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Recently some people have asked me about buying my stuff online, so I’ve decided to actually open my RedBubble store. So from now on, if you want to get any of the things shown above or maybe something else featuring my art… You can simply go HERE https://www.redbubble.com/people/kaageshi?asc=u and buy it! I’ll be gratefull for every purchase, no matter whether it’s something expensive or not ^^
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Hey you! I have a ton of products up on RedBubble now! So much so that I can’t post even half of them here. So here’s just one of the 7 collections (see all them hereI) have there:

There are 16 of my illustrations there, each one used in many different products:
- Stickers, Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Blocks, Posters, Postcards;
- T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags, Pouches;
- Mugs, Travel Mugs, Spiral Notebooks, Phone Cases (iPhones and Samsung), Clocks, iPad Cases, Laptop Sleeves
AND MORE if you still believe me! Seriously. My dudes. Everything’s cool there it’s worth just by taking a look, if you like my art. You can find a Vegeta pillow. Doesn’t get better than that.
(Also this is a great way to help me out! Not only you can get some cool stuff you also help me keep going in my art endeavors!)


astro as anime boys

mj: boy next door, best friend from forever!! calls your mom his mom, knows where you hide your house key. goofball who is always there to cheer you up after a bad test, surprisingly good at baking and delivers fresh muffins to your doorstep just for the heck of it. your moms wonder when you will start dating. your dad eyes him suspiciously hehe

jinjin: bad boy heartthrob that always has earbuds in, feet kicked up on desk in front of him. orders cds from overseas and has 10k followers on soundcloud. doesn’t do the homework but does well enough on the tests to get by. seems intimidating but you caught him leaving a box of chocolate pocky on your desk once…has a really nice smile

eunwoo: class president, lets you borrow notes when you’re sick without you having to ask, receives chocolates from e v e r y girl (and some guys) in your school. usually very smiley and composed but gets real blushy around you. just wants to hold your hand. spent a week building himself up to do it but he missed and got your wrist instead rip

moonbin: the cool, friendly guy that everybody likes. popular but super welcoming and easy to talk to. has a habit of scratching the back of his head when he’s nervous. unintentionally flirty, likes to ruffle your hair and sling his arm around your shoulders. you aint dating but he acts like you are :-)

rocky: boy playing soccer on the field during lunch. also swims and does tae kwon do and volleyball?? super duper athletic, super duper competitive. looks cutest after a hard workout, but cleans up rly nice…rocky in a suit is a sight. will 100% steal your food, but gives you his umbrella when it’s raining, mostly b/c he cares but also b/c he knows that he looks good in a wet t shirt ;)

sanha: convenience store worker that always gives you a discount. sometimes throws in free chocolate or cup ramen. younger than you, but positive that he’s gonna win over your heart. very chipper and upbeat. willing to talk to you about everything and anything. a good listener. the type to adopt a dog off the street.

I work at a super cool, hip, t shirt store in my city.
Today I had this old lady who was trying to find her size in a shirt.
We have women’s sizes and unisex. Says so RIGHT on the tags.
She didn’t understand the difference and I had to unfold one of each to show her the difference.
Then she couldn’t figure out her size. So, individually, unfolding one of each of them at a time, she took a shirt into the dressing room to try it on and them would ask my opinion. And she would then throw them at me when she decided it didn’t fit. She purposely unfolded shirts in front of me.
God I hated her.

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nurseydex headcanons: • nursey has his nipples pierced • nursey doesn't know how to ride a bike and when dex finds out he is appalled bc he loves biking • dex is like really good at reading people's facial expressions • nursey almost failed creative writing in high school bc he kept getting in fights with the teacher about creative liberty and different interpretations of works • dex owns a ton of crappy, ironic t shirts from thrift stores that he works out in

HOLY SHIT. These are all the best!

1. uhhh yes. I feel like nursey would be a decorated, but, just not keep metal piercings during the games and practice.  

2. It takes Dex weeks before he actually believes Nursey. 

N: We can agree that balancing is not my strong suit off the ice. 


N: I lived in a city and boarding school. 

