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You, too, want a t-shirt that says,
“Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.”
“Release the kra-can!”
“There’s an otter in my water.”
Or “Rachel in the dark room…”

anonymous asked:

Hi Risa! I love your art, and I make content for the Sims 4 as a hobby. I'm just wondering if you'd be alright with me putting some of your art on t-shirts to release for download. These are free downloads and I'd make no money off of them, nor would anyone else; however, I understand if you'd prefer it doesn't happen. :)

Yes that’s fine!


On this day in 1955, Nicholas Ray’s eternal teen drama Rebel Without a Cause premiered in theaters, starring James Dean in his most famous role.

Upon the film’s release, t-shirt sales spiked as teenagers across the country sought to emulate Dean’s iconic look.

In one of Rebel’s more eerie patterns, the film’s three young leads — Dean, Sal Mineo, and Natalie Wood — all died at relatively young ages.

In a March 2005 Vanity Fair article entitled “Dangerous Talents,” Sam Kashner revealed that Sal Mineo’s tragic character Plato was always and definitely intended to be gay and in love with Dean’s character Jim Stark. Ray, Dean, Mineo, and screenwriter Stewart Stern tried to subtly suggest as much during shooting through prominent props (i.e. Plato’s poster of Alan Ladd) and coded dialogue, all while complying with the Production Code, which was still very much in effect at the time. During one scene in a mansion, Dean reportedly suggested to Mineo that Plato should “look at me the way I look at Natalie.”

No Panel for Wander Over Yonder

Okay, so Craig McCracken tweeted that there won’t be a panel for Wander this year since the show is cancelled (WE KNOW!). Some are complaining that Disney seemed to be already out of their hands with Wander even if Disney is aware of the letters and petition emails we’ve sent to. They obviously won’t say a word to the fans and sometimes the crew (by keeping things classified on whether future plans would be considered or not unless news of it being finished or possible merchandise like T-shirts online) unless press release states otherwise.

Disney already sealed this season’s production cycles and schedules of new shows in place, and they can’t change the routine to add Wander Season 3 in there even when they still believe it’s not popular at this time. If they were to reconsider the decision, they’ll need to wait it out a bit in at least a year with the demand of Wander needed to be more clear more to Star Vs. level (the buying, ratings, social media buzz, merch. demands, etc.), while still waiting for Craig to develop a new show since Disney still pays for him to keep working at Disney one show to another.

Look, we’ve come so far. We can’t give up now. Even if Disney said that there are no immediate plans to bring back Wander, that doesn’t mean it’s a permanent thing. This is just part of the downs when trying to campaign for a popular demand that happens rarely.

Kim Possible got lucky to take time to wait out in less than a year to get a 4th Season since it was considered popular in ratings and merchandise during the 65 episode rule.

But today is pretty tough now since Wander doesn’t have the same popular status Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. have. Today’s technology may have made the process go a bit quicker, but changes of management for Disney from 2005 to 2015-16 have different interests and practices on seeing which show popular enough would guarantee a longer run even when moved to Disney XD to find the next show to get the same amount of ratings as Gravity Falls and Star Vs.

So right now, Disney can’t do anything about making a fast decision to reconsider Wander cause the schedule is tightly sealed for this season. We’re gonna be in it for a very long run in convincing Disney about Wander to show non fans that Craig can progress his ideas on Wander S3 in character insights, unique cartoony stories, musicality for them to sing and dance, and story to give it a proper finale like Gravity Falls has done. Where it’s not just a silly old cartoon which still is in its core, but see the development in the mains while in character. Something S1 lacked a bit but still a fun set of one off stories, and S2 was testing waters on to fulfill the progress in S3. By the end, Wander Over Yonder would be more appreciated than how it was in its first premieres in 2013-14.