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Pod People Poster
My next poster design in the “So-Bad-It’s-Good” movie series. For sale on my Society6 page: https://society6.com/product/pod-people-poster_print#s6-6919879p4a1v1

Feel free to share/reblog but please don’t steal or alter the art in any way. Thanks!


I cleaned my G. porteri’s enclosure and gave her fresh substrate today. It wasn’t really necessary, but wasn’t too much of a hassle. She’s had the same dirt for two years which isn’t a big deal– spot cleaning is usually more than enough to keep an enclosure tidy. If she was a P. murinus I would have never bothered, but she’s slow and docile and I had a fresh bag of coir and didn’t care for the top soil I used originally. It’s also more lively with some sphagnum moss and fake flowers added in.