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Note:  I remember I sent @cyphertrip a ton of anons about post-first-time with Namjoon for her kinky Mondays (the blessed day), and I’m here to actually write this into reality.  This is not part of the end of year kink meme 2016 since no one requested anything like this but… 

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Rating: NC17-ish, but more M-ish
Genre: romance, smut (kind of)
Warnings: first time sex (disjointed flashbacks)
Word Count: 2689

Summary:  The memory of last night is fresh in both Namjoon’s mind and yours while you try your best to have an innocent date.




Today marks the three hundred sixty-sixth day since you said yes to dating Kim Namjoon.  Your one-year anniversary is today, and you wake up at exactly 6AM by force of habit despite having spent the night tossing and turning. You’re meeting Namjoon later for brunch at some ridiculously expensive French restaurant (his treat).  And you made a surprise reservation for two at a high-end Korean fusion restaurant for dinner (your treat).  In between meals, the two of you were going to spend time doing normal, cutesy couple things, the details of which were to be determined as the two of you walked around town.  

You and Namjoon had this day planned out for a good month, and you had even scheduled time off from work to enjoy a nice, long three-day weekend with your boyfriend.  It was supposed to be a relaxing day to enjoy each other’s company and to have some lighthearted fun.  

But you are the furthest thing from relaxed as you step into the shower to get ready, your mind a complete, fumbling mess as you replay the events of eight hours ago and how Namjoon had taken your virginity in the quiet, comfortable space of his room.  

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first time

◦ pairing: reader x hoseok

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.6k

◦ request: hello!! could i request a first time smut with taehyung or hoseok when you have to stay in the same room with him by accident and you two have a crush on each other?

◦ a/n: I changed it up so they’re already dating (sorry I always change up your requests a little, it just helps me actually write them hahahaha im the worst rip), but this was really cute to write! :D

m a s t e r l i s t

“Jagiya, I’m really sorry about this,” he frowned as he straightened out the makeshift bed he made for himself on the ground. This was not exactly what you had expected. You were visiting Hobi in the city, but their dorm was undergoing construction and the boys were on break. Then Hobi came over to your hotel room to spend the day with you, but then you got rained in and then lightning cracked trees down into the streets and it was too dangerous for him to leave. Basically, it was all just one big mess.

“It’s okay,” you mumbled. The warmth of the covers seemed awfully hot tonight, but still, you remained unmoving beneath them, fiddling with the hem of the sheet nervously. You hadn’t expected to stay a night with company, so you brought your silkiest, thinnest, most luxurious pajamas– suitable for relaxing in after a nice hot bath and a book. The heat prickled over your body.

Hobi had been insistent on sleeping on the ground. Of course, you didn’t protest. You had only been together officially for a month or so, and he had been busy for a lot of it. The thought had been in your head since you started dating him, but you were too afraid to initiate anything. “Hey, honey?” You started.

He hummed from somewhere near the foot of the bed. It was too dark to see just where he was. Part of you wanted him to take you rough and just pound into you until you couldn’t see straight, but the other part of you wanted your first time with Hobi to be perfect. “Can you sleep up here?”

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Hey give us money plz

Okay SKU fans, here’s the deal–

Gio and I desperately want to spend $300 - $400 on the Japanese blu-ray release. Why? 



Unfortunately, because this is the year of sweet merch, we already flattened our wallets getting other stuff, so we don’t have the cash to do this. So I’m proposing a deal here– help chip in, and we will make sure that the musical and anything else exclusive to the Japanese release that’s never going to show up on this side of the ocean gets mysteriously scanned, ripped, etc ad nauseam and just happens to get passed around the net here to literally anyone who wants it. As of right now, that means the musical plus that sweet copy of the back view of Utena and Anthy’s faceless red and black pics (you know, the one where they are holding hands?? <3 ). There are also images of the series characters drawn by Saito in the box art, and apparently some new exclusive art; there’s a gigantic book coming with it. There might be more. We don’t know. We won’t know until we get our damn hands on it, is the problem!

