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“he meets me where i am”

asdfjkl; i’m super late but a few weeks ago @yuuris-piano composed a beautiful song for me here!! TTATT <333 I was so in love with this piece that I knew a drawing wouldn’t suffice?? so I made a little video > v < please check out their compositions!! ;O;;;

I also wanted to thank you guys for 5000 followers > O < or rather, the number doesn’t necessarily matter ;O; I’m super grateful for all the support and love I’ve gotten from everyone asdfjkl; ////// unfortunately, I’m a bit busy at this time of the year, but I hope the video can serve as a thank you ;v;;;;

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14 Days to Go: JLPT Study Plan

There are two weeks to go until the world takes the JLPT exam on December 3rd. If, like me, you’ve avoided the subject until you glanced at your calendar, horrified by the lack of time remaining, then it’s time to get an intense study plan into action! Here are some tips on how to make the most of the next 2 weeks.

① Highlight key study areas for the JLPT

  1. Kanji
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Grammar points
  4. Reading
  5. Listening

Since the sections on your exam are Vocabulary, Reading and Listening, I have pinpointed 5 key areas where study is required. Fortunately, there is no writing aspect in the exam, so learning to write those pesky Kanji is not as important as learning to recognise them (and give their readings!). For a list of useful resources based on the study areas, wait for my next post!

② Set yourself (realistic) goals

By now you are probably aware of how much information you can study in a day and retain long-term - you only have 2 weeks, so you should be realistic about what you can learn in that time. Don’t overdo it because you’ll forget it all!

③ Create a Habit Tracker

This can be done on pen and paper, or in an excel spreadsheet like the one above. According to my layout, I have set my Tasks, Goals (in brackets), and then I fill in the actual number of items completed for that task. If it’s over the goal - it turns green - Yay! This way I can motivate myself to get ‘all greens’, as well as picking up on days where I have not performed to the necessary standard. This will also show whether your goals have been realistic, or if you have to adjust them slightly.

the questions bts is getting really Frustrates me like……. did you even research????? or did you just google bts, go to the first few links, gathered a few facts and just went to interview them??? LIKE,,,,,,,, WHERE’S THE QUALITY????????????? UGH I;m so frustrated bc they’re wonderful people with a wonderful company who are doing so much to help people around them, and that can be said even without including unicef into the narrative, but nobody is bothering to unpack these facts. like, honestly, idc about hollywood and idc which hollywood person bts have a crush on. and i have a feeling they don’t care too. 

i’m laughing my great-great uncle was this really big sports™ guy and there was a ceremony honoring him today but no one in the family knew about it, but there was an article saying ‘members of his family will be in attendance’ and we were all like ‘wtf who??’ and when we put on the news there’s my 14 year old cousin alone on a stage on the news bc he literally forgot to tell his parents about this whole thing 


the new boi and the fully eelproofed tank. all of that egg crate was cut square by square with some tiny handheld wire cutters. my hands are dead.