D: Exactly doesn’t everyone take public transportation and bike everywhere??

*N Shrugs*

3. YAY! Hypervigilance! Thanks anxiety!  Dex has unfortunately had to learn to read people really well.  He just has a hard time determining if he is the cause or not. (Did I do something to make them upset? Are they laughing at me?)

4. N: Old White Dudes are the worst. Why are we about ANOTHER white guy’s struggle in the wilderness when bell hooks and Toni Morrison exist?? 

Shitty: *Taking another drag of a joint* That’s exactly what I was saying. 

5. As someone who own a shirt that saying “fuckface” in neon bubble letters,  I thoroughly approve this head canon!

Thank you for the headcanons. 


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very excited about Redbubble’s new sublimation t-shirts (or “Graphic-Printed” as they’re calling them)!!  I’d like to upload some more designs specifically for these shirts, but for now I’ve made some already-existent designs available on them!

PLUS (at the bottom) a “new” addition to the Redbubble shop; the poster design I used as a reward for my original Kickstarter to fund W2H.  Now available as a graphic-printed shirt!  

These are “mens” cuts, but they’re supposed to be getting more fitted ones in pretty soon too!

Check them out!

Design 1 - Hierarchy
Design 2 - Lotsa Socks
Design 3 - This is Sock.
Design 4 - Lovely Demon
Design 5 - Lil & Jojo
Design 6 - Welcome to Hell!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan on ‘The Walking Dead’ T-Shirt Controversy: ‘People Are Stupid’

On Wednesday, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan tweeted in response after a “The Walking Dead” t-shirt was pulled from stores after customer complaints. The offending shirts feature a quote fro…

the graphic has a large American baseball bat, wrapped round with barbed wire, and covered with blood. This image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America. It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer I would know just where I stood.



Maisie Williams for TK Maxx & Red Nose Day 2017

TK Maxx has partnered with renowned UK fashion and portrait photographer, Rankin, to create the 2017 Red Nose Day T-shirt range for Comic Relief. For this year’s collection, Rankin has photographed nine loveable animals and created each T-shirt and coordinating pyjama set available exclusively in TK Maxx stores and tkmaxx.com. This year the T-Shirt campaign is being supported by the likes of Jack Whitehall, Maisie Williams, Will Poulter, Joanna Lumley, Heidi Klum and Daisy Lowe and we’d love your help too! The t-shirts are available in store and online with proceeds going to help people living incredibly tough lives across Africa and the UK.

Sophie Scholl und die “Weiße Rose”

In Zeiten in denen rechtspopulistische und rechtsradikale Parteien beachtliche Wahlergebnisse in Deutschland und in Europa erzielen, scheint es uns mehr denn je an der Zeit, an die Menschen zu Erinnern die den Mut hatten in finstersten Zeiten das Richtige zu sagen und zu Tun. Dieses Plakat soll all denen Mut machen und Zuversicht geben die Heute, Hier und Jetzt gegen Ungerechtigkeit, Rassismus und Nationalismus aufstehen um weder die Strasse noch das Parlament den Hetzer:innen und Rassist:innen zu überlassen!

Hinter dem Namen “Die Weiße Rose” stehen fünf Münchner Studierende und ihr Hochschulprofessor, die zwischen Juni 1942 und Februar 1943 in Flugblättern die deutsche Bevölkerung zum Widerstand gegen die nationalsozialistische Diktatur aufriefen. Mit ihrem öffentlichen Protest wählten sie den unbequemen Weg: Statt wie die Mehrheit der Deutschen zu schweigen, nannten die jungen Menschen mutig die Verbrechen des Hitler-Regimes beim Namen. Mehr noch: In ihren Augen machte sich mitschuldig, wer nicht gegen das bestehende Unrecht aufbegehrte. Insofern war Handeln für sie eine Verpflichtung, die sie selbst unter hohem persönlichen Risiko eingingen. Damit gelten die Mitglieder der “Weißen Rose” nach wie vor als Vorbilder für Zivilcourage und Widerstand – nicht nur im politischen, sondern auch im alltäglichen Leben.

