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Ayahina is one of those ships where they done the "bad boy x good girl" right without the expense of either ayato or hinami's character. I mean, the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear the name hinami is either her parents, kaneki&touka or her chimera kagune; with ayato it's his sister, father or aogiri, not who they're shipped with. They're healthy, they have agency and they barely leave place for somebody's self insertion.

Personally I feel that the bad boy x good girl trope doesn’t actually represent them? I see a lot of antis criticizing them for this actually. That this ship is toxic because of this trope, or that it’s cliched and boring. 

But it’s a very superficial interpretation of their characters, in my opinion. Because the trope tend to focus on the idea of the good girl ‘saving’ the boy from falling into whatever he is and in turn she gets the thrill and excitement from engaging in things she normally doesn’t (among other things)– which isn’t Ayahina at all. Like, Hinami might have influenced him into changing for the better but she’s not the only influence, she’s only one of them (with Sachi and Kaneki being the others)– not to mention, unlike Sachi and Kaneki, there isn’t concrete evidence proving she helped in mellowing him down, though it still is a high probability. When she met him, he had already changed a little– I wrote once about how her meeting with him is similar to the conversation he had with Kaneki, and unlike the case with Kaneki, he didn’t physically hurt her despite her mentioning Touka and calling him Ayato-kun like Kaneki did. And she doesn’t like him because of his ‘bad boy’ appearance and behaviour, she’s close to him because he’s recognizable as Touka’s brother, because he’s there to support her and because he looks out for her. They’re just two lonely kids who found solace in each other and in the process, started becoming really important to each other. 

There’s actually this line in the Ayahina novel story from re:quest according to this translation/summary where Hinami thinks about some ‘light that was beginning to bloom’ and like I think it’s possible that she’s referring to Ayato (possibly the rest of Aogiri as well, but considering the whole focus on Ayato and Hinami’s relationship in this story, I’d say he’s a bigger part of this light than the others are). It’s usually rare to see the ‘bad boy’ referred to as the light– it’s usually the ‘good girl’. 

I love how Ishida really makes sure we known how important they are to each other, but at the same time, you’re right when you say that the ship isn’t the only thing about them. But even then, their relationship is important to both of them. I feel like it’s so underappreciated how Ishida had established a connection between them way back in Volume 3 of Tokyo Ghoul (before Ayato even appeared physically actually). I feel like these two were connected from the beginning? Like even if it’s not in a romantic sense, it’s like they’re meant to be compared because they’re both the ‘kids’ of the series (like I know we’re getting more kids now, but Hinami and Ayato are the only ones whom we actually see from young and get a chance to see them grow). So, like it’s hard to dispute the importance of this relationship (whether you see it platonically/romantically). 

I get a bit of people saying that I praise Ayahina too much and I’m biased when I call them the healthiest relationship in Tokyo Ghoul because they’re my number one ship but to be honest, this is the reason why they’re my number 1? They’re healthy, they don’t steal each other’s agency (actually, I think a lot about how so far, Ayato’s the only one who’s actually brought Hinami out on a major mission) and basically, they’re just pure, which is a rarity in Tokyo Ghoul. 

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saucenao isnt 100% reliable either. As an artist myself you guys are waaaay too strict on that. My art also got reuploaded somewhere else but I didnt care because I saw the person doesn´t want to make money or self-advertising with it. The lone use of my art is making me happy since its the hugest reward I could get. Maybe I´m alone with this but playing the source-police and attacking someone publicly instead of writing them it per PM is the worst in my eyes. Nice evening/day to you :)

I know it’s not. Sometimes there’s no way to know who the artist is tbh. And this is why it’s better not to repost at all.

Attack? When have I attacked somebody on public? Sourcing police? Do I go to every reposted fanart and attack people? How do I attack them? Do I invade their privacy, harrass them, insult them, tell them they are the worst for not knowing something most people don’t know? Do you have proofs? Or are you just upset and putting words in my mouth?
I only speak about matters like this in public when the issue is brought about in general (right now, the user pretty much directly replied to my post, so I thought I had to reply at least) or when the reposter has their askbox closed or blocks the owner when they try to warn them. If not I PM them. I always do this.

