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Red Belt DEMO
Tegan and Sara
Red Belt DEMO

Red Belt (Demo) | Tegan and Sara

My hands are tied up around these words.
I wish you’d call but I know that you’re out tonight.
My ears fill with the sound of you kneeling.
My ears fill with the sound of descent.
My ears fill with the sound of you arching.

“And we’re going to make billions of dollars, and we’re going to buy an island, one of the ones that have unicorns on them. We talk about unicorns a lot because I found out while we were recording the record that I did not understand that unicorns never existed, I just thought they were extinct. And then everybody laughs because everyone’s first thought when they think of a unicorn is the idea that it’s a mythical creature but I didn’t ever think that way. I was just like, it’s a white horse with a horn…”

- Tegan Quin

stank-sinatra  asked:

top 5 tegan songs?

This is just rude????!!! As a T-Teamer I love all her songs but the top few are; Hop A Plane, Frozen, I Know I Know I Know, The Ocean, Don’t Rush, and a bonus; The Cure