So what we are proposing is this– donate cash to us at emptymovement@gmail.com, and we will buy the thing. You know we aren’t going anywhere, plenty of you know us in person and even have our phone numbers and address, you know you can trust us, and… well 

hell, you’ve seen what we’ve done with all the art books we got, right?

We ripped them up for you, so you could have good copies to look at and edit and do whatever you want with.

Now, we realize that this is enough incentive for some of you, and that’s really freakin awesome. You know who you are, and I love you for it. But honestly… we have some unwrecked stuff just lying around here too. We don’t look at this stuff or use it at all, it just sits in our cupboard. So we figure, hell, why not give some stuff away too?

So basically, we will send one of these pieces to the first person who requests it (email: yasha@ohtori.nu) and donates (paypal at emptymovement@gmail.com) at or above the specified price (which is roughly average market price plus about tenbux for shipping, keeping in mind we’re in Canada).

Oh yeah and all of this stuff is in pretty good condition but not much of it is in perfect condition– we’ll be happy to provide pics to anyone interested, I just want to get this up where people will see it.

Miki UFO Catcher doll - $60

RGU Software Sculptors release t-shirt - we don’t know what size it is, it’s never been opened. We can open it if there’s demand but the price won’t change. It’s got the Touga/Little Utena/Saionji art on it - $60

Shitajiki/Pencil Board with movie promo art - $30 - Dibs has been called and money has been sent, I will take this off the list as soon as I have all the info I need.

This is Animation Artbook - $50 - Someone’s called dibs, but nothing is final yet.

Japanese Manga (Series) - $45 - Someone’s called dibs on this, but nothing is final yet.

Japanese Movie Manga - $15

SPG chibi keychain - $12 - Dibs has been called and money has been sent, this will be taken off the list as soon as we’ve got all the info we need

Mikage chibi Keychain - $12

Chu-Chu chibi keychain - $12

File folder from the 15th (??) anniversary art exhibition, drawn by Akemi Hayashi - $25 -  Dibs has been called and money has been sent, I will take this off the list as soon as I have all the info I need.

Doujinshi (all of these are already scanned and in the gallery, these are the duplicates we had and they are in good condition):

Rose Garden - $25

Kakumei Kettou - $35

Pluie de meteores - $10

That one with snotty-nosed weirdface Chu-Chu on the back - $10

Utena no Drug - $10

And now, last but not least,

if anyone gives us $50 or more and doesn’t want any of the other things, we will totally decant 2ml of either the Anthy or the Utena perfume and send it to you

This is not a “buying” thing. This is a “thank you” thing. We don’t want to give away too much of the perfume, because we did buy it for ourselves, but it’s also not fair that most people aren’t going to be able to get their hands on it.  So it’s going to be limited quantity, probably a max of 10ml per bottle. It’s not a heck of a lot of perfume, but 2ml is a usable amount, and we figure it’s probably the nicest way we have of saying thank you for a bigger donation. We’re going to find a way to make the teeny little bottles pretty, too.

(As for the perfume itself, if anyone wants to know what happened/is happening there I can post about it later. We might not be able to get the Akio perfume at all…)

So yeah, there you have it. And, should we happen to go over our goal amount, the money (paypal at emptymovement@gmail.com) would be used for the domain name plus the site hosting, and to finance even more SKU stuff to buy so we can put it online. We’ve spent hundreds this year already on such content, because really now


do you really think we’re ever going to stop?



okay thanks a bunch for reading, you guys. If you want to send us cash for the japanese bluray release, you can paypal us at emptymovement@gmail.com. Please make sure to email me at yasha@ohtori.nu if you want us to send you one of the things (and mention it in the Paypal comments). I will post pics for anything people wish to see; for the most part, it is your bog-standard SKU merch in relatively good condition, with maybe a bent corner or something.

Edited to add:  hey guys I didn’t stress this enough but seriously any little bit helps, we know that a lot of people are financially rough, hell we wouldn’t be doing this if we were 100% great that way either, so if you can only pitch in five bucks please remember that makes a big difference too <3


Halloween starts now! Preorders are NOW OPEN for my limited edition Fall jacket and T-shirt releases over at Kitschy Witch Designs!