Die Flugblätter der “Weißen Rose” waren mehr als nur ein Aufstand des Gewissens. Sie waren politisch hoch motiviert und entstanden aus der Überzeugung heraus, dass man nicht mehr schweigend zuschauen dürfe, sondern Widerstand gegen das verbrecherische System leisten müsse. Die fünf Münchner Studierenden und ihr Professor bezahlten diese Überzeugung mit ihrem Leben. Sie wurden 1943 zum Tode verurteilt und hingerichtet. Auch zahlreiche Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer der “Weißen Rose” und Mitwisserinnen und Mitwisser wurden in der Folge mit dem Tode oder mit Freiheitsentzug bestraft. Der mutige Widerstand der “Weißen Rose” ist trotz – oder gerade wegen – seiner schrecklichen Konsequenz eine Aufforderung an alle, sich einzumischen und etwas dagegen zu tun, wenn der freiheitlich-demokratische Staat und die Rechte der Menschen angegriffen werden.

Zur Geschichte der “Weißen Rose” sind unzählige Bücher und Artikel geschrieben worden. Aber über kein Gruppenmitglied wurde so viel publiziert wie über Sophie Scholl,  die so beherzt wie kompromisslos für ihre persönlichen und politischen Überzeugungen eintrat. Obwohl dies ebenso für ihre Mitstreiter gilt, wird Sophie Scholl als einziger Frau im engsten Kreis der “Weißen Rose” ein besonderes Interesse entgegengebracht.

Im Gedenken an alle Opfer des Nationalsozialismus schauen wir auf die Aufgaben die jetzt und in den nächsten Monaten auf alle Menschen zukommen, die nicht in einem Europa der Abschottung und einem Land der Hetzer:innen leben wollen. Lasst uns den Mut haben gegen den dümmsten Hass aufzustehen!

Plakat A1 gross - 170 Gramm Karton - ab nächster Woche bei uns im Laden oder im Onlineshop

I can’t sleep and I’m posting garbage, but why the flying fuck does the WWE not sell leggings/tights? Is there any actual reason? Can you imagine the amount of money they would make, I would empty my bank account for some of these.

Just imagine the possibilities

Sami Zayn checkerboard leggings

Becky Lynch steampunk design that reads “Lasskicker” down a leg

Charlotte’s aqua leggings that read “Do it with Flair” in white cursive down the sides

Chris Jericho ones that incorporate every one of his past gimmicks including Y2J and The Lion Tamer. I feel a mighty need…

BREEZANGO leggings available in five different colors of striped furs

Dolph Ziggler tights with that awesome “DZ” logo on the thigh you know what I’m talking about


Loud as fuck purple and yellow leggings make sure you stay hyped for Zack and Mojo

Kevin Owens leggings are black with a big-ass “K.O.” on them. The letters. On the booty. Get it big-ass? I’m sorry.

The neon pink and blue ones come New Day approved mainly because of the unicorns and rainbows all over, those nerds would be so pleased to see people wearing these in public.

Natalya pink and black “Queen of Harts” leggings

Sasha Banks “Bo$$” ones naturally

I would murder somebody for a pair of Edge and Christian leggings I’m not kidding


Plus you could run a vintage series with some of the amazing designs they have on t-shirts in the store.


HEY guys, so I’m currently a student in UNI here in Aus trying to get a job. But as a hobby and own little business I’ve opened an Etsy store :)

All of my shirts go up to 3XL in sizing and are hand made! I have Tje 1975 designs, All Time Low designs (more to come) and some of my own with more lisitngs on their way. 

If this isn’t your thing or you don’t care awesome, im just tryna get the word out there! check it out if you’d like! Its greatly appreciated (also feel free to message me here of any designs or lyrics you may like) 

<3 <3 <3 


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i keep having dreams about homestuck even though i havent read it???? the last dream i had the entire homestuck book was written out on t-shirts, but just a bit of the story was placed there, so i was in the t-shirt store just reading homestuck.

That sound so absurd! But, at the same time, something that people would actually try to make… (Maybe your subconscious is telling you to read Homestuck?)