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Corpse Flower by Spikedluv

[2253w | Teen]

Stiles thinks that having sex with Derek will make him less distracting.

Note: I love the dialogue in this one, from Derek’s teasing to Stiles catching him out. Stiles is perfect and you can’t help but laugh at Derek attempting to cling onto his resolve and keep Stiles at arms length.

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“Do you know what heterochromia iridium is, Atsushi-kun?”

Author: astrantia (ao3)
Relationship: Atsushi/Dazai
Rating: General - Language: English - Words: 1022 - Chapters: 1/1

oneshot, canon, fluff

Notes: It’s a sweet onshot, and every character is well written.

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anonymous asked:

if you self-flagged your blog as adult, all posts will be flagged and blocked. if someone who self-flagged their blog as adult reblogs a post, it will become flagged and blocked everywhere. it's a bug, staff made a post that they're working on fixing it.

This bug is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper annoying but i’m happy they’re fixing it because this site doesn’t need any more problems tbh

apollogirl13  asked:

Is Netflix different in each country? Because 😭😭😭😭I just wanna watch Teen Wolf 😭😭😭😭 but I can't! None of the sites I've tried are free, work without a credit card, and actually have it on there 😭😭😭

I’m not sure but I know that you can watch Teen Wolf on Netflix if you change your country to Sweden. Last time I checked Season 1-5 was available there, I don’t know about Season 6A though. And I really don’t know any other sites than the ones I’ve already told you about. :(

If anyone knows where this sweetheart can watch Teen Wolf for free please let us know. 💕

anonymous asked:

Also all the promo that Camila is getting is going to be recouped from her budget, this is how it works, so don't go around saying she's rich, you don't know anything about her net worth (those celebrity net worth sites aren't reliable, they would need to have the details of her contract (% of royalties she gets, the amount of her advance etc) to be accurate and a record label would never give that to basics websites) IT IS all Epic and Syco's fault, it's capitalism fault. (part 2)



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

[!] B.A.P will show the full choreography/dance (M/V*) for ‘WAKE ME UP’ on V LIVE tonight (9PM KST)

*(T/N: news sites didn’t specifically say if they’re just showing the dance M/V version or they will do the choreography themselves but we assume they will show the dance M/V)

The Amazing Part Is by TroubleIWant / @troubleiwant

[2407w | General]

You’re in love with a beautiful boy, and the amazing part is that he loves you back. He’s all dark honey eyes and buttermilk skin, moles down his neck that he lets you kiss and kiss again. He’s all sharp laughter and too wide sweeps of his arms, and it’s been ten months but you’re not thinking about your first anniversary, you’re thinking about forever.

Rec’d by @notvirginawoolf who says: I don’t understand why this doesn’t have 1000+ kudos. Gorgeous writing, clever twist on an old trope (OC POV on getting back together), and a sunlit happy ending for everyone.

Note: This really is a wonderful piece of writing. It managed to make my heart ache for the OC (which felt like a bit of a betrayal because my head was telling me I should have been rooting for Sterek!)

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jerkenhoff  asked:

Can I get that pollination art you did as a shirt? Or potentially a print?

Not sure why you’d want it on your wall much less wear it on a shirt but heres a link to the png and vector.


I’m not ready to start charging people so if you want to print it out, or use one of those custom t shirt sites to put it on a shirt go ahead. That is as long as no one tries to make profit from the drawing.

But if someone tells you “hey uh thats a neat shirt/poster” or “that is completely inappropriate to be wearing at your little sister’s birthday party” you point them my way. Thanks