Idk if the person feels hurt about my reply, if they do, I’m really sorry. I thought it was a given that I wasn’t talking about them but about the issue in general. I’m really sure I didn’t use any insulting words. Point them out if you think I did, please. Point out the exact words I used, so I can be careful next time.
I was talking in general and sharing my experiences. I tried to be very polite. I only insulted zerochan and they deserve more than that tbh.

Good for you for not caring I guess. Most of us do. And just like you don’t care and I respect you for that, you are supposed to respect my feelings and wishes about my art too. It’s mine. I decide what I do with it, no one else should
The way you feel is not what we all are supposed to feel (there’s no rule about how one is supposed to feel).

I have no idea what I’ve done so you react like this and I don’t appreciate your sarcasm. I’m not shaming anyone on public, I’m sharing my experiences (in my blog) so people have in mind how it feels for us sometimes not all of us but for a great deal of us. So that out of the sympathy you may have for me, you think more about it next time. I was not judging or being police….

“ My art also got reuploaded somewhere else but I didnt care because I saw the person doesn´t want to make money or self-advertising with it. “

That doesn’t mean another person isn’t gonna find it and see it’s selling material. The more art pieces you reproduce without permission, the more people are gonna see it, and the more people see it, the probability that someone who dares selling sees it will be higher. It shouldn’t matter since they have your permission to repost it (since you saw them and all). But when it’s done behind your back, you have no control over it and it suddenly happens. It’s scary and disrespectul.

Anyway I apologize if I made anyobdy feel bad, I talked the way I did so people think about it a little, not to insult people or shame people, I even made sure to not attack anyone by saying we all have to learn. I’m extremly disappointed to have such a spiteful reaction. I respect your feelings, but next time be clearer about what I did wrong.

I always want to learn.

Try again if you want, but you can’t use the anon button this time, be brave.

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I absolutely love your stories :) could you do one where 10k is upset because you glanced too long at Mack when he took his shirt off and he ignores you? angsty please <3 <3

thank you!!

i hope this is angsty enough oops


“God, im disgusting.” Addy says, nose crinkling. She glances down at her blood soaked shirt, and grimaces. You look down at your own clothes, and what used to be a light gray t shirt is now a maroon one. And no one but Murphy is better off. The group hunkers down for the night at an old truck stop, the truck pulled right up to it. Under the covering of the awning, everyone peels off their filthy clothes. After months and months of this, no one is modest anymore.

“10k.” You say, glancing up at him after you peel off the shirt. He looks up, using an already dirty towel to wipe off his chest.

“You got a shirt?” He nods, and reaches into his bag, pulling out a gray camo tank. You smile, and he tosses it. You pull it over your bed, 10ks soft smell swirling around you. When he’s not a bloody mess, he smells like tree bark and smoke, and to you, he smells like home.

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nd really, a big reason I was so stressed out about this fiction discourse is because, it felt like it meant that my book I was writing woundn’t have any effect on people at all. It wouldn’t matter how I depicted issues, tried to treat them with respect in my work. It would mean nothing.I understand now people were only saying that in context of this crap, and no sane person would insist that fiction literally never has an effect on people or art doesn’t matter to people. I thought I was just crazy and that my life was a lie. That I was always “enjoying” things wrong and my faith and inspiration was bullcrap. I still sort of feel hurt when I look at the discourse though, even when I know it isnt aimed at me. It’s just that the fear would always come up. “What if I do think fiction is reality. What if even if I don’t literally think fiction forces people to do things, that I say something similar that gets someone hurt or murdered?” It’s literally kept me from  enjoying things in reality, from admiring beauty and doing things I need to do because “what if it’s from the fiction is reality mindset?” And the devil would aways taunt me. “Ha, you need to believe fiction is reality in order to do things and be happy.” It’s almost literally shut me down. I couldn’t pray because I thought if it did it was blasphemy because I was an anti or believed fiction was reality or soemthing. I’m sorry I’m confessing all this to you. I just want to because if I don’t I feel like I’ll doubt again and be like “ha she only said that or encouraged you because she doesn’t know you. Do believe fiction is reality. You are an awful person.“