t tempo

Eu queria ser uma cigana

brincar com a sorte, rir do destino, caminhar sem rumo só com a roupa do corpo. Não ter tanto medo do mundo, do futuro, da noite. Eu temo a escuridão, mas fecho os olhos e ela está aqui dentro de mim, faz parte do meu ser. Sou parte de toda a natureza, sou parte de tudo que vejo até de olhos fechados, até da imensidão que eu não posso tocar. Eu queria viver os meus sonhos como em uma dança ao ar livre, sem coreografia. Eu olho o horizonte distante e me sinto infinita, sinto o gosto da liberdade dançar na minha língua, muito distante mas sinto. Eu não queria ser tão presa, eu entendo a dor de um pássaro na gaiola com as asas mutiladas. Sou um ser rasgado pelo destino, cheio de cicatrizes, de feridas em sangue vivo. Logo eu que nem posso ver sangue, meu corpo desestrutura quando vejo a vida escapando.


Ho scritto un test. Ciò vuol dire che mi annoio molto.

A. Come stai realmente?
B. Sei fidanzata/o?
C. Che rapporto hai coi tuoi genitori?
D. Perché hai scelto il nome che hai per il blog?
E. Cosa pensi delle persone?
F. Orientamento sessuale.
G. Hobby?
H. Che genere di musica ascolti?
I. Come ti chiami?
J. Hai migliori amici?
K. Libro preferito.
L. Un desiderio?
M. 3 aggettivi che ti descrivono.
N. Stagione preferita?
O. Cambieresti qualcosa di te?
P. Possiedi qualche oggetto importante?
Q. Che scuola frequenti?
R. Quand'è il tuo compleanno?
S. Dove vivi?
T. Da quanto tempo sei su Tumblr?
U. Hai rimpianti? Se sì, quali?
V. Un nome importante.
W. Un tuo difetto.
X. Citazione preferita?
Y. Piangi spesso?
Z. Sei felice?

Reasons I love Honeymoon

Himchan breathy vocals

Jongup high notes

The song builds really well, the tempo isn’t too rushed, I’m always craving the next chorus

It’s on trend but not TOO trendy

it sounds definitively like BAP and yet like nothing they’ve ever done

Daehyun and Jongup are bisexual pride, basically

An interesting perspective on death (celebration, rebirth, peace)

All their visuals hit so hard I felt like the computer Yongguk destroyed

Parla di me

e non sputare dove mangiavi

ora che sei esattamente ciò che odiavi,

sarai un rimorso eterno

un amore senza tempo

t'avrei dato anche la luna

se solo l'avessi chiesto.

Vorresti, vorresti fosse che giorno
Forse non cambio in nulla almeno guardati intorno
Intorno a noi terra che scotta non so ci credo,
sarà il sole che entra in casa ma io per noi stravedo.
Per quel che t'interessi il tempo avanza 
e non fai altro che cercare una qualsiasi distanza
Vorrei il tuo tempo per dargli importanza
Vorrei che fosse il giorno più adatto per non sentir la tua mancanza

anonymous asked:

I auditioned for a vocal program which wanted two songs. I previously asked a pianist who said the songs I chose were easy to sight read. At the audition, the accompanist didn't play at the tempo I set, refused to follow me, veered out of key, and generally couldn't play my pieces so I ended up ignoring the backing and singing at the tempo and key that the songs are supposed to be in. Was this the right thing to do? Will the audition panel criticize/penalize me for not following the accompanist?

Well, either the first accompanist misinterpreted the ease of the pieces, or the second accompanist just struggled for whatever reason–wasn’t skilled enough, that style was unfamiliar, etc. At the end of the day, they are evaluating you, not the accompanist, so it’s best to simply lead confidently and perform as if nothing is wrong. Remember, you do have power in leading the tempo, so just be confident in your singing and push forward/pull back as needed. If the accompanist doesn’t follow, then that’s on them… you did what you were supposed to, and the panel should recognize that!

anonymous asked:

Yes but, it shouldn't have to be stated. The only reason he does say it is because you literally died in front of him once. I get he doesn't wanna see it again but he shouldn't have to say it every. Single. Time.

“Look, you think I don’t know that?! I hate it that became a necessity. I don’t want him to say any of those things!”

“I never got a say in any of this! I didn’t chose for Tempo to exist, but I’d never ask for anything else! I didn’t ask for my son to nearly die, and I really didn’t want my only option to be taking his place.”

“I-I do my best, ok? I know it’s not enough, but, I don’t have anything else I can give! No one tells you how to do this, and no one asked my opinion on the matter. Just… Just stop.”

@okamitempo continuation:

“Oh, a wolf is a fluffy animal.” Okami ansered. “Does it lay eggs?” Mer-kami asked. “of course not. Do you lay eggs?” “If I was a female.” Well, Okami’s joke completely fell flat. Umbreon Tempo then looks at Mer-kami. “Hey…do mermaids breed?”

As pointed out, Tempo didn’t get the joke at all, his expression growing ever so blank as he stared at the mermaid he was holding on to. Though with a future mission in mind, he would have to rush things a little quickly. Who knows what may happen?

“I’m sorry to be ever so rushful, but the last time we met someone new, someone attacked. I wouldn’t want to leave the others harmed or defenseless ever again…”

A pain to have within his chest, not a heart attack, but it’s still a pain. Guilt maybe?

some week 1 song/style reactions:

  • frankie and witney foxtrot to sign of the times: i am vvv worried about this. i don’t think is the best way for him to make a first impression
  • nick and peta cha cha to come get it bae: yaaaassss. classic peta song and style for week 1. i am pleased.
  • derek and sharna salsa to basketball: noooooo. this doesn’t sound promising :/ the tempo seems like it will be hard to impress with??
  • jordan and lindsay tango to there’s nothing holdin me back: A++++. very excited for this. i’m surprised they’re giving him tango week 1 though, i think it would have been cool to let him loose
  • vanessa and maks cha cha to woman: at first i was worried about this but that horn section is hottttt. i can see them making a moment out of that. i’m so excited to see what maks does with this.
  • victoria and val to born ready: love love love loveeeeee. gonna be so good.
  • barbara and keo salsa to moneymaker: LMAOOOOOOO oh my god, i’m envisioning a tommy/peta drop it like it’s hot pt. 2 type of deal. A+++ song choice.
  • sasha and gleb to like that: SOOOO excited to see sasha dance to this!! it’s so fast though, i assume they’ll dial that back a bit
  • nikki and artem tango to so what: eh this isn’t my fave choice but i feel like it’s very her so it should be fun