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Made lil’ Shin a lil’ apartment….lol.  He lives in a photo box now.  I finished the armchair just yesterday; it’s foam board covered with flannel.  Basic!lil’ Shin actually sits in it a bit more stably than DefiningMoments!lil’ Shin, whom it was actually made for…the former tends to man-spread a bit.  Both of them have hilariously short thighs compared to their really long calves, though, so it’s a bit disproportionate either way.

I still want to make a little throne for the second to be displayed on.

(DM!lil’ Shin is wearing another wip, I did a little t shirt pattern intending to make him one of his Vibe shirts, but, as you can see it needs a bit of refining.  Sleeves too long, shirt too long, neckhole a wee bit too wide)


{synopsis} a game of 20 questions leads to something much more scandalous 

{warnings} cursing, praise kink, hair pulling, name calling (positive only), some biting/marking, highkey dom!reader, highkey sub!bucky, cursing, slow love making, thigh riding, dirty talk, filthy porn basically, some angst if you squint, unprotected sex

{pairing} bucky x fem!reader

{word count} 3663

   Bucky Barnes was something. From his thick thighs to his crystal blue eyes, that boy gave you countless reasons to stick your hands down your panties at night. You and him had been friends for a while, and you didn’t want to ruin anything because of your little crush. But at the same time, you did. It seemed worth it; completely abolishing the friendship you had kindled just for one night with the soldier in your bed. You wanted to ravish him; completely ruin him as his baby blues and flushed cheeks and plump lips looked up at you, begging for more. So, you decided to act on your desires.

   You and the man in question sat on a couch in the living quarter’s common room, watching a recently released horror movie. You sat in tight, black boy shorts and a large flannel, Bucky in his usual dark jeans and white t-shirt. You traced patterns on your thighs as your eyes scanned his body, taking in every detail. His broad shoulders looked irresistible underneath his tight shirt, his biceps and forearms sinfully muscular. You wondered how easily they could pin you against a wall. You slowly sucked your bottom lip in your teeth as you eyed his thighs; the thick limbs made you hornier than nothing else. His attention was on the screen, though his hands were up to something else. His left, the bionic one closest to you, was rubbing the couch cushion. The metal digits glared in the light of the television, but you saw how his pointer and middle finger rubbed small circles in the plush surface, the light amount of pressure he was adding causing the cushion to sink in just a bit in the trail of his fingers. You mentally growled, scowling at his oblivious face. Maybe your staring hadn’t been as secretive as you had hoped. But, you knew the game he was playing, you weren’t stupid.

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my favorite davekat is  the kind of davekat where karkat lowkey takes on an alarming mixture of shitpost aesthetic unironically because he’s been way too influenced by dave mashing sbahj with his photography

What If?

Title: What If?
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey (2016) x Reader
Word Count: 1846
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess?
Author’s Notes: Welcome to my first fic, I’m so sorry. I seriously didn’t expect it to become so sad my original idea was so happy ;-;

You drift to the bottom of the sketchbook and scrawl a title of sorts.

What If - Mikey

Under it, you put your signature. It’s hard to deny your feelings for the charismatic turtle, but with that whole “different species” issue complicating things you doubted the feelings would ever be mutual. That hasn’t stopped your daydreams yet.

You never imagined you’d be in a situation where you even could think that. Once upon a time you could only imagine yourself with your beloved art degree in a pleasant flat somewhere other than NYC. You would be a master of your passion and your passion, a career. Before you got your chance, however, your best friend fell very ill. You spent your time with her, being supportive. This was the snowball that became the avalanche.

Your friend was released after a few weeks. Then in succession, like a machine gun of shit, your mother died in a car accident, you were hostage in a bank robbery, your new apartment building out of town exploded (You didn’t honestly believe the landlord at first). Three foot clan attacks and a load more bull-shit later, you were broke, homeless, family-less and living, quite literally, under a rock (a storm a few months prior had upturned it in central park.) That’s where the turtles found you. Dirty, starving, and huddled up under a blanket some random do-gooder’s gave you. Though you suspect it was mostly Donnie’s doing, for whatever reason, they took you in and welcomed you into their home.

That was three years ago. Over those three wonderful years, they nursed you back to health, welcomed you, and loved you as one of their own. It didn’t take long for feelings to develop for the youngest. You spent day in and day out with all of the brothers, of course, but most of your time was with Mikey. Donnie always patched you up and made sure you were okay, but Mikey sat with you and made sure you were okay. He quickly became your best friend.

