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only-boy-group stans are so fucking annoying. ok. we know bts has more views and they may have charted last week and the week after that but that drag wasn’t even about those? we’re not even discrediting their achievements? the main point was that y’all always shit on twice (and any gg) and turn blind to their achievements to glorify bts. why can’t y’all just let us hype up a girl group without you coming in to tell us that what twice has is less than bts’

au where yoongi and jimin are on their first date and jimin playfully guesses yoongi’s favourite colour to be pink (because it’s the colour of his hair) and yoongi just kind of looks at him for a moment and takes in the soft pink of his hair, the natural blush of his cheeks, the tip of his nose which is a lil flushed from the cold, his full rosy lips, and blurts out that yeah, he’s totally right (though in all honesty, yoongi didn’t even have a favourite colour until that very moment).


[TWITTER] 170220 M&H Ent. update

@mnhent_01쨘쨘! 지난 평창 MC 스케줄 후 회사 식구들과 스키를 타고 온 청하! 

  #청하 #김청하 #사실_스키_처음_탐  #빨리배움

Ta-da! After the Pyeongchang MC schedule, Chungha who went skiing with the company staff! 

#Chungha #KimChungha #Honestly_Its_Her_First_Time_Skiing #LearnsQuickly