Introducing the Storm Hags Hedge Riders and Stingy Jacks Seed Spitters HC (Halloween Club!) Designs. Available in both men’s and women’s styles and extended sizes. Preorders will be open for a limited time only (about a week left), so it’s a good time to reserve your size in time for the big holiday if you wanna’ snag a piece or two! Designs are limited edition for Fall 2017, once these are sold out, they won’t be returning.
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A big thanks to all of you awesome customers, for supporting @kitschywitchdesigns and following along as we continue to release this massive Halloween treat haul!

(M) Shall we dance?

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Pairing: Reader/Jungkook

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: Switch - Foreplay - Dirty Talk - Masturbation - Mirrors - Oral - Hair Pulling

Dancing reveals who you really are and it’s one of the most powerful way to express emotions. Dancing makes you feel free and makes you create special bond that you can never express with words. That’s what she says when people ask her about her passion and that’s why she became a choreographer, she simply loved to comunicate through dancing. She worked for a big company in Seul, realizing new steps according to music and concepts, teaching her choreographies to BTS and its back-up dancers. Each time was a challenge, never boring and always kinda satisfying.
The company wanted something completely new this time, they wanted the boys to dance with female dancers in a really sensual choreography, not too explicit but something that was still sensual. Each member will have a partner and will perform the same choreography except Jungkook, he will stand right in front of the formation for most of the time with different steps but, since the company is pretty demanding and strict, they specifically wanted her to dance with him instead of some random dancer, because of her experience and precision. She was quite nervous about dancing with him ‘cause she had sort of a crush for him, despite that, she could not accept any kind of mistake, since this was the most important task so far.

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Tripping Over the Blue Line (23/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: This is one of my absolute favorite chapters in this entire story. For realz. I’m so psyched for you guys to read it and then all get vaguely disgusting teeth from the sheer amount of fluff in this chapter. As always, I am so overwhelmed by the response to this and how fantastic you guys are. Also @laurnorder is the real MVP this week for texting me Yankees update even while she’s rooting for the Astros. ALSO! @beautiful-swan made some gorgeous art for this chapter, so heap praise upon her internet and now @distant-rose can publicly flail over Emma’s Christmas gift. 
Also hanging out on Ao3, FF.net & tag’ed up on Tumblr 

He’d never seen so much wrapping paper in his entire life.

Four-year-old twins, it seemed, were the perfect age to finally understand Christmas and presents and, if they were the children of Elsa and Liam Jones, enjoyed the wrapping paper most of all. There were pieces everywhere – stuck in their hair and in the tree and, likely, every single corner of the house. Mrs. Vankald, Killian was convinced, would probably find wrapping paper taped along baseboards for the next six months.

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Bradley and Oliver wearing the upcoming “Carolina Sweatpants” by @floydiansim

and these are just some of all the swatches! i really love them! thank you so much @floydiansim for letting me test your new mesh ♡ go stalk and follow her so you won’t miss when it’s released!

Jay Park -$olo

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“Nice to meet you,” you greeted him back politely, while taking a little bow. He smiled at you and opened his arms. Not knowing his intentions you stretched out one of your own arms, thinking he wanted to shake your hand. Jay awkwardly pulled his left hand back, scratching the back of his head while letting out a nervous chuckle. That’s when you realized he actually wanted to give you a hug. You bit on your bottom lip and let out a laughter. “Sorry." 

"Don’t worry,” he replied with a chuckle. His eyes wandering around nervously.

 "Shall we get started?“ You asked him as you lay your bag down onto the wooden floor of the hotel room. He nodded his head in agreement and kneeled down next to you watching you unpacking your luggage. 

