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So having read some of your stories, I have to ask: were your parents unprepared for the stuff you got up to or like, did they just accept that you were going to be continuing the family tradition of weirdness before anything happened?

A brief summary of my family’s week, for context:

  • Mom is doing props for a musical/political theater troupe that my dad sings in.  She spent most of this week cutting the boobs off $2 vinyl sex dolls and sewing them onto t-sirts for the cast to wear for a song about nipple equality.  
  • She is also having the kitchen repaired to so there’s contractors going in and out of the house, and Mom deliberately piled the severed tits on her work table in front of the side door “So they don’t give me any crap”.  It’s working.  This is the fastest anyone has installed cabinets, ever.
  • The other costume mom made is for my dad, which is a full-size, from-scratch Godzilla costume.  My father is going to be on stage, in front of about 15 hundred people, singing about how Godzilla has erectile dysfunction because all the disasters in congress are making him impotent by comparison.
  • I swear the song makes sense in context.
  • My sister is in the Philippines doing water safety education/helping run the blood bank, and is currently fostering a Fruit Bat becuase the local wildlife shelter is under construction. 
  • His name is Freddie.
  • further details are limited because she broker her phone a few years ago and it’s basically nonfunctional now but she refuses to replace it until fully recyclable phones come out.
  • My parent’s dog likes to play in the sprinklers, and will now go sit out next to the sprinkler box and bark until one of my parents turns it on.

This is a fairly typical July for them.  I am actually probably the most boring member of my family.

Out of Sight~ Marty Scurll Imagine

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You leaned on the cold white wall staring into the distance on the one person you wanted to talk to all day. He was something special to you, and ever since the two of you met, you were swooned by him. Although, he was busy most of the time, you thought about him throughout your day. He never left your mind. 

It was only when the young bucks, Cody, Adam Page and Marty walked past that you were pulled out of your thoughts. 

“ Hey Scurll” you greeted him with a smile. When Marty heard your voice, he looked over at your direction and a big grin appeared on his face as he said hello to you. Your heart skipped a beat. He looked gorgeous than ever. It reminded you the time you two first met, his eyes were one of your favorite things about him locking with yours. Kenny was talking to you that day, when Marty appeared asking Kenny who you were. Turning to him, it was like your heart stopped at the sight of him. 

You knew who he was, the Villain Marty Scrull. On the outside you had heard he was such a sweetheart. That’s what you had heard around. Something about him caught your eye. 

You had met up with Marty a few times to hang out and he even asked you on opinions on a few T-sirts designs. You loved hanging out with him and making him laugh. You two would usually take a drive and get some ice cream or just take a walk sharing stories of the past. The more and more you got to know him, you were becoming best friends. 

Before he got into the Bullet Club,he had more and more time with you. It was your favorite thing to look forward to, when you saw him. 

“ I’m going to miss you, Marty” you mumbled,sighing to yourself. “ I’m going to miss you too darlin’” he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you to his chest, hugging you. 

“ I’ll only be a couple of days. I will be back.” 

Couple of days. You were going to miss him so much.

“ Hey? You hungry?” 

“ Let’s go get something to eat” He patted his stomach. He looked over your shoulder to look at someone. “ There’s Ivy, I’m sure she’s hungry, too. The three of us can go get food.” 

Ivy was someone that you didn’t partially liked. She faked giggled and always had her arm around Marty’s waist. It made you puke in your mouth at the sight to her. 

“ Uh.. what?” you blinked, shocked a little. As much as you didn’t like Ivy, you had to put up a fake smile for Marty. He seemed to like her. You thought it was only going to be you and Marty going to get something to eat. He was stuck to Ivy like glue. You mustered up a smile and nodded, “ sure, great.” 

I think I might throw up tonight, you thought to yourself as you watched the scene in front of you. Marty and Ivy were giggling about something and trying each others meals. You felt like banging your head on the table, you couldn’t help but feeling like the third wheel with them. Glancing over at Marty’s plate, it was a mess mixed with everything around, he usually didn’t like it like that. 

Taking some of your plate, putting it on his. 

“ Scurll, you need to eat”  you say before looking at Ivy, giving her a look going back to your own food. 

“ What she said” Ivy says, “ Eat Martybear. You need energy for tonight” she giggled. 

He blushed looking down at his bowl. You wanted to throw your own food at her, slap Marty for being an idiot and walk out of there. Quickly, you stood up from the table, making them both look up at you. 

You gave them a fake smile. “ I’m sorry, I have to head back. I have to meet up with someone, I forgot about that. I’ll see you later, right?” you reached for your wallet, when Marty’s hand laid on yours, your whole face started to heat up. 

“ No worries darlin’, I’ve got it” 

“ You sure?” you ask. He nods. 

“ Thank you, “ you mumbled, coughing. Marty smiles, “ Yeah, see you later.” 

You hurried out of there, taking a deep breath. 

 Later on the night, when you went out to look for Marty. He wasn’t having his match till later on the night. You wanted to surprise him with bringing some of his favorite sweets. As you walked backstage, rounding the corner but what stopped you was Ivy and him locking lips. His hands on her face, and he was kissing her back.

Your heart broke in pieces. The sweets that were for him, dropped from your hands. With a hand over your mouth and silent tears escaping down your cheeks. You turned around, running back around the corner with your back against the wall feeling your heart shatter. 

Arms wrapped around you, scaring you for a moment but it was only Cody who brought you into his chest letting you cry. He knew how you felt for the Villain, and his own heart broke seeing you cry. 

“ Shh” He mumbles into your hair, stroking your back. You grasp onto his shirt, Brandy walked over looking at her husband in questioning. He mouthed “ Marty”  and pointed around the corner. Brandy took one peek and knew why you were in tears.

“ I am going to kill him” She rose her fists, shaking turning in her step making her way to the kissing couple. Your eyes widen as you ran to stop her. 

But it was too late. She was already yelling at the shocked Marty, you were behind her wiping your eyes watching with sadness. Cody was behind you opening and closing his mouth not knowing what to do. Matt and Nick rounded the corner confused to hear all the yelling. Page walked over to Marty, hitting him in the back of the head. 

Marty had no idea what was going on. His eyes set on you, seeing the red puffy eyes and his heart sank to his stomach. Why were you crying? Who made you cry?

“ Y/N?” He asked, confusion in his voice. 

“ She wins” you simply say. Brushing past everyone, you walked out of there and out of sight. 


Dear anon, your request came just in time! We hit 200 followers milestone and we wanted to draw something like this for a long time. So we hope this pose is badass enough. And for t-sirts idea thanks goes to @thehappinessmachine!

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