He comforted you, stayed up with you when you couldn’t sleep, you two have more inside jokes than you’d care to count. The only thing you don’t know about him is how much the guys have been hounding him for months, just small remarks during training or while on patrol, to get him to “just turtle up!” and ask you out or something.

For some reason, you kept your art from them. As close as y'all were, having even one thing to yourself can do wonders for your sanity. Sometimes, while the boys trained or for the hours Splinter had them in the Ha'Shi, you snuck out to buy supplies. Nothing too big, just sketchbooks and pencils that you stashed under your bed when not in use.

You often drew the brothers, for good reason. They had both ridiculously interesting lines and unique shapes, as well as always being around. Plus you had found a few well-hidden hidey holes to draw from if you wanted a live reference.

It’s only natural when crushing on a giant talking turtle to, even just once, imagine what he’d look like as a human, right?

Today, you ran with that thought. So, as you finish the drawing, you scan the page for any last minute fixes. You run your fingers over the sketch, being careful to not smudge. You feel the bumps and ridges of your pencil marks travel underneath you like a road map. As you move over his face, your hand reveals his brilliant and goofy grin, but you can almost see the way his blue eyes light up and glint with mischief when he laughs, the way the green of his cheeks shimmer in the light with his constant smiles and grins. You soften and fall into a lazy smile.

Your hand continues over his torso, your mind wandering to the endless amazing hugs, his muscular arms, his surprisingly comfortable plastron. Hesitantly, you move left, over a man. Lean, but built, muscle hidden under a wildly patterned t-shirt. His mid-length blond messy hair falls into his eyes, but the mischief and brilliant smile remain. He stands with his arms crossed. His pose screams youth, confidence and energy. Your eyes flick back and forth between the drawings. You are nowhere near as familiar with this man, but your curiosity is sated.

The sounds of training float from the dojo as you come back to reality. Heavy grunts and dull thuds tell you how far into training they are and, not realizing how late it really is, decide it will be some time until they’re done. You abandon your art supplies on your bed for the makeshift shower down the hall that Don whipped up last year.

When you emerge toasty and clean in your favorite PJ’s, you waddle towards your room and revel in the silence. You’re nearly winded when just how silent it was hit you like a freight train and you took off for your room. Mere footsteps away from the right corner and a soft hiccup of a sob makes you freeze, your heart dropping. You stop, inches from the door. You know what’s coming. Something in you tells you to run. What’s around this corner? You know it will break you. You can leave. You don’t have to see those baby blues hating you. Thinking you’ve betrayed him.

You run a hand through your hair. Ruined.

You wring your hands. He hates you.

You take a step into the room, almost trembling. Looking everywhere but where you need to. His eyes are burning into you. Your room is dull. Face this. You could have run, but you didn’t. So, FACE. THIS.

When you make eye contact, you couldn’t and will never be able to accurately describe the sheer betrayal in his eyes. He’s gripping your sketchbook, the drawing. His eyes are red, his mouth agape. He opens and closes it a few times, searching for words.


“You know, we were almost human once?” You drop your controller and shift on the couch to look at him better. Disbelief paints your face.

“No kidding?”


“… What,” his voice breaks, as does his eye contact, which drops to the paper in his hand. “Y/N, what is this?”


“Seriously, Angelcakes. It’s crazy, Donnie had this ooze that we got from…” As he tells you his story you can see how important it was to him to find some normalcy. He wasn’t cracking jokes, he was barely moving. Just talking. This became the most personal and serious night you two had ever shared. He spoke of growing up with ninja turtles. You, of school, of bullies, of humans. You shared worlds.


You couldn’t find the words. You knew you had hurt him. Badly. It was just a drawing and a thought to you, but to him… to him it meant you didn’t like him for him. Maybe even not at all.


You swapped so much about each other that night, not just talking but learning. He finally opened up wholly when he wouldn’t look at you.

“I wish…” His hands suddenly become very interesting. “I wish I was human, you know? It would just be…” he searches for the word. The word he finds will break him. As he says it, he will cry through his half-hearted smile. You will hold him until you both fall asleep, cradling him to your chest, TV still on.

He looks up with pain and resolve.

“… Easier.”


Y/N!” Mikey slams your sketchbook against the wall searching your eyes for an explanation. For the first time you’d ever heard, your best friend raised his voice. He was pissed.