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Smile was recorded into my four-track at the same time as Niandra La’Des was recorded: while we were writing and recording BSSM. At the same time that I developed the guitar style that I felt would be the perfect kind of guitar playing to play with Flea, I also developed my own style of writing music, writing lyrics, and playing guitar in a very “non-rock star-ish” way. Niandra La’Des and Usually Just a T-shirt were released because they were solid, conceptual records; they’re two complete sorts of feelings. Smile from the Streets You Hold was just leftover stuff that I had sitting around from the same period, with the exception of five songs: three songs that were recorded into a cassette player immediately before it was released- songs I really wish weren’t on there- and the two songs where I’m screaming, which were recorded in 1994 or so. But the rest of them were just leftover songs.The album was made only because I needed money for drugs. I kept going back and forth with money, based on getting my record royalties every six months- I would spend that on drugs, and then I would have no money. And, at one of the periods where I had no money, this guy offered me a certain amount to deliver him a solo record. That was the only reason why Smile was done, so it’s scattered; it’s all over the place. I have certain friends who love it anyway and tell me, “Don’t try to get it back.” Because sometimes I think that I want to just get rid of it- buy it back from the guy or something. But I don’t really care. It is what it is. It’s music I recorded. I mean, I’m proud of who I’ve been; I’m proud of who I’ve always been.
—  John Frusciante about Smile From The Streets You Hold (1999)

On this day in 1955, Nicholas Ray’s eternal teen drama Rebel Without a Cause premiered in theaters, starring James Dean in his most famous role.

Upon the film’s release, t-shirt sales spiked as teenagers across the country sought to emulate Dean’s iconic look.

In one of Rebel’s more eerie patterns, the film’s three young leads — Dean, Sal Mineo, and Natalie Wood — all died at relatively young ages.

In a March 2005 Vanity Fair article entitled “Dangerous Talents,” Sam Kashner revealed that Sal Mineo’s tragic character Plato was always and definitely intended to be gay and in love with Dean’s character Jim Stark. Ray, Dean, Mineo, and screenwriter Stewart Stern tried to subtly suggest as much during shooting through prominent props (i.e. Plato’s poster of Alan Ladd) and coded dialogue, all while complying with the Production Code, which was still very much in effect at the time. During one scene in a mansion, Dean reportedly suggested to Mineo that Plato should “look at me the way I look at Natalie.”

Still Available!

Okay guys, here’s what’s still available. Thanks so much to all of you who have donated, we are getting close to our goal and we will soon be able to place the order!

For anyone who missed why we’re running this fundraiser, here’s the original post!

Miki UFO Catcher doll - $60

RGU Software Sculptors release t-shirt - we don’t know what size it is, it’s never been opened. We can open it if there’s demand but the price won’t change. It’s got the Touga/Little Utena/Saionji art on it - $60

Japanese Movie Manga - $15

Chu-Chu chibi keychain - $12 - someone called dibs on this

A program from the Musical - $35 - someone called dibs on this

The Utena Dossier - $25 - someone called dibs on this

Doujinshi (most of these are already scanned and in the gallery, these are the duplicates we had and they are in good condition):

Rose Garden - $25

Utena no Drug - $10

ask special Mawaru Penguindrum fan book crystal - $15 - we would want to scan this first, but we can do so without breaking the binding or hurting the book - someone called dibs on this

Duel Cat - $20

And of course the perfume– so far, only one person has taken us up on the perfume, so as a reminder if you donate $50 or more and you don’t want anything else, please let me know if you want 2ml of the Utena perfume or 2ml of the Anthy perfume and I will send one of them to you. Seeing as it’s not exactly legal to send the perfume overseas, this may be the only chance we have to distribute it, although we are working on something that might help!

Diet Mountain Dew

Title inspired by Lana Del Rey

Summery: pastel!Dan and his boyfriend punk!Phil fuck to Diet Mountain Dew (top!Dan)

Word Count: 1,202

Warnings: SEX

A/N: I’ve been gone forever and I’m trying to make up for it with a smut. If you can’t read smut, I’m also working on some fluff and HOPEFULLY that’ll be out soon. 

I would love some feedback on this, good or bad.

If you haven’t heard the song and would like to, here (x) is the link

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