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All I Need Is A Whisper: Chapter 3

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Description: “Why would someone transfer colleges their senior year? It’s sketchy.” Stiles asks Scott.

“I don’t know, but I like her,” Scott says while walking to the jeep. “And I think you do too.”

Stiles looks at Scott incredulously, “Sorry Scott, I’m not into spawns of Satan,” Stiles says. “Plus I have a girlfriend,” Stiles adds as an afterthought. Stiles was going to figure out the mysteriously evil, redheaded goddesses’s secrets no matter what the cost.

Or when Lydia transfers colleges her Senior year for reasons, and Stiles and Lydia hate each other (or do they?)

Rating: T

Genre: College!AU, Strangers!AU, Thriller

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“How they would spend Halloween with you...”


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You were very consistent in reminding Sherlock how close it was to Halloween, your excitement prompting him to form a secret plan for you on Halloween. Starting at midnight, he took you out to the scenes of murder cases he was unable to solve, the mystery behind it heightening the spookiness as the night grew colder with every place he took you. Of course, he didn’t miss a single opportunity to jump out at you from a shadowed corner, causing a small scream to echo down the empty streets followed by muffled laughter. It’s safe to say that that was the night you saw Sherlock loosen up, finally coming undone from his strict persona.

(I might make that into a fic)


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You and John would finally get a break from running around the streets of London solving real life horrors, deciding to relax and cuddle on the sofa. Obviously, thrillers didn’t scare you half as much as they used to -thanks to Sherlock dragging you to every crime scene- but that isn’t the same for horror films and their jump scares. Every time the supernatural figure jumped out on the screen the two of you jolted on the sofa, odd yelps leaving Johns lips as he tightened his arms around you. The film night, unsurprisingly, ended with the two of you glued to the sofa, refusing to move until every room in the house was checked for a demon or ghost.


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Liking to show you off, Jim held one of the largest Halloween parties you had ever scene, his masterminded friends joining in scary costumes of all sorts. Jim, of course, wanted to see you in the most revealing costume -to your dismay- but when asked about his costume he simply chuckled, “Sweetheart, I don’t need to dress up I am fucking terrifying.” But with some major convincing, you dressed up as a police woman, teasingly arresting your criminal boyfriend (who found the costume particularly exciting). The costume didn’t stay on for long before the handcuffs on your costume lead to a more eventful time.


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Mycroft wasn’t one to celebrate any holidays but with a girlfriend who was very enthusiastic about Halloween, this one year he made an effort. He took you to an escape room, where the two of you had to solve horror themed puzzles to escape the confined space. His patience didn’t last very long when you kept insisting it would have been easier with Sherlock there, making him try his hardest to solve the puzzle. In the end, he ended up having more fun than he expected but when the two of you settled down that evening he knew he was in trouble when you turned to him, “It’s Christmas soon!” Not again. 

look, real talk, here is why you make a World of Darkness Cinematic Universe

because it allows you to make a cinematic universe out of something other than high-budget, special-effects-laden action movies

Vampire: the Requiem (okay yeah it would be Masquerade but let me have my fun) doesn’t want to be an Underworld movie – it wants to be a conspiracy/political thriller about a neonate unravelling the tangled web of undead power

Werewolf: the Forsaken is one of those high-status series about a driven alpha male character and how he destroys and sacrifices everything in pursuit of his goals, only a movie, and the alpha male is a werewolf

Changeling is a paranoia-driven “who can you trust, what is real and what isn’t” thriller trying to figure out who’s secretly serving the Gentry


(you can’t do Mage without heavy modification because it breaks and/or invalidates everything else in the universe. everyone else’s struggles don’t matter and their questions have definitive answers.)

Sector 6: Chapter 1 - Welcome To The FBI

Submitted by: chasechick

Description: Stiles was selected to be part of a very selective internship program with the FBI. When he finds out the only reason he was recruited was because of his connection with the Supernatural a series of events unfolds that can’t be undone. Sector 6 is a special unit within the FBI tasked with the identification and eradication of all things supernatural. They have state of the art weapons and use brutal tactics to achieve their agenda. Can Stiles warn Scott and his friends in time? Can he rescue Lydia before she is taken? This is the story of what happens when the predator becomes the prey.

Rating: T

Genre: Action, Thriller, Established Relationship

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Rules: List the top 5-10 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag people

in no particular order:

1. Brain - BANKS

2. Drain You - Nirvana

3. I Revenge - MXMS (great music video btw)

4. Creature Comfort - Arcade Fire

5. What Makes a Man - City and Colour

6. Two-Headed Boy pt. 2 - Neutral Milk Hotel 

7. There Is a Cure - Timber Timbre

8. Barricade - Stars

9. Cardinal Song - The National

10. Can’t Get Enough - Thrillers

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

I suppose technically it’s already Saturday morning, but I’m writing this before falling into bed on Friday night, so I’m classing it as Friday still.

I took Miss 17 to see “IT” at the cinema this evening - the movie version of Stephen King’s famous book. I’ve never read the book, and I never saw the TV mini series back in the day, so the story was entirely new for both of us.

Holy shit it scared me. Thinking back, I can’t remember seeing a thriller or horror movie at the cinema before - I usually only make it to the big screen for fantasy or science fiction movies. Miss 17 thought it tremendously amusing that I almost left my seat at one point (Pennywise appearance in the bathroom scene, if you are wondering) - I decided not to recall her attempts to crawl into the back of her seat during more than one scene.

Let’s avoid doing a capsule review, and just say the movie was great, and has given me a fresh appreciation of how much a good cinema adds to the experience of seeing a good movie. Let’s not talk about the assholes you have to share the cinema with though.

Oh. My. God. Why do some people bother paying to see a movie? Why would you pay, and then turn up ten minutes into the movie? Why would you get up to go to the toilet twenty minutes in? Do you have the bladder of a small baby? Several people missed pivotal sections of the movie, and would have no idea what the hell was going on later. Like I said - why spend the money if you’re going to wreck the movie for yourself? Why not just wait for the DVD?

Getting back to the movie, I think a part of my affinity for it was based on the era it is set (which differs from the book, apparently). The kids the story centres around are about 13 or 14 years old in 1988. I was 13 or 14 in 1988. They could have been me.