The next morning he woke up embarrassed. He remembered your sweet coo’s and soft-spoken words of comfort from the night before as he took down a wall he never knew he had, for you. He never realized how much he wanted to give you the life you deserve, and just how much he couldn’t actually give you. A certain melancholy took him. He felt so bad as you talked about your life. As far as he knew no one in his family knew anything about you from before they found you, just that you had suffered a great deal and had no one left, but last night? He hadn’t thought about how much had to have happened for you to end up that way. For a moment, you had both bared yourselves, completely.

As these thoughts ran through him, the grogginess of waking up left him. He watched your eyes move behind your eyelids, your mouth open slightly as you breathed through your dreams. He pushes himself up so his full weight isn’t on you and with the loss of heat, you stir. Your sleepy eyes captivate him and he feels like he’s really seeing you. You have no idea. “Morning,” you quietly utter, not wanting to break the peace. Running a hand down your face, you sit upwards slightly. Noticing the vibe rolling off your normally talkative terrapin you sober up and give him a questioning look.

He hovers over you effortlessly, arms holding him up on either side of your hips. He has yet to move his gaze away from you, drinking in your features like a dying man. The only thing he can think of is kissing you until you melt, of running his hands down your waist. Steamy images fog his vision as he disappears in the thought of you. All you see is his expression softening until he closes his eyes with a small sigh.

“Um… Mikey, you good?” This snaps him out of his trance. He’s blushing and burning up but, lucky for him, you don’t notice a thing. He coughs.

“Uh, yeah babe,” the nickname that had been used countless times felt heavy on his tongue, “I’m fine, just uh… tired. Do you mind if I…?” He slowly lowers himself back onto your midsection, eyes asking permission.

“Oh yeah sure,” you stammer, concerned. “Go for it.” He snuggles into you further, wrapping himself around your stomach and breathing in your smell, suddenly feeling like a brand new person.


When you don’t say anything for a few seconds he storms off, taking your sketchbook with him. You yell a helpless ‘No!’ after him. The room swarms around you and you feel like the floor left without you. The air leaves your lungs and you land on your knees. Soft, wary footsteps pad into your room and pair with your light sobs. Leo reaches down and wraps you up in his arms rubbing your back, speaking calming words, soothing you.

You can faintly hear Raph yelling after Mikey but as your own sobs wrack your body you lose all concentration on them and instead melt into Leo. He picks you up, carries you to your bed and lays you down. He hesitates, wanting to ask about what just happened but not wanting to push your already fragile state.


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Anon; Can you do one where it’s best friends who are in love with each other but are oblivious to the other’s feelings? Borderline smut? (No actual sex But making out, ya feel?) I love your blog 😍😍


Originally posted by lovershub

He rummaged through his locker, throwing books in and out of it as his thoughts wandered towards you. He smiled to himself as he remembered that day you made him go shopping with you and he sat there watching you dance around in dozens of dresses. It wasn’t even for a special occasion, you just wanted to do it and H/N would do anything to make you happy.

He snapped out of his trance when he heard the voice of his best friend. He turned around to see her beautifully curled hair flowing around the sides of her face and a very devious smirk across the lips he’s always dreamed of kissing.

“What?” He chuckled, seeming a little worried because of the smirk across your face. You remembered the deal H/N had made you if you passed your Science exam: he’d watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with you in a row even though he hated them. And lucky for you, you had passed.

You grabbed the paper and unfolded it, “Harry. Potter. Tonight.” You smiled in delight as he saw the passing grade on the paper and sighed.

“Is it bad that I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t pass?” He laughed, pulling you into a congratulating hug. Your stomach fluttered at the feeling of his body pressed against yours. You quickly separated from him before you had any more thoughts about your feelings for him. Besides it’s not like he felt the same right?

“See you tonight.” You smiled before walking away.

Time Skip

The night had consisted of the two of you watching 2 and a half Harry Potter movies because someone (H/N) fell asleep, and eating ice cream and cookies while cuddled up on your bed.

The thunder roared outside your bedroom window as the heavy rain pelted against it like rocks. You flipped sides in frustration as the rain kept you from falling asleep and looked over at H/N. Of course he was deep asleep, the thunder not even making a sound out of him. As you closed your eyes a loud boom sounded throughout the entire room. You awoke scared out of your mind as you took a deep breath, looking around the room and realizing it was the thunder. 

“Hey. It’s just the thunder Y/N, come here.” H/N had woken up not from the thunder but because he heard you wake up. He scooted back and opened his arms to hold you so you could calm down. He wrapped you in a warm swaddle of his chest and arms and you allowed your body to melt into his.

