t shitr

~Dancing in the moonlight


Friday came up fast, faster than Armin wanted. He really wished to see Eren, that misterious boy who helped him and asked him out, again, but at the same time he wasn’t prepared to have his first date ever. He felt his heart about to explode inside his chest, he even needed to call his sister to help him. “Remember, just be yourself” Historia repeated over and over again as she helped him to pick up some fancy clothes. What if Eren didn’t liked him as he was? That thought haunted him for days. 

Armin chose to wear a grey t-shitr and jeans at the end, after having a long argument with Historia, who wanted him to wear the same tuxedo he had to wear in New Year’s Eve. She was a helpless romantic after all. He took his sister to the student housing she was living in before adressing to the bus stop where Eren and him had met a few days ago. 

His partner showed up in time although he waited him for a few minutes. His damaged heart wanted to become protagonist and began to pound faster and faster. It couldn’t be another thing but love. 

-Hum…hi…-he managed to say, his cheeks blushed like little tomatoes.-Everything fine?