animation was downright SICK. And it should be, since PETER FUCKING CHUNG directed it!

I wanted to post a longer vid, but tumblr’s limit is 100 MB and I couldn’t shave the whole thing down below that, so I think I’ll just post 2 separate clips

But yeah, I think if I ever get around to hosting a cartoon stream again, we should check this one out!


Should I buy this and use it as my Pokémon trainer outfit when Pokémon Go comes out?

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(haha this one is personal, I've actually asked this on two blogs, one didn't give but like one line, and the other never answered ;w; but I love your blog so I think you'd be good at working with this!) How would Big Bad Guzma react to a girlfriend who has to suck a pacifer to sleep, during anxiety or just randomly. Got any fluffy ideas? ❤ (I hope tumblr didn't cut off the top half I can't see it? oh well!)

I’ve heard of these things, yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll get ya, hope I did this well enough. (Also, Big Bad Guzma? Everyone knows he’s a pushover :P)

-He first discovered this when he came to bed late, after a day of training with Golisopod. He was confused, but decided to just slip in next to you to sleep. The next day, he asked you about it, and a quick explanation helped him understand everything.

-Since that day, he’s been the one to take care of your pacifiers, keeping them clean and germ-free. He even went out and got you a special one with the Team Skull logo on it, and was a bit embarrassed to give it to you, thinking that it was corny or cheesy.

-After a moment of public ridicule, where Guzma was *this* close to going off on someone that poked fun at you, he made every Grunt use a pacifier whenever they were out and about with the two of you, in order to deter anyone deciding to be rude. The Grunts wear them under their bandanas.

~Mod Sun

honestly i didn’t realize taylor was still on tumblr i kinda assumed that she disappeared again after the music video dropped and now i’m kinda embarrassed because like while i can’t think off the top of my head of anything super embarrassing that i’ve posted recently i’m sure there’s something

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I looked around but I couldn't find any mention of Donald Trump beyond that episode. Help?

ack I don’t remember off the top of my head, other than in some photo montage there was a pic of Dick Roman shaking hands with him… 

AAH RIGHT! In 7.20, the Leviathan Tablet was flown in on Donald Trump’s private jet. He was in on the whole Leviathan Tablet deal… the implication being BECAUSE HE WAS ONE OF THEM.