“There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m here.” His voice was raspy as he nuzzled into your neck and whispered. You smiled in appreciation and let out a small hum.

“I know. The only thing your not there for though, is to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with me!” You turned around to face him, a playful pout on your face.

That is not important right now. What’s important is that we go to sleep because I’m tired.” He smirked knowing you’d confront him about not finishing the movies sooner or later.

“It is too important because you not experiencing the magic of Harry Potter with me will seriously ruin our friendship.” You looked at him, the bit of moonlight shining through allowing you to see a new fierce look in his eyes. You bit your lip to stop yourself from thinking about him in any way but as your best friend.

“There’s other ways to ruin our friendship.” His voice was dark as you looked at him in anticipation of what he’d do.

“Like?…” Your voiced trailed off as his hand squeezed your hip and he leaned in agonizingly slow as if you’d run off. You closed your eyes as you waited for what was to happen and your stomach twisted in knots from the many thoughts crossing your mind. His breath swept your skin and then suddenly your lips before you felt them on yours. You didn’t hesitate to kiss back and melt into it as his body moved on top of you.

You run your fingers through his hair and tug lightly when his hand slips under your t-shirt and starts tracing patterns across your stomach. He lets out a quiet moan from your action causing him to bite your lip and you smile into the kiss.

“Someone’s getting cocky,” He whispers, breaking away, and moves down your neck sucking along it until he hears you gasp when he finds your sweet spot. 

“Guess that makes us even.” You breathe out. Your legs are intertwined in each others and your bodies are pressed so close you can feel the bulge in his boxers. His mouth peppers wet hot kisses back along your jaw to your mouth leaving you unable to make any sound but a groan. When he gets to your lips he begins to kiss you more delicately than before and then slowly breaks away.

“I love you. No. I’m in love with you Y/N.” The sound of the words you’ve always wanted to hear from him makes your stomach drop. You’d been in love with him since the day you met him in first grade and now you knew he felt the same about you. 

You grinned as you felt your cheeks turn pink. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we met.” When he heard your words a huge smile spread across his face and he placed a soft kiss on your lips before laying next to you. 

The thunderstorm had been forgotten about with all that had happened so when the roaring claps of thunder were heard, you snuggled into H/N’s chest and he nuzzled his face into your neck.

I’m a little shit for taking so long I’m sorry

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I headcanon super hard that Modern AU Eponine had a super hard Tim Burton stage in her early teen, when Tim Burton was Cool™, and bc she hadn't had the Big Family Fallout yet, she got loads of dark-purple and cute-skull-pattern t-shirts and soft goth accesories and a corset or two. And she grew out of it, but shortly after life Happened, and money was extremely tight for her and her siblings. So she has all this 2005 teenage stuff that she's trying to pull off as a young adult woman (1/?)

And jehan tried to help, but he has a fashion sense all of he’s own. He provided lots of confort in the form of original compliments, but he’s not really great in the “i need something to wear to work” departament. Musichetta, mom friend that she is, enlists her bfs to raid thrift shops in search of sensible jumpers, and Combeferre gently spurs the group to get her some nice clothes for her bday, but there’s only so much ‘ponine can take wihout feeling like it’s charity

Marius never actually noticed this was a problem for Eponine, because she never actually talks about it, until one day, after an extremely long day at work, she got teary-eyed over a hand-bag. The next day the handbag was waiting for her on her usual table at the Musain, complete with a post-it note with a smiley face on ti (a smiley face with a nose bc marius is an absolute dork.

But it’s Bahorel who one day decides to skip all of his classes (like he needed an excuse) to put an end to this nonesense. He organizes her closet, he prepares work and party and lounging-at-home outfits, so that she doesn’t have to think in the morning when she’s tired and short on time to take Gavroche to school. He throws away what’s unwearable, mends and marches what’s usable, and spends hours onlne to find the cheapest possible options of what’s missing.

And when 'ponine gets home from work she has a functional wardrobe, one less problem, and a couple of beers missing from her fridge :)

This is beautiful oh my lord <3

Using a T-shirt to Make Patterns

Using a standard unisex T-shirt that is about one-two sized larger than your size can be used as a base for another way to drape darts or move the excess fabric into different styles. This is a method that can be done using a model form or on your own body!! (I do recommend if you are wearing the t-shirt to have the undergarment on that you will be wearing with the cosplay.) Helps to get a more accurate fit! First I will start by showing how to make standard double-ended darts using a T-shirt. Using this same technique you can make many types of darts.


