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warrenellisisland submitted to faithinhumanityr:  [photo is of a facebook post that reads: TOGETHER WE RAISED $1376.



so in light of the recent political climate, a lot of women have been feeling unsafe.  my roommate decided to do something about it.  she found a local gym that offers self-defense classes for women and organized a fund raiser to help women take the class for free.  a couple of bands played and over twenty local artists donated pieces [including a tattoo artist who donated a $200 gift certificate] to be raffled off.  all the money from the raffle tickets, t-shirt sales, and the admission at the door went to covering the cost of women getting to take the class.  the event was held at a bar, and apparently a couple of kids showed up and said, “we don’t have IDs because we aren’t 21, we just wanted to donate,” and handed over $20 and left.  it just made my night to see so many people give up their time and money to something so worthy. i figured i would share it with you.

This is a wonderful story, kick-ass! Thank you for sharing this with us!


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I have LITERALLY been hiding this for nearly a month, and now it’s HERE! Now gaze deeply into the THIGH-ris as this hero kicks the SHIT outta ya!

But for real, me and my bae, @g37-dunk3d-0n, came up with this idea a while back and I REALLY wanted to make it into a shirt design. So enjoy your very on Zenyatta with Mettaton’s legs. (btw the bottom one is transparent)


I’m offering my screenprinted T-shirts and bags for sale online! I’ll be taking orders for the next two weeks, and I’ll start sending them out near end of the month.

Shipping is not included in the listed prices. Paypal and Venmo accepted.

Sizes are unisex. I’m low on smalls, but still have quite a few larges and mediums.

If you’re interested, send me an email (hsieh09 at gmail dot com) with the following:

  1. the design, size, and color you’d like
  2. if you’re in the US or international

and we’ll discuss from there.

Thank you all for your interest!