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aaaAA we reached 1.7k guys, thank you so much for sticking with me :0 to show my thanks, here’s an art raffle! <3


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deadline is APRIL 25th 2017 UTC+07:00 !! good luck & thank you <3

the taako i drew for tory’s fat taako positivity train! stylin and profilin as usual

i wanted to colour it just as a cool down! to switch things up i used a palette like @djelibaebi​ used for this taako design (a personal fave)! i hope that’s ok! go check out their beautiful taako design and all of their other taz art, it’s very worth your time! 

So, I know a lot of people are attached to Marinette being the ‘tiny but can pick you up and toss you in the nearest dumpster’ type when she’s an adult. And I do love it. I mean, her mom is pretty tiny

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Mari’s past her mom’s height at, what, 15? So yeah, she might not grow much more, if at all. But consider this:

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Imagine her growing a lot more, closer to her dad’s height(Probably not exatly, but still). Imagine Tol Marinette. Imagine the intimidation from tall, hella shredded, Ladybug. 

“but what abut the Tol&Smol Adrienette dynamic????”

You know what I love more than Tol&Smol? Tol&’holy-fuck-are-you-part-giant?’Tol! 6′ Marinette with a 6′5″(or more) Adrien. 6′ Ladybug and 6′5″ Chat Noir, ready to kick your ass just by looking fabulously intimidating! Both of them towering over their friends, and buying a house that is too tall for their friends(seriously, Alya has to climb the counters if she wants cereal in the morning.)