Standard unisex shirt in a size one-two sizes larger, sewing pins/safety pins, marker/tailors chalk, large piece of paper, scissors, pencil, ruler

^ 1. You want to work both sides at the same time. taking in a little on each side as you go. Don’t make it too tight, the excess fabric around the waist will be used to make darts (or seams).

^ 2. Taking the excess fabric, pinch equally at the placement of your darts/seams.

^ 3. Front darts are meant to tighten the excess fabric, there are many ways to utilize them.  They end about 1/4”- 1/2” down from the bust point (unless you want Madonna points). Darts leading down past the waist end at the hip, typically about 3”-4” past the waistline.

^ 4. Repeat process for back. Back darts work similar to front, top ends point to the largest part of the chest, and the bottom ends are about 3-4” from the waist

^ 5. Once all pins are in place, use tailors chalk or a marker to draw over the newly made sections, marking each side of the darts, and at each side of your new side seams.  Make notes for all markers like waist line along the sides and at each side of your dart, bust point, ends of darts top and bottom.

^ 6. While wearing the t-shirt, draw your neckline and armholes.  Be sure to mark for matching up front and back at shoulder seams and at the side seams.

^ 7. Now you are ready to transfer to paper! Carefully take the garment off, trying to keep all pins attached, it is okay if you lose some in the process. I like to go through and re mark on front and back with a sharpie the: bust point, dart points, waist at front and back sides as well as at each side of your dart, where the front and back pieces at the shoulder and under the arm. You only need half of the front and half of the back to complete the pattern.

Now you are ready to remove the pins, SEE second picture. Once pins have been removed, make a long line down the center front and center back. Label which side is front and which is back.

^ 8. Cut the shirt apart at the side seams following the lines you drew, and at the shoulders along the t-shirt’s seam line. Trace around the pieces, transfer all your marks and notes. After you have the outer edges, transfer the four dart points you marked: top, bottom, and at the waist on each side of the excess of the fabric. This will create your dart.

^ 9. Create your sewing guide lines, connecting the four points of the dart.  This will make a diamond shape.

^ 10. Finishing touches!!  Add seam allowance to all of your edges.  For this example, the front is on a fold a center front, which doesn’t need any seam allowance.  Back will have a zipper, which needs a larger amount of seam allowance. I highly suggest making a mock up with your new pattern pieces to test fit for any adjustments.

Whoo!!  This turned out longer than I thought it would, hope it makes sense and helps out. Happy Patterning and Sewing!!!

M [M.A.D.E. Series] Part 1 - Big Bang

Originally posted by jeffersonhairpie

Summary: Part M; They were losers until you helped them out. Then they become a little more than friends.

Genre: Angst

Warning: Swearing, mentions of suicide

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!!! I’m so thankful for all of you. I’ll explain how this series is going to work out. So this is going to follow the MADE albums that came out in 2015, and i’m gonna post the parts out in order of the songs. So this one is Loser, and the next is Bae Bae. Anyways thank you so much for 300 I’m so thankfull!

~ Admin Brooklyn


Honestly meeting them wasn’t exactly the most well thought out situation in the world. It was actually the most unexpected. It was either fate or coincidence that made it all happen. The random coincidence that you had to fill in for a coworker, making you late. Or fate that had decided that you should live on the same apartment floor as him. He was the first out of the five that you met. It all kinda happened fast, and honestly a little uneventful compared to the others.

When you first met Kwon Ji Yong you were tired, a little grumpy and honestly you really just wanted to cuddle up in bed with a pillow and rewatch old dramas. Ji Yong seemed agitated and frustrated, but also tired and gloomy. He was annoyed by all the people that followed him to his apartment. He was annoyed with all his unanswered text and calls. Above all else, he was most annoyed at himself. She wasn’t answering him cause he was a jackass. He decided that it was best to ignore her while he had her. He couldn’t focus on her when she needed it. Now that Ji Yong needs attention from her, she’s gone. Her love for him washed away.

You first saw Kwon Ji Yong in the apartment complex’s elevator. He wore a white bomber jacket with dark designs and photos printed on the fabric. He contrasted it with a black graphic T-shirt tucked into jeans patterned by splotches of light and dark blues. To top it all off he wore a single silver chain. You gave it to him. The man knew how to dress well. Out of everything he had going on with his outfit - the “TRUTH+DARE” tattoo he had on his neck and the sunglasses that was still worn inside the building- your attention was drawn to his hair and the little tattoo on the left side of his face.

