t swifts

UGH j*hn m*y*r praise that puts down taylor swift gets me so heated. yeah she’s flawed and i hope intersectionality will become a prominent part of her feminism (although basing it on self-experience is a valid way to talk about your personal growth and is not “self-serving“ or “convenient” but rather “staying in your lane“) but validating the gross as hell man that abused 19 year old taylor swift when he was in his 30s is beyond ugly and in no way progressive. why can’t you guys pull your heads out of your asses long enough to realize that maybe you’re misinformed about some aspects regarding taylor swift because you literally don’t know her at all 👀

Safe And Sound
Pre-T and Post-T Me

Ok, I am so excited about this. As some of you know, I used to be a singer, until I started taking testosterone (I’m a trans man). One of the songs I used to love singing was Safe And Sound by Taylor Swift, and I had a recording of me pre-T singing it. So, I decided to sing a little duet with myself, with my favorite song.

So, here it is. Pre-T Miguel and 4-months-on-T Miguel dueting Safe And Sound. Thank you for the support, and reblogs are appreciated. This one means a lot to me. <3

Lance is a pop punk prince okay

Lance listens to bowling for soup on repeat at 2 in the morning

Blasts green day at the breakfast table

“Fuck the system, Keith”

“Lance why do you have dark circles under your eyes the size of a goddamn planet”

“Because I’m a rebel, Keith”

“Because you stay up late playing air guitar”



Chris Evans & Jeremy Renner Super Bowl Pre-Party