His hair was handsome. Nobody could deny that black had a handsome and old-fashioned look to it. Although the style of his hair was pretty modern. All the hair on his face was slicked back, the side of his head was buzzed. What drew your attention the most was the little tattoo of a noose hanging from his left sideburn. It was small, but noticeable against his pale skin. Although the little tattoo probably held a darker meaning behind it, you couldn’t help but find some liking towards it.

The small elevator ride was awkward. You were worn out, and although he was very attractive, you couldn’t find the energy to give a single fuck of what you looked like in front of him. You knew your hair was messy and wild, but not the sexy kind of wild or the cute kind of messy. It’s the kind of wild that you stay away from because you know that if you get near the beast, it’ll kill you just to satisfy its bloodlust. It was the kind of messy that shows that your life isn’t exactly together. You knew that your work uniform had food stains on them. Due to customers that were either clumsy or rude or the occasional time when your luck had vanished for a single moment and you slipped. Your makeup felt old and worn, and you were sure that your exhaustion translated on your face.

The ding of the elevator seemed to wake you up from your tired daze. You snapped back to reality, quickly realizing that he left you in the elevator alone. You rushed out of the elevator and down the hall. You smiled in relief as you got to your apartment door. Your bland beige apartment door turned into your own gateway into Narnia. A huge sigh of relief left your lips as you slipped off your shoes, your feet aching from being on your feet all day. You slipped off your coat and hung it up before setting your purse down on a nearby countertop. You dug out your phone, setting it out in the open in case you get any calls, which was unlikely cause all of your friends were going out. Sluggishly you made your way towards your shower. Quickly checking for a towel you slipped out of your clothes and into the hot shower.

After your shower you wrapped yourself in a fluffy towel, drying off than dressing in a loose fitting shirt and shorts. You made your way to your couch, collapsing on it and turning on the TV. You surfed the channels finding something to watch that was on, finally settling on a drama’s recent episode. Everything was calm and relaxing. The bright light of the TV shining on your face as you watched in the dark with a blanket over you. Your quiet peace was agitated as a faint crashing sound radiated into your apartment. You sat up alarmed, looking around your apartment, checking for anything that could’ve made that sound. When the sound happened again, this time with faint yelling.

You left the comfort of your couch and went towards the door. You opened it cautiously, looking down the hall. The plain hall had never seemed to fill you with this much anxiety as it did in this moment. The look of it was normal. Plain golden yellow walls, with light fixtures placed every ten feet, and the dark carpet that seemed to never stain. The sounds that echoed off the golden walls weren’t as normal. The sound of glass shattering, followed by the sound of a frustrated yell, and then lastly following it with a quiet sob that you almost missed.

You walked into the hall, not bothering to put on shoes. Your shirt moved loosely as you crept your way towards the noise. As you passed your neighbor’s door, you wondered how they don’t hear the noise. It was loud enough for you to hear. Your question was answered as moaning emitted from the door. You cringed as you moved forward, wanting un-hear it. As you moved towards the next door, the sound of sounds crashing got louder, as well as the yelling. You stopped at the door. The plain brown door had the black numbers C16 on it. Two rooms away from yours. The door was slightly ajar, but you knocked just in case.

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AMNIBUS Announces Persona 5 Merchandise for T-Shirt, Canvas Art, Key Holders

1.) Phantom T-Shirt:

A t-shirt designed featuring a pattern of stars and the Phantom Thief Group logo. With a monotone design, it is perfect for everyday use.

Product Details:

Price: 3,800 yen + tax
Men’s: XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL
Women’s: S / M / L / XL / XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Release Date: Mid August 2017

2.) Thief Group Canvas Art

Canvas art, featuring the familiar Phantom Thief Group’s mark.

Product Details:

Price: 5,000 yen + tax
Size: F3 (273 mm x 220 mm)
Material: Wood, Synthetic fiber
Release Date: Mid August 2017

3.) Style Acrylic Key Holders

Acrylic key holders designed with the All Out Attack art from Persona 5, presented in an emblem style.

Product Details:

Price: Single Item: 650 yen + tax, Box: 5,850 yen + tax
Size: Approximately 7 cm x 4 cm (excluding key holder fittings)
Material: Acrylic
Release Date: Mid August 2017.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.1.16

theme thursday: cacti finds

screen-printed ladies’ cactus tee in bloom pink by doopsdesigns

LOVE the alternative color palette for this fun screen-printed cactus tee! doopsdesigns sells different varieties of these cacti-adorned items — other tees and tanks, plus accessories and home items as well.